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55200 / 55217: SharePoint 2016 Power User Training course Overview

55200 / 55217: SharePoint 2016 Power User Training SharePoint 2016 Power User instructional course is intended for people who need to take in the essentials of overseeing SharePoint locales. 

55200 / 55217: SharePoint 2016 Power User Training Audience profile

55200 / 55217: SharePoint 2016 Power User Training course is planned for new and existing clients of SharePoint. 

55200 / 55217: SharePoint 2016 Power User Training At course completion

In the wake of finishing this course, understudies will have the capacity to: 

  • Make custom work processes utilizing SharePoint Designer 2016. 
  • Figure out how to utilize Content Approval settings and Workflow. 
  • Figure out how to utilize Term stores and oversaw Metadata. 
  • Figure out how to utilize the Document ID Service. 
  • Learn SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure. 
  • Figure out how to make and utilize Document Sets. 
  • Figure out how to course archives with Content Organizer. 
  • Figure out how to utilize Metadata Navigation. 
  • Figure out how to make outer substance sorts with Business Connectivity Services. 
  • Figure out how to utilize Information Management Policies. 


55200 / 55217: SharePoint 2016 Power User Training Course Outline 

Module 1: Content Approval 

Content endorsement can be utilized on the two records and libraries in a SharePoint site. With content endorsement empowered, you have extra choices to control the perceivability of things. Content endorsement is empowered through the rundown/library settings page. Substance can be endorsed physically through the setting menu and toolbar of a thing or it can be computerized with work processes. SharePoint incorporates a work process particularly to approve content. 


  • Empowering Content Approval 
  • Content Approval Workflows 

Lab : Content Approval 

  • Empowering and Using SharePoint Content Approval 
  • Enablig and Using SharePoint Approval Workflow 
  • In the wake of finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Empower content endorsement. 
  • Set the perceivability of things that have not been affirmed. 
  • Endorse things. 
  • Empower out-of-box work processes. 
  • Allot out-of-box endorsement work process for a rundown/library thing. 
  • Endorse and thing utilizing an errand made by the out-of-box endorsement work process. 

Module 2: Creating Custom Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013 

Work processes are a famous approach to perform computerized work in SharePoint. The compensation adaptations of SharePoint Server, Standard and Enterprise, accompany additional out-of-box work processes that can be related and arranged with records and libraries utilizing only the program. SharePoint Designer is an intense and genuinely simple to utilize device for making custom work processes and does not require any formal engineer abilities. Visual Studio, albeit to a great degree capable in making custom work processes, requires designer aptitudes to utilize. 


  • Work process Basics 
  • Custom List Workflows 
  • Work process Actions 
  • Work process Conditions 
  • Work process Initiation Form 
  • Resusable Workflows 

Lab : Creating Custom Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2016 

  • Making Custom List Workflows 
  • Making Resusable Workflows 
  • Subsequent to finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Comprehend work process nuts and bolts. 
  • Run a work process. 
  • View a work process' history. 
  • Add activities to a work process. 
  • Add conditions to a work process. 
  • Add parameters to a work process intiation frame. 
  • Make a reusable work process. 
  • Accociate a reusable work process with a rundown/library. 

Module 3: Working with Managed Metadata 

The Managed Metadata benefit in SharePoint Server 2016 gives focal term stockpiling and administration. The Term Store is the thing that enables you to have normal arrangements of terms that can be shared over all destinations and site accumulations inside a ranch. Term Store terms are composed inside a Term Set which is made inside a Term Group framing a chain of command settled inside the Managed Metadata Service. The parent benefit characterizes Term Store Administrators that are in charge of making the Term Groups. The Term Groups characterize the Group Managers and Contributors. 


  • Making a Term Store Group and Term Set 
  • Making Metadata Columns in Lists and Libraries 
  • Distributing Content Types 

Lab : Working with Managed Metadata 

  • Making a Term Store Group and Term Set 
  • Making Managed Metadata Columns 
  • In the wake of finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Comprehend oversaw metadata benefit essentials. 
  • Make Term Store gatherings. 
  • Make Term Store sets. 
  • Make Managed Metadata sections is a rundown or library. 
  • Under the rudiments of substance sort distributing. 

Module 4: Business Connectivity Services 

Business Connectivity Services is a free administration that accompanies the Foundation adaptation of SharePoint. The administration empowers directors to make outer records connected to information outside of SharePoint. Typical SharePoint records uncover information that is put away within a SQL content database that SharePoint makes and keeps up. 


  • Business Connectivity Service Basics 
  • Making an External Content Type iwth SharePoint Designer 
  • Making a List from an External Content Type 

Lab : Business Connectivity Services 

  • Working with Exerntal Content Types and Lists 
  • In the wake of finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Comprehend the rudiments of Business Connectivity Services. 
  • Make an External Connection utilizing SharePoint Designer. 
  • Make an External Content Type utilizing SharePoint Designer. 
  • Characterize database operations utilizing SharePoint Designer. 
  • Make a rundown utilizing the Exernal List layout. 
  • Make an External List utilizing SharePoint Designer. 

