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This course is having instructions for students who are or will use the Autodesk® Inventor® Cable and Harness environment through a hands-on, practice-intensive curriculum, students will be acquiring the basic knowledge needed for designing the physical cables and harnesses in almost any kind of product or machine. With specific tools to incorporate cable and harness into digital prototypes, the Autodesk Inventor Cable and Harness Design software enables the calculation of lengths of the accurate path, avoiding of small-radius bends, and also helps in ensuring electrical components are well fitted into the mechanical assembly before manufacturing.


Topics Covered

  • The functionality of cable and harness and basic workflow for adding and documenting their designs
  • Through adding or importing wire a harness assembly, adding ribbon cables route segments, and wires and cables routing through segments.
  • Cable and harness design refinement by editing wires, cables, routes or by adding and editing of splices and virtual parts.
  • Create and annotate 2D drawings and design data exporting for communicating cables and harnesses
  • Creation and management of library and configuration files
  • Creation, authorization, and publishing of electrical parts and connectors to a custom content center library.

CHAPTER 1: start with designing cable and harness designs

  • Cable and harness design creation

CHAPTER 2: Wiring of a harness assembly

  • Wires and cables adding
  • Wires and cables routing
  • Importing data of wire and cable
  • Ribbon cables adding

CHAPTER 3: Refining design of cable and harness

  • Modification of wires, cables, Ribbon cables, Segments
  • Work with splices
  • Work with virtual parts

CHAPTER 4: Design Communication

  • Cable and harness designs and creating drawing of them
  • Nailboard Annotation
  • Design Data Reporting and exporting

CHAPTER 5: Configuration of library and reporting of Configuration files

  • Library definition and files
  • Reports, import and export and their configuration files

CHAPTER 6: Creating, Authoring and Publishing Electrical Current

  • Definition of electrical parts and connectors
  • Libraries management
  • Library content creation
  • Library content management

This course is designed and intended for users who are experienced with Autodesk Inventor software. Following knowledge is recommended:

  • Either student have completed Autodesk Inventor Introduction to Solid Modeling training course or having equivalent understanding of UI and working environment of Autodesk Inventor
  • Part modelling and assembly modelling knowledge and draw view creation and annotation