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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam Course Overview

AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification measures your understanding of cloud concepts, core Azure services, compliance, trust, Azure pricing, security, privacy, and support etc. This certification exam can be taken as the first step towards learning the cloud services. There are more over 600 services listed under ‘Microsoft Azure’ that provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (Saas) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam training prepares you for implementing the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and for creating the services like App Service, HDInsights, API Management, Virtual Machines and StorSimple. The course is designed to make you proficient in using fundamentals of cloud computing in Azure environment with in-depth understanding of two main deployment models - Azure Resource Manager and Classic Deployment.

Learning Scope Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training: 

After completion of AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training, you will be able to:

  • Describe and develop Azure Web Apps.

  • Describe cloud computing, Azure, & Azure subscriptions.

  • Create & configure VMs in Microsoft Azure.

  • Describe Azure storage

  • Create Azure virtual network.

  • Describe & deploy Azure database.

  • Describe Azure AD.

Target Audience for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Course:

The exam is must to take for candidates with non-technical background but involved in outsourcing cloud- based solutions and services. It is good for the IT professionals willing to demonstrate their fundamental knowledge of cloud services. This exam can be taken as the precursor to advanced stage Microsoft cloud services and Microsoft Azure exams.

Growth Prospects after Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification:

  • According to report by Microsoft, more than 1,000 new businesses sign-up to Azure daily; it means almost 365,000 new businesses are adopting MS Azure every year; just guess the job potential.

  • Azure Microsoft’s commercial cloud revenue has increased @ 104% in 2018-2019.

  • Microsoft Azure is officially accredited by the UK government.

  • US Government also supports Microsoft Azure Government.




Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Course Outline

Module 1: Cloud Concepts (15-20%)

  • Describe the benefits and considerations of using cloud services

  • Differences between Operational Expenditure (OpEx) and Capital Expenditure (CapEx)

  • Principles of economies of scale

  • Describe the differences between Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

  • Describe the differences between Public, Private and Hybrid cloud models

Module 2: Core Azure Services (30-35%)

  • Understanding core Azure architectural components

  • Regions, Availability Zones, Resource Groups & Azure Resource manager

  • Describe some of the core products available in Azure

  • products available for Networking like Load Balancer, Virtual Network, VPN Gateway, Content Delivery Network and Application Gateway

  • Products available for Storage like Blob Storage, File Storage, Archive Storage & Disk Storage

  • Products available for Databases like Azure Database Migration service, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, CosmosDB, and  Azure SQL Database

  • Describe some of the solutions available on Azure

  • Big Data and Analytics and products available for Big Data and Analytics like SQL Data Warehouse, Data Lake Analytics and HDInsight

  • Benefits of using Azure solutions

  • Understanding Azure management tools

  • Azure tools like Azure CLI, PowerShell, Azure Portal etc

Module 3: Security, Privacy, Compliance and Trust (25-30%)

  • Securing network connectivity in Azure

  • Azure DDoS Protection and Network Security Group (NSG)

  • Describe security tools and features of Azure

  • Describe core Azure Identity services

  • Azure Multi-Factor Authentication and Azure Active Directory

  • Describe Azure governance methodologies

  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

  • Understand monitoring and reporting options in Azure

  • Azure Advisor security assistance

  • Understand privacy, compliance and data protection standards in Azure

Module 4: Azure Pricing and Support (25-30%)

  • Azure subscriptions (uses and options with Azure subscriptions)

  • Planning and management of costs

  • Options for purchasing Azure products & services

  • Factors affecting the costs such as services, locations, resource types, ingress, egress traffic etc.

  • Support options available with Azure

  • Available support channels outside of support plan channels

  • Knowledge Center

  • Describe Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • SLA for a particular Azure product or service

  • Service Lifecycle in Azure

  • Understanding General Availability (GA)

  • Monitoring feature updates




Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Course Prerequisites

To enroll for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam, you need to have:

  • Understanding of Websites

  • Understanding of Active Directory pertaining to Domains, Users, Domain Controllers

  • Understanding of database concepts including queries and tables




FAQs for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam

Q: What certification will I get after passing AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam?

You will get ‘Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals’ certification.

Q: What is format of ‘Microsoft Azure Fundamentals - AZ-900’ exam?

The latest exam format contains 151 questions related to following course modules:

  • Understand Cloud Concepts - 24

  • Understand Core Azure Services - 40

  • Understand Security, Privacy, Compliance and Trust - 52

  • Understand Azure Pricing and Support - 35

Q: What are the references used in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals test? 

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals test includes the references to - Microsoft.com, MSDN, Microsoft TechNet and Web resource

Q: How much beneficial has Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification course been proved for the professionals?

Almost 71% Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification holders recommend this course for career growth improvement.


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