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About the Course 

Get master direction and hands-on work on managing and arranging Windows 8.1 in this 5-day Microsoft Official Course. This course is intended for experienced IT experts who have information and experience directing Windows PCs and gadgets in a space domain with oversaw access to the Internet. You will take in the aptitudes you have to oversee Windows 8.1 of every a Windows Server area condition and furthermore give secure, oversaw access to clients from their non-space joined Windows gadgets. You will figure out how to introduce and modify Windows 8.1 working frameworks and applications, coordinate and control access to spaces and cloud benefits, and relocate and synchronize settings over numerous gadgets. Likewise, you will figure out how to execute portable security and modify setups utilizing Windows administration devices including Group Policy and Windows PowerShell cmdlets. You will likewise figure out how to design client settings and profiles, nearby and remote system network, Client Hyper-V, virtual applications, and Internet Explorer 11. At last, you will figure out how to advance security and give controlled access from Windows 8.1 PCs and gadgets to indicated assets through Workplace Join administrations and Work Folders. This course is additionally intended to get ready accreditation possibility for Exam 70-687, Configuring Windows 8.1. As a major aspect of the learning background, you will perform hands-on practices in a virtual lab condition. NOTE: This course depends on Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition with area administrations gave by Windows Server 2012 R2. 

Audience Profile

20687: Configuring Windows 8.1 course is proposed for IT experts who oversee and bolster Windows 8.1 PCs, gadgets, clients, and related system and security assets. The systems with which these experts commonly work are designed as Windows Server area based situations with oversaw access to the Internet and cloud administrations. This course is likewise planned to give establishment arrangement abilities to Enterprise Desktop/Device Support Technicians (EDSTs) who give Tier 2 support to clients who run Windows desktops and gadgets inside a Windows space condition in medium to vast venture associations. Understudies who look for confirmation in the 70-687 Windows 8.1 Configuring exam will likewise profit by this course. 

At course completion

In the wake of finishing 20687: Configuring Windows 8.1 course, understudies will have the capacity to: 

  • Portray arrangements and elements identified with overseeing Windows 8.1 out of an endeavor organize condition. 
  • Decide necessities and play out the undertakings for introducing and conveying Windows 8.1. 
  • Oversee profiles and client state between Windows gadgets. 
  • Decide the most suitable administration devices to design Windows 8.1 settings. 
  • Arrange circles, segments, volumes, and gadget drivers in a Windows 8.1 framework. 
  • Arrange organize network. 
  • Arrange asset network for both space joined and non-area joined PCs and gadgets. 
  • Execute Windows 8.1 advancements to secure system associations. 
  • Design record, organizer, and printer get to. 
  • Execute devices and advances that can help secure Windows 8.1 PCs and gadgets. 
  • Arrange and control desktop applications, Windows Store applications, and virtual applications. 
  • Improve and keep up Windows 8.1 PCs and gadgets. 
  • Arrange versatile PC settings and to empower remote get to. 
  • Decide how to recuperate Windows 8.1 from different disappointments. 
  • Portray and arrange Client Hyper-V. 

1 - Windows 8.1 of every an Enterprise Network Environment 

  • Overseeing Windows 8.1 of every an Enterprise Environment 
  • Diagram of Windows 8.1 

2 - Installing and Deploying Windows 8.1 

  • Planning to Install and Deploy Windows 8.1 
  • Introducing Windows 8.1 
  • Redoing and Preparing an Image for Deployment 
  • Volume Activation for Windows 8.1 
  • Lab : Installing Windows 8.1 
  • Lab : Customizing and Capturing a Windows 8.1 Image 
  • Lab : Deploying a Windows 8.1 Image 

3 - Managing Profiles and User State in Windows 8.1 

  • Overseeing User Accounts and Profiles 
  • Designing User State Virtualization 
  • Relocating User State and Settings 
  • Lab : Configuring Profiles and User State Virtualization 
  • Lab : Migrating User State by Using USMT 

4 - Module 4: Tools Used for Configuring and Managing Windows 8.1 

  • Devices Used to Perform Local and Remote Management of Windows 8.1 
  • Utilizing Windows PowerShell to Configure and Manage Windows 8.1 
  • Utilizing Group Policy for Management 
  • Lab : Using Management Tools to Configure Windows 8.1 Settings 

5 - Managing Disks and Device Drivers 

  • Overseeing Disks, Partitions, and Volumes 
  • Looking after Disks, Partitions, and Volumes 
  • Working with Virtual Hard Disks 
  • Introducing and Configuring Device Drivers 
  • Lab : Managing Disks 
  • Lab : Configuring Device Drivers 

