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20697-2: Deploying And Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services

About 20697-2: Deploying And Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services Course 

20697-2: Deploying And Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services course gives chairmen the information and abilities important to convey and oversee Windows 10 desktops, gadgets, and applications in a venture situation. Understudies figure out how to plan and execute Windows 10 arrangements in expansive associations. Understudies likewise figure out how to deal with the Windows 10 establishments after organization to give secure personality and information get to utilizing advances identified with Group Policy, Remote Access, and Workplace Join. To help an assortment of gadget and information administration arrangements, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Azure Rights Management are presented. These administrations are a piece of the Enterprise Mobility Suite, which gives character and get to administration, and cloud-based gadget, application, and refresh administration. Also, Enterprise Mobility Suite offers more secure information access to data put away both in the cloud and on area inside corporate systems. 

20697-2: Deploying And Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services Audience Profile 

20697-2: Deploying And Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services course is planned for IT experts who are keen on having some expertise in Windows 10 desktop and application arrangements, and in overseeing cloud-based application and information benefit conditions for medium-to-substantial endeavor associations. These experts normally work with systems that are designed as Windows Server area based conditions with oversaw access to the Internet and cloud administrations. This course additionally is expected to give abilities to people who look to pass the 70-697 Configuring Windows Devices exam. 

20697-2: Deploying And Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services At Course Completion

In the wake of finishing this course, understudies will have the capacity to: 

  • Depict the difficulties and answers for desktop and gadget administration in a venture situation. 
  • Convey Windows 10 Enterprise desktops. 
  • Oversee client profiles and client state virtualization. 
  • Oversee desktop and application settings by utilizing Group Policy. 
  • Oversee Windows 10 sign-in and character. 
  • Oversee information access for Windows-based gadgets. 
  • Oversee remote get to arrangements. 
  • Oversee Windows 10 gadgets by utilizing endeavor portability arrangements. 
  • Oversee desktop and versatile customers by utilizing Intune. 
  • Oversee updates and Endpoint Protection by utilizing Intune. 
  • Oversee application and asset access by utilizing Intune. 
  • Design and oversee customer Hyper-V. 

20697-2: Deploying And Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services Course Outline 

1 Managing Desktops and Devices in an Enterprise Environment 

  • Overseeing Windows 10 in the Enterprise 
  • Dealing with a Mobile Workforce 
  • Supporting Devices in the Enterprise 
  • Extending IT Management and Services to the Cloud 

Lab : Planning for Windows 10 and Device Management in the Enterprise 

  • Perusing the situation 

2 Deploying Windows 10 Enterprise Desktops 

  • Review of Windows 10 Enterprise Deployment 
  • Modifying Enterprise Desktop Deployments 
  • Sending Windows 10 by Using MDT 
  • Keeping up a Windows 10 Installation 
  • Volume License Activation for Windows 10 

Lab : Building a Reference Image by Using Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) Tools 

  • Arranging Custom Windows PE Boot Media 
  • Making a Custom Answer File by Using Windows SIM 
  • Introducing a Reference Computer by Using an Answer File 
  • Setting up a Reference Computer by Using Sysprep 
  • Catching a Reference Computer 

Lab : Using MDT to Deploy Windows 10 Desktops 

  • Making and Configuring a MDT Deployment Share 
  • Making a Task Sequence 
  • Sending a Windows 10 Image by Using MDT 

Lab : Maintaining a Windows 10 Installation by Using Windows ICD 

  • Making and Configuring a Windows ICD Provisioning Package 

3 Managing User Profiles and User State Virtualization 

  • Overseeing User Profiles and User State 
  • Actualizing User State Virtualization by Using Group Policy 
  • Arranging UE-V 
  • Overseeing User State Migration 

Lab : Configuring User Profiles and User State Virtualization 

  • Arranging Roaming User Profiles and Folder Redirection 
  • Actualizing and Configuring UE-V 

Lab : Migrating User State by Using USMT 

  • Making and Customizing USMT XML Files 
  • Catching and Restoring User State on a Target Computer 

4 Managing Desktop and Application Settings by Using Group Policy 

  • Overseeing Group Policy Objects 
  • Arranging Enterprise Desktops by Using Group Policy 
  • Outline of Group Policy Preferences 

