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About the Course

BTAZ Cloud-Based Integration using Azure App Service course shows however you'll build hybrid integration solutions within the cloud that profit of the publish-subscribe nature of Azure Service Bus, the property provided by Hybrid Connections, and also the method composition capabilities of Logic Apps and API Apps.

BTAZ Cloud-Based Integration exploitation Azure App Service course concludes with our most intense laboratory ever, within which you build an entire itinerary-based BizTalk Server application from scratch.

Audience Profile

  • C# (required)
  • NET / MVC / internet API (strongly recommended)

At course completion

students are going to be ready to:

  • Set up AN Azure development surroundings
  • Build schemas for BizTalk XML Validator and BizTalk JSON Encoder Azure API apps
  • Build maps for the BizTalk rework Service API App
  • Transform messages exploitation the BizTalk rework Service API App
  • Interact with Azure Service Bus topics, subscriptions, and queues programmatically
  • Use Azure Service Bus as a sturdy store for messages and publish-subscribe engine
  • Implement SAS security practices
  • Use resource teams to manage Azure App Service parts
  • Build hybrid integration solutions exploitation API Apps
  • Connect to on-premises systems exploitation Hybrid Connections
  • Implement common integration patterns exploitation Azure App Service Logic Apps and API Apps
  • Build custom API Apps

Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft IPaaS Offerings 

  • History of Microsoft Integration Offerings 
  • What is iPaaS
  • Prologue to Azure App Service 

Module 2: Setting Up an Azure Development Environment 

  • Segments of Hybrid Integrations 
  • Setting up a Development Environment 
  • Making a Development Virtual Machine in Azure 

Module 3: Using Azure Resource Groups as an Application Lifecycle Container 

  • Prologue to Resource Groups 
  • Working with Resource Groups 

Module 4: Introduction to Logic Apps 

  • Rationale App Fundamentals 
  • Understanding the Logic App Runtime 
  • WDL Function Reference 

Module 5: Introduction to Microsoft Azure Service Bus 

  • What Is Service Bus? 
  • Working with Queues 

Module 6: Security for Service Bus Resources 

  • Administration Bus Security Concepts 

Module 7: Implementing a Publish/Subscribe Model Using Service Bus 

  • Hypothesis of Topics and Subscriptions 
  • Interfacing with Topics and Subscriptions Programmatically 

Module 8: Building EAI Apps utilizing Azure App Service 

  • Endeavor Application Integration Concepts 
  • Execute VETRO Using Azure App Service 

Module 9: Creating Schemas 

  • Prologue to Schemas 
  • Making XML Schemas 
  • Mappings for Non-XML Messages 

Module 10: Mapping Data Using Transforms 

  • Prologue to BizTalk Services Transforms 
  • Controlling Data Using Map Operations 
  • Propelled Mapping Concepts 

Module 11: Architecting Cloud Integration Solutions 

  • Auditing Core Technologies 
  • Empowering Hybrid Integrations 

Module 12: Building Advanced Workflows Using Logic Apps 

  • Rehashing Over Lists of Items 
  • Executing Request-Response Communication 

Module 13: Building Custom API Apps 

  • Life systems of an API App 
  • Essentials of Web API 
  • Hi API App World 
  • Executing Triggers 
  • Getting to Runtime Capabilities 
  • Investigating API Apps
  • C# (required)
  • NET / MVC / internet API (strongly recommended)