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55217 SharePoint 2016 Power User Course

55217 SharePoint 2016 Power User course conveys the entire site proprietor story from beginning to end in a connecting with and viable approach to guarantee you have the certainty to design and make new destinations or deal with your current locales. You will probably figure out how to make SharePoint important to your group by utilizing a locales usefulness to enable you to impart data and team up to your partners. Amid the class you will likewise learn best practices and 'what not to do' as you observe live, intelligent exhibits and set hypothesis in motion with hands on works out. 

55217 SharePoint 2016 Power User Audience profile

55217 SharePoint 2016 Power User course is planned for any individual who needs to end up noticeably a definitive site proprietor; regardless of whether you are building destinations for yourself or helping other individuals to make and keep up their locales. 

55217 SharePoint 2016 Power User At course completion

In the wake of finishing 55217 SharePoint 2016 Power User Course, understudies will have the capacity to: 

  • Comprehend and portray the usefulness of SharePoint 2016 
  • Making and Delete Sites 
  • Making and Managing Web Pages including substance, for example, pictures and recordings 
  • Characterize Business Information and Retention to institutionalize and computerize the creation and administration of substance 
  • Adding and Configuring Apps to make destinations important to particular business necessities 
  • Building Processes with Workflow 
  • Modifying Security 
  • Speaking with Social Tools including Newsfeeds and Community Sites 
  • Working with Search 
  • Building Business Scenarios utilizing mixes of the above strategies to take care of certifiable issues 

55217 SharePoint 2016 Power User Course Outline 

Module 1: An Introduction to SharePoint 2016 

We should begin with SharePoint 2016 by telling you about its fabulous determination of elements. We will exhibit famous employments of SharePoint 2016 to oversee and share content, make connecting with website page, robotize business procedures and settle on great business choices with Business knowledge. We will likewise talk about will's identity the commonplace clients in our destinations and the part of the site accumulation manager. Site Owners are trusted with usefulness that in different business frameworks would ordinarily just be accessible to designers. As another Site Owner we're certain that you will be astonished with the potential that SharePoint 2016 brings to the table an end client. 


  • An Overview of SharePoint 2016 
  • SharePoint Versions 
  • Focal Repository for Information 
  • Parts in SharePoint 
  • Web Content Management 
  • Site Visitors 
  • Group Collaboration 
  • Site Members 
  • Pursuit 
  • Site Owners 
  • Social Computing 
  • Site Collection Administrator 
  • Work processes 
  • Ranch Administrator 
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Security Trimming 

Lab : The Basics – Navigate, Upload Documents and Add things to a rundown 

  • View our most recent news and executive online journals 
  • Relocate your own records to OneDrive 
  • Demand another tablet from IT and check for benefit blackouts 
  • Demand a flight from Finance and Administration 
  • Subsequent to finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Depict the key elements of SharePoint 2016 
  • Explore around a Site and between various destinations 
  • Comprehend the parts of various individuals in SharePoint from Farm Admins to Visitors 

Module 2: Creating Sites 

Regardless of whether you are overseeing existing destinations or you have not yet begun, we will supplement your present circumstance by talking about site pecking order and arranging your SharePoint locales. As a site proprietor you will be given a choice of site layouts. You will utilize an assortment of famous site layouts to build up an upgraded comprehension of each locales work and proper utilize. Once your site is prepared, we will then change the look and feel of your site. You can even have a go at applying your business image to your test site. We will likewise construct our route bar, a basic however capable approach to enable clients to move between sites. 


  • An Introduction to Site Topology 
  • Exploring SharePoint Sites 
  • At the point when to Create a Site and Where? 
  • Applying Custom Themes to a Site 
  • Instructions to Create a New Site 
  • Building the Site Navigation Bar 
  • Site Templates 
  • Erasing Sites 
  • Group Sites 
  • Recouping Deleted Sites 
  • Venture Sites 
  • Blog Sites 
  • Group Sites 
  • Distributing Sites 

Lab : Create and Delete Sites 

  • Demand another Training Site Collection 
  • Make new Subsites 
  • Erase a Subsite 
  • Reestablish a Deleted Subsite 
  • Discretionary: Themes and Navigation 
  • Subsequent to finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Comprehend Sites and Site Collections 
  • Make Sites utilizing an assortment of Templates 
  • Erase and Restore Sites 

Module 3: Creating and Managing Web Pages 

SharePoint brags a rich choice of approaches to fabricate website pages. You will figure out how to refresh the landing page of your SharePoint website with content, joins, pictures, recordings and web parts. We will likewise demonstrate you best practices while making different pages and connecting them together. In most website layouts, making and overseeing site pages is a straightforward, quick and remunerating approach to exhibit basic data and applications. SharePoint can likewise be utilized as an Intranet for inner news and data and also an open confronting site. Because of the high perceivability of these sites, it is basic to put more control over the arrival of new pages or updates to existing pages. Hence, SharePoint has Publishing Sites. 