6 - Configuring Network Connectivity 

  • Arranging IPv4 Network Connectivity 
  • Arranging IPv6 Network Connectivity 
  • Actualizing Automatic IP Address Allocation 
  • Actualizing Name Resolution 
  • Actualizing Wireless Network Connectivity 
  • Lab : Configuring a Network Connection 
  • Lab : Resolving Network Connectivity Issues 

7 - Configuring Resource Access for Domain-Joined and Non-Domain Joined Devices 

  • Arranging Domain Access for Windows 8.1 Devices 
  • Overseeing Non-Domain Devices 
  • Arranging Workplace Join 
  • Arranging Work Folders 
  • Lab : Configuring Resource Access for Non-Domain Joined Devices 

8 - Implementing Network Security 

  • Outline of Threats to Network Security 
  • Arranging Windows Firewall 
  • Securing Network Traffic 
  • Guarding Against Malware 
  • Lab : Configuring Inbound and Outbound Firewall Rules 
  • Lab : Configuring IPsec Rules 
  • Lab : Configuring Malware Protection 

9 - Configuring File, Folder, and Printer Access 

  • Overseeing File and Folder Access 
  • Overseeing Shared Folder Access 
  • Arranging File and Folder Compression 
  • Outline of SkyDrive 
  • Overseeing Printers 
  • Lab : Configuring File Access 
  • Making a Shared Folder for the Marketing Group 
  • Arranging File and Folder Compression 
  • Lab : Configuring Printers 
  • Making and Sharing a Local Printer 

10 - Securing Windows 8.1 Devices 

  • Verification and Authorization in Windows 8.1 
  • Executing Local Policies 
  • Securing Data with EFS and BitLocker 
  • Designing User Account Control 
  • Lab : Implementing Local Group Policy Objects 
  • Making Multiple Local GPOs 
  • Testing the Application of the Local GPOs 
  • Lab : Securing Data Using BitLocker 
  • Ensuring Files with BitLocker 
  • Lab : Configuring User Account Control 
  • Changing UAC Prompts 
  • Testing UAC Prompts 

11 - Configuring Applications for Windows 8.1 

  • Application Deployment Options in Windows 8.1 
  • Overseeing Windows Store Apps 
  • Designing Internet Explorer Settings 
  • Designing Application Restrictions in the Enterprise 
  • Lab : Configuring Internet Explorer Security 
  • Designing Internet Explorer 
  • Lab : Configuring AppLocker 
  • Designing AppLocker Rules 
  • Testing the AppLocker Rules 

12 - Optimizing and Maintaining Windows 8.1 Computers 

  • Enhancing the Performance of Windows 8.1 
  • Dealing with the Reliability of Windows 8.1 
  • Overseeing Software Updates in Windows 8.1 
  • Lab : Optimizing Windows 8.1 Performance 
  • Making a Performance Baseline 
  • Presenting Additional Workload 
  • Measuring System Responsiveness Under Load 
  • Lab : Maintaining Windows Updates 
  • Designing Windows Update 

13 - Configuring Mobile Computing and Remote Access 

  • Designing Mobile Computers and Device Settings 
  • Review of DirectAccess 
  • Designing VPN Access 
  • Designing Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance 
  • Lab : Configuring a Power Plan 
  • Making and Configuring a New Power Plan 
  • Lab : Implementing DirectAccess 
  • Running the Getting Started Wizard 
  • Approving the DirectAccess Deployment 
  • Lab : Implementing Remote Desktop 
  • Designing a Remote Desktop Connection 

14 - Recovering Windows 8.1 

  • Going down and Restoring Files in Windows 8.1 
  • Recuperation Options in Windows 8.1 
  • Lab : Recovering Windows 8.1 
  • Investigating Windows 8 Recovery Options 
  • Presenting a Simulated Problem 
  • Settling a Problem 

15 - Configuring Client Hyper-V 

  • Review of Client Hyper-V 
  • Making Virtual Machines 
  • Overseeing Virtual Hard Disks 
  • Overseeing Checkpoints 
  • Lab : Configuring Client Hyper-V 
  • Introducing Client Hyper-V 
  • Making a Virtual Network and Virtual Machine
  • Before going to this course, understudies ought to have: 
  • No less than two years of involvement in the IT field 
  • Information of systems administration essentials, including Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), User Datagram Protocol (UDP), and Domain Name System (DNS) 
  • Information of Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) standards and essentials of AD DS administration 
  • Comprehension of the testament security and working learning of the essentials of Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) 
  • Comprehension of Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 basics 
  • Comprehension of Microsoft Windows Client fundamentals; for instance, working learning of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and additionally Windows 8 
  • Essential comprehension of Windows PowerShell grammar 
  • Essential familiarity with Windows organization apparatuses (Windows ADK parts: Windows PE, Windows SIM, VAMT, ImageX, USMT, and DISM ideas and basics) yet no genuine essential aptitudes with the particular instruments are expected