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20698: Installing And Configuring Windows 10 Course 

This five-day teacher drove course furnishes IT experts with the learning and abilities required to introduce and arrange Windows 10 desktops in a Windows Server little to medium-sized AD DS space condition. These aptitudes incorporate figuring out how to introduce and redo Windows 10 working frameworks and applications, design nearby and remote system availability, and arrange neighborhood and online stockpiling. Understudies additionally will figure out how to design security notwithstanding how to look after, refresh, and recoup Windows 10. 

20698: Installing And Configuring Windows 10 Audience Profile 

20698: Installing And Configuring Windows 10 course is proposed for IT experts who direct and bolster Windows 10 desktops and gadgets in little to medium-sized systems. 

The systems with which these experts commonly work are designed as AD DS space based situations with oversaw access to the Internet and cloud administrations. 

Understudies who look for accreditation in exam 70-698: Installing and Configuring Windows 10 additionally will profit by this course. What's more, this course is expected to give aptitudes to Enterprise Desktop/Device Support Technicians (EDSTs) who work in little to medium-sized associations, and who give Tier 1 or Tier 2 support to clients running Windows 10 desktops and gadgets inside a Windows area condition. 

20698: Installing And Configuring Windows 10 At Course Completion

In the wake of finishing 20698: Installing And Configuring Windows 10 course, understudies will have the capacity to: 

  • Plan, introduce, and move up to Windows 10. 
  • Perform post-establishment arrangement. 
  • Actualize organizing. 
  • Actualize organize security. 
  • Oversee Windows 10 with Group Policy. 
  • Actualize remote administration. 
  • Oversee nearby capacity. 
  • Oversee documents and assets. 
  • Introduce and oversee applications. 
  • Secure Windows 10. 
  • Actualize remote network. 
  • Keep up and refresh Windows 10. 
  • Recuperate and investigate Windows 10. 

20698: Installing And Configuring Windows 10 Course Outline 

1 Installing Windows 10 

  • Diagram of Windows 10 
  • Arranging your Windows 10 organization 
  • Introducing and conveying Windows 10 
  • Moving up to Windows 10 
  • Windows 10 establishment support 
  • Overseeing volume actuation 

Lab : Upgrading to Windows 10 

  • Relocating client settings 
  • Updating from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (discretionary) 

Lab : Maintaining a Windows 10 establishment with Windows ICD 

  • Make and arrange a Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (Windows ICD) provisioning bundle 

2 Performing post-establishment setup 

  • Diagram of administration instruments 
  • Redoing the UI 
  • Overseeing gadgets, gadget drivers, and administrations 
  • Arranging elements, versatility, and power alternatives 
  • Diagram of Client Hyper-V 

Lab : Managing gadgets 

  • Introduce a gadget driver 
  • Settling the gadget driver issue 

Lab : Configuring components and power choices 

  • Turning on Windows highlights with Control Panel 
  • Overseeing introduced Windows highlights 
  • Arranging power choices 

3 Implementing organizing 

  • Homegroups, workgroups, and spaces 
  • Arranging IPv4 organize availability 
  • Designing IPv6 arrange network 
  • Executing name determination 
  • Investigating system availability 
  • Executing remote system network 

Lab : Implementing system associations 

  • Checking and testing system network 
  • Designing programmed IPv4 tending to 
  • Designing and testing name determination 

Lab : Troubleshooting system associations 

  • Settling a system issue (1) 
  • Settling a system issue (2) 

4 Implementing system security 

  • Executing Windows Firewall 
  • Association security rules 
  • Executing Windows Defender 

Lab : Implementing system security 

  • Making and testing inbound tenets 
  • Making and testing outbound standards 
  • Making and testing association security rules 
  • Designing Windows Defender 

5 Managing Windows 10 with Group Policy 

  • Diagram of Group Policy 
  • Designing Windows 10 gadgets with GPOs 

Lab : Describe Windows Firewall. 

  • Overseeing Windows 10 by utilizing Group Policy 

6 Implementing remote administration 

  • Utilizing Remote Desktop 
  • Utilizing Remote Assistance 
  • Remoting with Windows PowerShell 

Lab : Implementing remote administration 

  • Utilizing Remote Desktop 
  • Utilizing Remote Assistance 
  • Remoting with Windows PowerShell 

7 Managing stockpiling 

  • Diagram of capacity alternatives 
  • Overseeing circles, allotments, and volumes 
  • Keeping up circles and volumes 
  • Executing Storage Spaces 
  • Executing and overseeing OneDrive 
  • Working with virtual hard circles 

Lab : Managing stockpiling 

  • Including a circle 
  • Making a basic volume 
  • Making a storage room 

8 Managing records and assets 

  • Diagram of document frameworks 
  • Designing and overseeing document get to 
  • Overseeing shared envelopes 
  • Executing Work Folders 
  • Overseeing printers 

Lab : Creating, securing, and sharing an envelope 

  • Making, securing, and sharing an envelope 

Lab : Implementing Work Folders 

  • Designing Work Folders 

Lab : Managing printers 

  • Introducing and sharing a printer 

9 Deploying and overseeing applications 

  • Diagram of applications in Windows 10 
  • The Windows Store and Windows Store for Business 
  • Robotizing application sending 
  • Design web programs 

Lab : Deploying and overseeing Windows Store applications 

  • Sideloading an application 

Lab : Deploying applications with Windows ICD 

  • Making a provisioning bundle 
  • Sending the bundle 
  • Confirming arrangement 

Lab : Configuring Microsoft Edge 

  • Arranging and utilizing Microsoft Edge 

10 Securing Windows 10 

  • Overseeing client accounts 
  • Arranging UAC 
  • Actualizing and Managing BitLocker 

Lab : Configuring client accounts 

  • Overseeing client accounts 
  • Arranging UAC 

Lab : Managing information security 

  • Utilizing BitLocker 

11 Implementing remote network 

  • Outline of remote network choices 
  • Actualizing VPNs 
  • Actualizing DirectAccess 

Lab : Implementing a VPN 

  • Sending a virtual private system (VPN) server 
  • Making a VPN association 

12 Maintaining Windows 10 

  • Refreshing Windows 10 
  • Checking Windows 10 

Lab : Maintaining Windows 

  • Arranging refreshes for a solitary gadget 
  • Arranging refreshes with GPOs 
  • Checking unwavering quality and execution 

13 Recovering Windows 10 

  • Recuperating records 
  • Performing framework recuperation 

Lab : Troubleshooting and recuperation 

  • Utilizing File History to recuperate records 
  • Utilizing Previous Versions to recuperate records 
  • Recuperating a gadget with a reestablish point 
  • Utilizing the propelled startup alternatives to recoup a gadget

Before going to 20698: Installing And Configuring Windows 10 course, understudies must have: 

  • Experience sending and designing Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. 
  • Experience sending and designing Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016 Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). 
  • Experience conveying and arranging system administrations, including DNS, in Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016. 
  • Windows Client basics, for example, a working information of Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7.