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91014: Microsoft Office Excel 2013: Part 1 Course 

With fundamental PC aptitudes, it's possible that you are open to utilizing a PC to perform essential undertakings. Rather than utilizing paper or a mini-computer, it's a great opportunity to consider utilizing the PC to store and control information in an electronic organization. 

When you are physically computing and recording information on paper, you should recalculate each time that you include new information. On the off chance that you are working with substantial volumes of information, when you have recalculated the new arrangement of information, the paper-based sheets can be basically indecipherable, constraining you to make another duplicate each time that information changes. Refreshing information in an Excel worksheet is quick and simple. You should simply embed the new information and design the sheet with the goal that estimations are refreshed at whatever point the information changes. Putting away your information in Excel likewise empowers you to run gives an account of the information, perform counts, print your work to impart to others, and a great deal more. In this course, you will utilize Microsoft® Office Excel® 2013 to make spreadsheets and exercise manuals that you can use to store, control, and offer your information. 

You can likewise utilize this course to plan for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) accreditation exams for Microsoft Excel 2013. 

91014: Microsoft Office Excel 2013: Part 1 Audience Profile 

91014: Microsoft Office Excel 2013: Part 1 course is planned for individuals who need to pick up the foundational comprehension of Microsoft Office Excel 2013 that is important to make and create worksheets. 

91014: Microsoft Office Excel 2013: Part 1 At Course Completion 

In 91014: Microsoft Office Excel 2013: Part 1 course, you will pick up a foundational comprehension of the essential usefulness in Excel 2013. You will start by exploring the Excel 2013 condition. From that point, you will play out the essential undertakings related with making and sparing Excel worksheets and investigating the Help framework. You will utilize recipes and capacities to perform estimations in your worksheets, and you will adjust worksheets by controlling cells and information, via hunting down and supplanting information, and by checking for spelling mistakes. You will arrange worksheets and set them up for printing. You will likewise start working with bigger exercise manuals that contain numerous worksheets. At long last, you will tweak how Excel acts to all the more firmly address your issues. 

91014: Microsoft Office Excel 2013: Part 1 You will: 

  • Begin with Excel 2013. 
  • Perform figurings. 
  • Alter a worksheet. 
  • Configuration a worksheet. 
  • Print exercise manual substance. 
  • Oversee expansive exercise manuals. 
  • Redo the Excel condition.

91014: Microsoft Office Excel 2013: Part 1 Course Outline

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Excel 2013 

  • Subject An: Identify the Elements of the Excel Interface 
  • Subject B: Create a Basic Worksheet 
  • Subject C: Use the Help System 

Lesson 2: Performing Calculations 

  • Point A: Create Formulas in a Worksheet 
  • Point B: Insert Functions in a Worksheet 
  • Point C: Reuse Formulas 

Lesson 3: Modifying a Worksheet 

  • Point A: Manipulate Data 
  • Point B: Insert, Manipulate, and Delete Cells, Columns, and Rows 
  • Point C: Search for and Replace Data 
  • Point D: Spell Check a Worksheet 

Lesson 4: Formatting a Worksheet 

  • Point A: Modify Fonts 
  • Point B: Add Borders and Color to Cells 
  • Point C: Apply Number Formats 
  • Point D: Align Cell Contents 
  • Point E: Apply Cell Styles 

Lesson 5: Printing Workbook Contents 

  • Point A: Define the Basic Page Layout for a Workbook 
  • Point B: Refine the Page Layout and Apply Print Options 

Lesson 6: Managing Large Workbooks 

  • Point A: Format Worksheet Tabs 
  • Point B: Manage Worksheets 
  • Point C: Manage the View of Worksheets and Workbooks 

Lesson 7: Customizing the Excel Environment 

  • Point A: Customize General and Language Options 
  • Point B: Customize Formula Options 
  • Point C: Customize Proofing and Save Options 
  • Point D: Customize the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar 
  • Point E: Customize the Functionality of Excel by Enabling Add-Ins 
  • Point F: Customize Advanced and Trust Center Options 

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