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TTEY101 Introduction to Python Programming | Core Python Fundamentals


3 days

Skill Level



PP 4800 Introduction to Python Programming  course is suitable for cutting edge clients, experienced developers, and framework chairmen. 

Hands-on Format PP 4800 Introduction to Python Programming hands-on class is approximately 50/50 lab to lecture ratio, combining engaging lecture, demos, group activities and discussions with comprehensive machine-based practical programming labs and project work.
Delivery Options We're flexible! PP 4800 Introduction to Python Programming course is available for onsite private classroom presentation, or live online virtual presentation, or can be presented in a combined delivery learning solution. Please also check our Live Online Public Schedule for course dates.
Customization Options

We'll target the class to your needs. PP 4800 Introduction to Python Programming course may be easily tailored to best suit your training skills objectives, tools of choice and learning goals.

PP 4800 Introduction to Python Programming Course Objectives 

Designed for experienced software engineers, Introduction to Python Programming is a hands-on Python programming course investigates the Python dialect up to a middle of the road level.  Students will leave this class outfitted with the abilities required to compose Python programs managing successions and mappings, program stream control, framework calls and record manipulation.  The course gives knowledge to the elements of Python that settle on it a superb decision for tasks of for all intents and purposes any size. 

The course gives a strong establishment in fundamental phrasing and ideas, expanded and based upon all through the engagement. Procedures and best practices are talked about and delineated through the two discourses and gathering exercises. Going to understudies will be driven through a progression of cutting edge points involved coordinated addresses, broad hands-on lab works out, gather talks and exhaustive shows. 

Course Topics Covered: Students will investigate: 

  •  Python Overview and History 
  •  Language Basics 
  •  Complex Types and Operators 
  •  Statements and Control Structures 
  •  Functions 
  •  Modules 
  •  Classes 
  •  Advanced Classes 
  •  DB API 
  •  NumPy 

Working inside in a drawing in, hands-on learning condition, guided by our master Python professional, understudies will figure out how to: 

  •  Understand the utilizations for Python in programming improvement, testing and frameworks organization conditions 
  •  How to create Python applications for an assortment of employments 
  •  Packaging and circulation of Python applications and modules 
  •  Communicating with a SQL database utilizing Python 
  •  Use Python for creating mechanized test contents 

Need distinctive abilities or topics?  If your group requires diverse points or instruments, extra aptitudes or custom approach, this course might be effectively changed in accordance with accommodate.  We offer extra Java programming, outline and security courses which might be mixed with this course for a track that best suits your improvement targets. 

Hands-on Learning: This course is around half hands-on lab and half address, with broad programming practices intended to strengthen essential aptitudes and ideas learned in the lessons. Understudies will compose various Python contents to fortify the significant ideas canvassed in this course. The courses will increment in intricacy as more advanced strategies are presented. Our courses incorporate sufficient materials and labs to guarantee all understudies are either fittingly tested, or helped, constantly – regardless of their expertise level. 

Course Outline/Agenda 

If you don't mind take note of that this motivation might be effortlessly custom-made to best suit your preparation abilities destinations, devices of decision and learning objectives. If it's not too much trouble ask for points of interest.


Session: Python Overview and History
• Why Python?
• How to run Python applications
• Python configuration details

Session: Language Basics
• Program structure
• Strings
• Basic operations
• Slices
• Formatting
• Numbers
• Types
• Basic arithmetic operations
• Formatting
• Conversions

Session: Complex Types and Operators
• Tuples
• Lists
• Tuple and List manipulation
• Basic operations
• Dictionary
• Files
• Opening
• Reading
• Writing

Session: Statements and Control Structures
• Assignment
• Expressions
• if statements
• while loops
• for loops
Session: Functions
• Function Basics
• Scope rules
• Arguments
• Functions as arguments

Session: Modules
• Module Basics
• Namespaces
• Importing and Reloading modules

Session: Classes
• What is a class?
• What is an Object?
• Class basics
• Writing methods

Session: Advanced Classes
• Inheritance
• Operator overloading

Session: DB API
• DB Interfaces
• Connecting to the Server
• Executing SQL Statements
• Parameterized Statements

Session: NumPy
• Downloading and installing NumPy
• Array slicing with NumPy
• Array arithmetic
• Numeric functions