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ARCH - Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures v3.0 Course Overview

In this course, you will take in the calculated, transitional, and point by point outline of a system foundation that backings wanted system arrangements over shrewd system benefits with a specific end goal to accomplish powerful execution, adaptability, and accessibility. This is a propelled course intended for CCNA and CCDA affirmed staff or those with comparable involvement in directing and exchanging Cisco systems. You will figure out how to apply Cisco arrange arrangement models and suggested configuration rehearses, to give reasonable and stable venture internetworking arrangements.

Moreover, you will take in the ideas that are important to configuration met venture systems. You will likewise cover endeavor grounds, server farm, online business, IP tending to and steering, security arrangements, VPNs, IP multicast, and security in a borderless cloud condition.

What You'll Learn

  • Cisco organize structures for the Enterprise and how this Cisco outline technique tends to big business arrange requirements for execution, adaptability, and accessibility

  • Propelled Cisco organized plan standards expanding on the ideas canvassed in DESIGN 3.0

  • Undertaking grounds organize plans

  • Venture server farm Integration

  • Venture edge and remote client framework plans

  • Outlining security administrations

  • VPN outlines

  • Outlining for high accessibility (HA)

  • Progressed EIGRP, OSPF, and IS-IS steering

  • BGP directing

  • WAN plan

  • SDN and APIC-EM (planning programming characterized systems)

  • Changing to IPv6

  • Planning IP multicast

ARCH - Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures v3.0 Course Outline

1. Undertaking Connectivity and High-Availability


  • IS-IS

2. BGP Design

  • IBGP

  • BGP Communities

  • Load Sharing

3. Wide Area Network Design

  • Specialist organization Managed VPNs

  • Undertaking Managed VPNs

  • WAN Resiliency Design

  • Grounds Edge and Connectivity to Partners

  • SDN and APIC-EM

4. Undertaking Data Center Integration

  • Secluded and Scalable Data Center Network

  • Multi-Tenant Data Center

  • Server farm Interconnections

  • Server farm Traffic Flows

  • SDN and APIC-DC

5. Planning Security Services

  • Outline

  • Planning Infrastructure Protection

  • Firewall and IPS Solutions

  • System Access Control Solutions

6. Plan QoS for Optimized User Experience

  • Review

  • Suggested QoS Design Principles

  • Grounds QoS

  • Server farm QoS

  • WAN QoS


  • IPSec VPN QoS

7. Change to IPv6

  • Sending IPv6Challenges

8. IP Multicast Design

  • Characterizing MCAST Trees and Forwarding

  • PIM Sparse Mode

  • Meet Point Distribution Solutions

  • IP Multicast Security

Contextual investigations

  • Contextual investigation 1: Design Enterprise Connectivity

  • Contextual investigation 2: Design Enterprise BGP Network with Internet Connectivity

  • Contextual investigation 3 Design Resilient Enterprise WAN

  • Contextual investigation 4: Design Enterprise Data Center Connectivity

  • Contextual investigation 5: Design a Secure Network

  • Contextual investigation 6: Design QoS in the Enterprise Network

  • Contextual investigation 7: Design an Enterprise IPv6 Solution

Note: In the Classroom course, contextual investigations will be group works out. In the Virtual course, contextual investigations will be singular activities.


  • Great comprehension of the fundamental specialized standards for cutting edge organize outlines

  • CCDA and CCNA confirmations are suggested

  • Nature with internetworking advances, Cisco items, and Cisco IOS highlights

  1.  ROUTE - Implementing Cisco IP Routing v2.0

  2.  SWITCH - Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks v2.0

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