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98-381: Introduction to Programming Using Python certification exam training – An Overview

‘Introduction to programming using Python’ is designed for the new and experienced programmers interested to learn writing and troubleshooting Python code. During the instructor- led training, you will learn to represent and store data using Python data types and variables as well as to use the conditionals and loops to control the flow of your programs. Python Certification assists you in mastering the concepts of Python and its libraries like Scikit-Learn, Pandas, SciPy, Matplotlib, NumPy, Web Scraping and Lambda functions etc.

According to present growth rate in worldwide popularity and adoption, Python can surpass Java and C in three to four years. Python is attracting major numbers of new users worldwide every year; therefore, passing ‘Exam 98-381: Introduction to Programming Using Python’ brings in tremendous growth opportunities in programming job market. Our certified and experienced Python trainers follow the robust course to prepare you crack the 98-381 exam in first go. Although it is an introductory-level Python programming certification course but you get the intermediate level knowledge of Python programming.

Learning Scope of ‘98-381: Introduction to Programming Using Python’ Training:

  • Creating Python scripts
  • Using Python data types appropriately
  • Reading and writing files with both text and binary data
  • Familiarity with the standard library and work-saving modules
  • Using control structures and statements
  • Creating professional Python applications to basic level
  • Working with functions like modules and classes
  • Using collections like lists, sets and dictionaries
  • Working with complex types, operators and advanced classes
  • Using the Python database API
  • Best practices of Python programming

Target Audience for ‘Introduction to Programming Using Python’ Course:

The course is intended for new and experienced programmers interested to learn how to write and troubleshoot Python code. Software Engineer, Python Developer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Research Analyst or Software Developer etc are the good candidates to take on this certification course. 

Growth Prospects after ‘Introduction to programming using Python’ Certification

  • Hundreds of top ranking tech companies including Instagram, Netflix, Reddit, Lyft, Google, and Spotify etc are using Python.
  • As a certified Python professional, you can work in multiple job roles like Python Developer, Product Manager, Data Analyst, Educator, Financial Advisors etc.
  • Python Certification is one of the most sought-after skills in the entire programming domain.
  • Python is currently the most popular programming language for the Data Scientists worldwide.
  • The average Python Developer salary in USA is about $120,000 per year or $61.54 per hour.

98-381: Introduction to Programming Using Python’ Certification Exam Course Outline

Module 1: Perform Operations Using Data Types and Operators (20-25%)

  • Program structure
  • Assign data types to variables
  • Perform data and data type operations
  • Perform Arithmetic, Comparison and Logical Operations
  • Review

Module 2: Control Flow with Decisions and Loops (25-30%)

  • Construct and analyze code segments that use branching statements
  • Construct and analyze code segments that perform iterations
  • Review

Module 3: Perform Input and Output Operations (20-25%)

  • Create Python code segments that perform file input and output operations
  • Create Python code segments that perform console input and output operations
  • Review

Module 4: Document and Structure Code (15-20%)

  • Construct and analyze code segments
  • Document code segments using comments and documentation strings
  • Assignment and Expressions

Module 5: Perform Troubleshooting and Error Handling (5-10%)

  • Analyze, Detect and Fix code segments that have errors
  • Analyze and construct code segments that handle exceptions
  • Review

Module 6: Perform Operations Using Modules and Tools (1-5%)

  • Use Built-In Modules to perform basic operations
  • Use Built-In Modules to perform complex operations
  • Review

Each above mentioned module has its own lab activities to assure that you could implement the learned skills during ‘Introduction to programming using Python’ certification training for your personal and organization’s benefit. More details can be had from our counselor and trainers.   

Prerequisite for ‘Introduction to programming using Python’ Exam: 

Candidates for ‘98-381 exam’ should be able to recognize and write syntactically correct Python code. They should be capable to recognize data types supported by Python besides being able to recognize and write Python code to logically solve a given problem. In addition, candidates must have at least 100 hrs hands-on experience of with Python programming language with familiarity to write, debug, and maintain well-formed and well documented Python code.

FAQs for ‘98-381: Introduction to Programming Using Python’ Certification Course Training

Q: How much lab exercise is involved in ‘Introduction to programming using Python’ certification training?

Each course module of ‘98-381: Introduction to Programming Using Python’ training has its own lab exercise; you can take it a 50:50% lesson: lab course.

Q: What is the period for Exam 98-381 preparation training?

Introduction to programming using Python certification training is scheduled for five days.

Q: Do you follow the latest curriculum of Exam 98-381: Introduction to programming using Python?

Yes, we do. The latest Exam 98-381 was published by Microsoft on 07 December 2018.

Q: What is the learning scope of ‘Perform Troubleshooting and Error Handling’ module?

After completing this training module, you will be able to: Detect and Fix errors in code and Create error handling code.

Q: What is the latest Python version you follow.

We follow the Python 3.7.4 version (released on July 8, 2019) for the ‘98-381: Introduction to Programming Using Python’ certification training. 

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