Lab : Configuring Group Policy Objects and Settings 

  • Overseeing Windows 10 by Using Group Policy 

Lab : Using Group Policy Preferences to Manage Desktop Settings 

  • Arranging Group Policy Preferences to Apply Drive and Printer Mapping 

5 Managing Windows 10 Sign-In and Identity 

  • Outline of Enterprise Identity 
  • Making arrangements for Cloud Identity Integration 

Lab : Integrating a Microsoft Account with a Domain Account 

  • Agreeing to accept a Microsoft Account 
  • Interfacing a Microsoft Account to a Domain Account 

Lab : Joining Windows 10 to Azure Active Directory 

  • Agreeing to accept Office 365 and Azure Trial Subscriptions 
  • Joining Windows 10 to Azure Active Directory 

6 Managing Data Access for Windows-based Devices 

  • Diagram of Data Access Solutions 
  • Executing Device Registration 
  • Executing Work Folders 
  • Overseeing Online Data Using Cloud-Based Storage Solutions 

Lab : Configuring Data Access for Non-Domain Joined Devices 

  • Designing Work Folders 

Lab : Managing Data Access by Using OneDrive 

  • Designing OneDrive 

7 Managing Remote Access Solutions 

  • Diagram of Remote Access Solutions 
  • Supporting DirectAccess with Windows 10 
  • Designing VPN Access to Remote Networks 
  • Supporting RemoteApp 

Lab : Implementing DirectAccess 

  • Designing the DirectAccess Server 
  • Designing DirectAccess Clients 
  • Approving Remote Connectivity 

Lab : Configuring RemoteApp 

  • Making a RD Sessiion Host Deployment 
  • Introducing and Publishing a Remote Application 
  • Approving RemoteApp Functionality 

8 Managing Windows 10 Devices by Using Enterprise Mobility Solutions 

  • Diagram of the EMS 
  • Diagram of Azure Active Directory Premium 
  • Diagram of Azure RMS 
  • Diagram of Intune 

Lab : Implementing an Intune Subscription 

  • Agreeing to accept an Intune Trial Subscription 
  • Including Intune Users 

9 Managing Desktop and Mobile Clients by Using Microsoft Intune 

  • Conveying the Intune Client Software 
  • Diagram of Intune Policies 
  • MDM by Using Intune 
  • Diagram of WIP 

Lab : Installing the Intune Client Software and Configuring a Policy 

  • Introducing the Intune Client Software 
  • Designing Intune Policy Settings 

Lab : Managing Mobile Devices Using Intune 

  • Designing and Enrolling Mobile Devices into Intune 
  • Designing a WIP Policy in Intune 

10 Managing Updates and Endpoint Protection by Using Microsoft Intune 

  • Overseeing Updates by Using Intune 
  • Overseeing Endpoint Protection 

Lab : Managing Updates and Endpoint Protection by Using Microsoft Intune 

  • Designing Updates in Intune 
  • Designing Endpoint Protection in Intune 

11 Application and Resource Access by Using Microsoft Intune 

  • Application Management by Using Intune 
  • The Application Deployment Process 
  • Overseeing Access to Organizational Resources 

Lab : Deploying Applications by Using Microsoft Intune 

  • Distributing Applications for Deployment in Intune 
  • Conveying and Monitoring Application Deployment 

Lab : Managing Resource Access by Using Intune 

  • Designing Certificate Deployment in Intune 
  • Designing Conditional Access Policies 

12 Configuring and Managing Client Hyper-V 

  • Introducing and Configuring Client Hyper-V 
  • Designing Virtual Switches 
  • Making and Managing Virtual Hard Disks 
  • Making and Managing Virtual Machines 

Lab : Installing Client Hyper-V 

  • Making a Virtual Switch, a Virtual Hard Disk, and a Virtual Machine 
  • Making a Virtual Switch, a Virtual Hard Disk, and a Virtual Machine

Understudies ought to have no less than two years of involvement in the IT field and should as of now have the accompanying specialized learning: 

  • Systems administration essentials, including Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), User Datagram Protocol (UDP), and Domain Name System (DNS) 
  • Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) standards 
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 essentials 
  • The Windows customer working framework basics; for instance, working learning of Windows 8.1 or potentially Windows 7 
  • Microsoft Windows Client basics; for instance, working learning of Windows 7 or potentially Windows 8.1