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This course will aware the students about the use of Autodesk® CFD software. With a hands-on, practice-intensive environment, students will be acquiring the knowledge required for working in the environment of Autodesk CFD for setting up and conducting thermal and flow analysis on part and assembly models.

Topics covered:

  • Open and explore the Autodesk CFD.
  • Use of Model Assessment Toolkit for investigating model suitability and use of Autodesk® SimStudio Tools for making required changes to the CAD geometry.
  • Creation of interior and exterior fluid volumes.
  • Setup for analysis with application of suitable materials, boundary conditions and mesh settings.
  • Mesh refinement for obtaining a proper solution 
  • Applying solver settings for running your analysis and merging it to acceptable solution.
  • Use of visualization tools for comparing summary images, values, and plots of your analysis for comparing design and scenario results of Autodesk CFD analysis
  • Running a validation checklist to conduct a final solution


Chapter 1: Getting Started

  • Introduction to CFD
  • Getting Started in Autodesk CFD: Autodesk CFD Workflow
  • When to use Autodesk CFD

Chapter 2: Geometry

  • Geometry Requirements and Tools
  • Model Assessment Toolkit
  • Surface Wrapping
  • SimStudio Tools Overview
  • Using Devices to Simplify Geometry

Chapter 3: Materials and Devices

  • Overview of Materials
  • Assigning Materials
  • Using Devices

Chapter 4: Boundary Conditions

  • Boundary Conditions
  • Flow and Thermal Conditions
  • Assigning Boundary Conditions

Chapter 5: Meshing

  • Meshing Overview
  • Automatic Mesh Sizing
  • Mesh Refinement
  • Manual Mesh Sizing
  • Shaded Mesh

Chapter 6: Solver Settings

  • Solving a Simulation
  • Solving Multiple Designs

Chapter 7: Results Visualization & Interpretation

  • Visualizing Your Results
  • Global Results
  • Planes Result Task
  • Traces Result Task
  • Iso Surface & Iso Volume Results Tasks
  • Wall Calculator Result Task
  • Parts Result Task
  • Points Result Task
  • Decision Center

Chapter 8: Validation Checklist

  • Validating Your Simulation



The student should have some basic Flow and Thermal analysis knowledge and ability to interpret results