Module 5: Information Management Policy 

In this lesson, you will take in the rudiments of data administration strategy. 


  • Data Management Policy Basics 
  • Characterizing Information Policy for a Content Type 
  • Characterizing Information Policy for a List 

Lab : Information Management Policy 

  • Make a data Management Policy for a List 
  • In the wake of finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Comprehend the rudiments of Information Management Policy. 
  • Arrange a data Management Policy for a Content Type. 
  • Characterize Information Management Policy Stages. 
  • Arrange an Informaton Management Policy for a rundown/library. 

Module 6: Content Organizer 

Content coordinator is a SharePoint highlight that lone accompanies the compensation forms of SharePoint. It gives report steering from a drop-off library. The element is empowered at the site level and the drop-off library is made as a component of the element initiation. Once the drop-off library is made, you can characterize decides that course archives set in the drop-off library to their last goal. 


  • Actuating the Content Organizer Feature 
  • Designing Content Organizer Settings 
  • Confiugring conetnt Organizer Rules 

Lab : Content Organizer 

  • Actuating and Configuring the Content Organizer Feature 
  • Subsequent to finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Actuate the Content Organizer site highlight. 
  • Alter the Content Organizer settings. 
  • Make the Content Organizer rules. 

Module 7: Document ID Service 

SharePoint's Document ID benefit, accessible with the compensation forms of SharePoint, makes one of a kind IDs for records that are prefixed with content the Site Collection Administrator characterizes. What's more is that the ID doled out to the report makes a settled URL that can be utilized to connection to the archive regardless of the possibility that it is moved to another library or site. The Document ID administration must be utilized on reports and can't be utilized on list things. The Document ID benefit is empowered at the Site Collection level by actuating a component. Once the administration is enacted the Site Collection Administrator can characterize the prefix string to be utilized. SharePoint utilizes a Timer Job, Document ID task work, to set the IDs on existing archives once the Document ID Service has been actuated. The Timer Job runs like clockwork naturally so existing reports won't have the IDs until the point when the employment has run. A Farm executive can physically run the employment to have the IDs made sooner. New records will have IDs made when the archive is spared to the library. 


  • Enacting the Document ID Feature 
  • Arranging Document ID Settings 
  • Connecting Documents Using Their Document ID 

Lab : Document ID Service 

  • Enacting and Confiuring the Document ID Service 
  • In the wake of finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Comprehend what the Document ID highlight does. 
  • Actuate the Document ID highlight in a Site Collection. 
  • Design the Document ID highlight settings. 
  • Drive the Document ID include clock occupations to run. 
  • Connection to an archive utilizing the Document ID URL. 

Module 8: Document Sets 

SharePoint's Documents Sets resemble upgraded variants of organizers. Likewise with envelopes, you principally utilize them to gather comparable records together. They are improved with the capacity to have their own particular metadata, work processes, and landing page. The Document Sets highlight is just accessible with the compensation variants of SharePoint Server 2013. To utilize Document Sets, the element must be dynamic at the Site Collection level. Once initiated, there will be another Document Set substance sort in the Site Collection's substance sort exhibition. To best exploit the upgrades offered by Document Sets, you ought to make custom substance sorts that acquire from the Document Set substance sort. 


  • Initiating the Document Sets Feature 
  • Making a Document Set Content Type 
  • Including a Document Set Content Type of a Library 

Lab : Document Sets 

  • Arranging Document Sets Feature 
  • In the wake of finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Comprehend the benefit of utilizing Document Sets. 
  • Instructions to enact the Document Set element. 
  • Make content sorts that acquire from the Document Set sort. 
  • Add custom sections to an acquired Document Set. 
  • Change the Welcome Page of a Document Set. 
  • Add Document Sets to a library. 

Module 9: SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure 

SharePoint's distributing framework gives an improved approach to make and store data showed through the webpage's Web pages. The distributing framework is just accessible on the compensation renditions of SharePoint is can be empowered by enacting highlights at both the site accumulation and site level. 


  • Enacting the SharPoint Server Publishing Infrastructure 
  • Distributing Infrastructure Basics 
  • Making Pages wiht Page Layouts 
  • Lab : SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure 
  • Enacting Publishing Infrastructure 
  • Making Publishing Pages 
  • In the wake of finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Enact the site accumulation's SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure highlight 
  • Enact the site's SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure include. 
  • See how the SharePoint Publishing Infrastructure functions. 
  • Make a page utilizing distributing formats. 
  • Change the format of a page. 

Module 10: Configuring and Consuming Site Search Results 

SharePoint 2013 leaves the-case with seek capacities, even the free Foundation form. The principle contrast with SharePoint Foundation 2013 variant of inquiry is its constrained in versatility, everything needs to keep running on a solitary server. Other than the versatility the Search administrations is inside the same for all renditions of SharePoint 2013. 


Scan SharePoint for Content 

  • SharePoint Search Cent


55200 / 55217: SharePoint 2016 Power User Training Course Prerequisites

Before going to this course, understudies must have: 

  • Essential PC learning.

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