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Microsoft Azure Devops Solution: AZ-400 Certification Training Course

AZ-400: Microsoft Azure Devops Solution is a role based Azure certification awarded to validate the skills of Azure DevOps Professionals. The online instructor-led AZ-400 certification training course is designed to help the experienced DevOps professionals become Azure DevOps engineers with globally recognized Microsofts Associate level certification. Azure DevOps Engineers are responsible to define and implement the a robust, scalable, realistic and pragmatic cloud solutions the best tuned for the clients. The job role of DevOps engineer is full diversities; therefore, our highly trained and experienced Azure trainers conduct the robust five days AZ-400 certification course training spanned for the widest learning scope.

AZ-400: Microsoft Azure Devops Solution course provides much needed knowledge and practical skills required in IT organizations to implement DevOps processes, practices and integrations, continuous delivery and dependency management. The certification name for AZ-400 certification exam is Azure DevOps Engineer Expert.

Learning Scope of AZ-400: Microsoft Azure Devops Solution Training:

  • Migration and consolidation strategy for DevOps tools
  • Designing a secure development process & dependency management strategy
  • Designing and implementing an Agile management approach
  • Designing a tool integration strategy and quality strategy
  • Designing a version control strategy and release strategy
  • Implementing mobile DevOps strategy
  • Implementing and integrating source control
  • Managing application secrets & configuration
  • Implementing and managing build infrastructure and code flow
  • Managing code quality and security policies
  • Implement a build strategy, container build strategy and a deployment pattern
  • Setting up a release management workflow
  • Designing an infrastructure & configuration management strategy
  • Managing Azure Kubernetes Service infrastructure
  • Implementing infrastructure as code (IaC) & managing security and compliance
  • Implement infrastructure compliance and security
  • Designing and optimizing system feedback mechanisms
  • Implementing process for routing system feedback

Target Audience for AZ-400: Microsoft Azure Devops Solution Certification:

Experienced Azure professionals with Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-103) or Azure Developer Associate certifications aspiring to advance their skills in DevOps processes are the ideal candidates for this value added certification course.

Growth Prospects after AZ-400: Microsoft Azure Devops Solution Course:

  • Azure DevOps is in high demand with no signs of slowing down in the coming years.
  • Microsoft Azure is accredited by the UK government.
  • Microsoft Azure gets lion share in Devops marketplace.
  • Microsoft Azure is growing faster with an incredible 154% YOY growth rate; so, your job opportunities also grow at the same rate. 
  • The average salary for "Microsoft Azure engineer" ranges from $85,601 to $123,829 per year.


Microsoft Azure Devops Solution: AZ-400 Certification Certification Course Outline

Design a DevOps strategy (20-25%)

  • Recommend a migration and consolidation strategy for DevOps tools
  • Design and implement an Agile work management approach
  • Design a quality strategy
  • Design a secure development process
  • Design a tool integration strategy

Implement DevOps development processes (20-25%)

  • Design a version control strategy
  • Implement and integrate source control
  • Implement and manage build infrastructure
  • Implement code flow
  • Implement a mobile DevOps strategy
  • Managing application configuration and secrets

Implement continuous integration (10-15%)

  • Manage code quality and security policies
  • Implement a container build strategy
  • Implement a build strategy

Implement continuous delivery (10-15%)

  • Design a release strategy
  • Set up a release management workflow
  • Implement an appropriate deployment pattern
  • Implement dependency management (5-10%)
  • Design a dependency management strategy
  • Manage security and compliance

Implement application infrastructure (15-20%)

  • Design an infrastructure and configuration management strategy
  • Implement infrastructure as code (IaC)
  • Manage Azure Kubernetes Service infrastructure
  • Implement infrastructure compliance and security

Implement continuous feedback (10-15%)

  • Recommend and design system feedback mechanisms
  • Implement process for routing system feedback to development teams
  • Optimize feedback mechanisms

Prerequisite for AZ-400: Microsoft Azure Devops Solution Exam:

You need to have Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-103) or Azure Developer Associate (AZ-203) certification to take on AZ-400 exam. You must have fair knowledge of Azure, version control, core software development principles and Agile software development. Working experience in a software development organization is highly beneficial.

FAQs for Microsoft Azure Devops Solution: AZ-400 Certification Training Course

Q: What is the exam duration?

AZ-400 certification exam duration is 210 minutes.

Q: What is covered under Designing a quality strategy for AZ-400 certification exam training?

You learn to analyze existing quality environment, identify and recommend quality metrics, recommend a strategy for feature flag lifecycle, recommend a strategy for measuring and managing technical debt, recommend changes to team structure for quality optimization and to recommend performance testing strategy.

Q: What will learn about Design a version control strategy during AZ-400: Microsoft Azure Devops Solution training?

You will learn to recommend branching models, version control systems and code flow strategy under this training course module.

Q: What is the validity of Microsoft AZ-400 certification?

Microsoft Azure A-400 certification is valid for two years.

Q: What are the key job titles to be applied for after getting AZ-400 certification?

After getting Microsoft AZ-400 certification, you become a competitive candidate for many job tiles like Devops Engineer, Senior Devops Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Software Engineer and Senior Data Science Engineer etc.


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