  • Presenting Wiki Pages 
  • Presenting the Publishing Site 
  • Including Wiki Pages 
  • Make and Edit Publishing Pages 
  • Adding Rich Content to Wiki Pages 
  • Utilizing Page Layouts 
  • Advanced Links 
  • Site page Metadata 
  • Including and Modifying Web Parts 
  • Site Collection Images 
  • Erasing Wiki Pages 
  • Interpretations 
  • Reusable Content 
  • Site page Approval 
  • Planning Pages 

Lab : Create and Update Pages 

  • Clean up the Training landing page 
  • Include rich substance 
  • Discretionary – Add a YouTube video 
  • Discretionary – Create a distributing page 
  • Subsequent to finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Depict the sorts of page accessible in SharePoint 
  • Make, Edit and Delete Pages 
  • Work with page content including content, tables, connection, pictures and video 
  • Utilize distributing to control who can see page content amid refreshes 

Module 4: Defining Business Information and Retention 

Customarily groups make utilization of record formats or manual procedures to guarantee data is gathered and held accurately. In this module we will enable your group to build up reusable document layouts and computerize business forms. A case of this would be expelling old undesirable substance from your site consequently. To accomplish this you will find out about an assortment of SharePoint highlights including content sorts, arrangements and set up records administration. 


  • Overseen Metadata Service 
  • Data Management Policies 
  • An Introduction to Content Types 
  • The Records Center 
  • Make and Manage Content Types 
  • The Content Organizer 
  • Content Type Settings 
  • Archive IDs 
  • Utilizing Content Types in Apps 
  • In Place Records Management 
  • The Content Type Hub 
  • Sending Content Types 

Lab : Defining Business Information and Retention 

  • Set up oversaw metadata terms 
  • Make site sections 
  • Make a site content sort 
  • Set up the substance coordinator 
  • Discretionary – set up records administration 
  • In the wake of finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Portray the key elements of SharePoint 2016 to gather and hold business data 
  • Utilize and design Content Types, Managed Meta Data and Columns 
  • Make and alter strategy 
  • Oversee Records set up and with Record Centers 

Module 5: Adding and Configuring Apps 

Applications are required to store data, for example, occasions, contacts and documents in a site. SharePoint gives a choice of applications to various situations, all with the alternative to be modified for a particular business prerequisite. Applications can be separated into Lists, Libraries and Market Place Apps. In SharePoint 2016 records fill in as the structure for date-books, dialog sheets, contacts, and assignments. This module clarifies the idea of records, and after that surveys well known choices. An archive library is an area on a site where you can make, gather, refresh, and share documents including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. We will demonstrate to you the advantages of utilizing a library and show you how best to function with documents in a library. A prologue to on premises and SharePoint Marketplace applications is given to demonstrate to expand site usefulness past what Microsoft has given in the SharePoint 2016 stage. At long last, this module gives a basic diagram of the Microsoft items which are most normally utilized as a part of conjunction with SharePoint 2016 and talks about the benefits of each program when consolidated with SharePoint. 


  • Including List and Library Apps 
  • Mainstream List and Library Templates 
  • Overseeing List and Library Settings 
  • Include, Modify, Upload, and Delete Content in Apps 
  • Make and Manage App Columns 
  • Including Site Columns 
  • Sort and Filter Content 
  • Make and Manage Public Views 
  • Individual Views 
  • Working with Document Sets 
  • Utilizing Alerts in Apps 
  • Making App Templates 
  • Office 2016 Integration with SharePoint Apps* 
  • On Premises Apps 
  • SharePoint Marketplace Apps 
  • *Office Integration 
  • Incorporation with Microsoft Office 
  • SharePoint Designer 2013 
  • Co-Authoring 
  • InfoPath Designer 2013 
  • Viewpoint 2016 
  • OneDrive for Business 

Lab : Working with Apps Lab 1 

  • Include and expel a library application 
  • Arrange the library application 
  • Include and arrange list applications 
  • Discretionary – Test the costs run the show 
  • Discretionary – Add an application from the store 

Lab : Working with Apps Lab 2 

  • Relocate existing documents into SharePoint 
  • Refresh record properties 
  • Arrange documents with sees 
  • Make new records, occasions and tiles 
  • Highlight applications on website pages 
  • Subsequent to finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Make Apps to store business data including reports, pictures and recordings 
  • Redo applications to make them important to their business necessities utilizing segments, sees and application settings 
  • Utilize applications with other office applications, for example, Excel and Outlook 

Module 6: Building Processes with Workflows 

Work processes are an intense effectiveness apparatus which can be utilized to sort out and track process driven assignments including endorsement forms. Work processes will be exhibited utilizing true illustrations. You will be given the chance to fabricate work processes and survey work process advance. Additionally secured is a prologue to Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 and outsider work process apparatuses. 


  • An Introduction to Workflows 
  • Including Workflows 
  • Work process Scenarios 
  • Expelling Workflows 
  • Making Workflows 
  • Outsider Workflow Tools 
  • Arranging Workflow Settings 

Lab : Create and Run Workflows 

  • Empower the work process highlight 
  • Make a library for techniques 
  • Include another distributing work process 
  • Test the work process 
  • Discretionary – present another starter ask 
  • Subsequent to finishing this module, understudies will have the capacity to: 
  • Comprehend when to utilize a work process 
  • Make and alter work processes in the program 
  • Utilize work processes to gather endorsement and criticism data 

Module 7: Customizing Security 

Security is a vital component of any site. You will see educator drove shows of the prescribed procedures for including and expelling associates from your site and characterizing their level of get to. As a site proprietor, you can redo authorization levels. This implies you can make levels of get to that are lined up with the obligations of your destinations clients. A case of this would be permitting a gathering of clients the capacity to transfer content yet not erase content. 


  • An Introduction to Security 
  • Making Groups 
  • Get to Requests 
  • How Inheriting Security Works 
  • Offer Sites and Files 
  • Securing Apps, Folders, Files/Items 
  • Affirming Access Requests 
  • Overseen Metadata Security 
  • Making Permission Levels 
  • OneDrive

Before going to this course, understudies must have: 

  • No past learning is required to go to this course.