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CCSA+CCSE R80.20 Check Point Cyber Security Administrator and Engineering Bundle

Course Overview

This exceptional CCSA and CCSE package covering Check Point Security Administration and Engineering (R80.10) furnishes you with a comprehension of the essential ideas and aptitudes important to arrange Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blades.

CCSA-R80.20: The objective of this course is to give a comprehension of essential ideas and abilities important to design Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blades.

CCSE-R80.20: The objective of this course is to give a comprehension and aptitudes important to arrange and ideally oversee Check Point Next Generation Firewalls.

CCSA+CCSE R80.20 Check Point Cyber Security Administrator and Engineering Bundle

CCSA Course Outline

  • Translate the idea of a Firewall and comprehend the components utilized for controlling system activity.
  • Depict the key components of Check Point?s bound together Security Management Architecture.
  • Perceive SmartConsole highlights, capacities and devices.
  • Comprehend Check Point sending choices.
  • Depict the fundamental elements of Gaia.
  • Depict the basic components of a Security Policy.
  • See how movement investigation happens in a bound together Security Policy.
  • Abridge how organization parts and consents help with overseeing arrangement.
  • Review how to execute reinforcement methods.
  • Comprehend the Check Point strategy layer idea.
  • Perceive Check Point security arrangements and items and how they function to ensure your system.
  • Comprehend authorizing and contract necessities for Check Point security items.
  • Distinguish apparatuses intended to screen information, decide dangers and perceive execution changes.
  • Distinguish apparatuses intended to react rapidly and proficiently to changes in entryways, burrows, remote clients, movement stream designs, and different exercises.
  • Comprehend Site-to-Site and Remote Access VPN arrangements and groups.
  • See how to dissect and decipher VPN movement.
  • Perceive how to characterize clients and client gatherings.
  • See how to oversee client access for inner and outside clients.
  • Comprehend the fundamental ideas of ClusterXL innovation and its points of interest.
  • See how to perform occasional overseer undertakings as indicated in director sets of responsibilities.

CCSA Lab Exercises Include:

  • Working with Gaia Portal
  • Adjusting an Existing Security Policy
  • Designing Hide and Static NAT
  • Overseeing Administrator Access
  • Introducing and Managing a Remote Security Gateway
  • Overseeing Backups
  • Characterizing Access Control Policy Layers Defining and Sharing Security Policy Layers
  • Working with Licenses and Contracts
  • Working with Check Point Logs
  • Keeping up Check Point Logs
  • Designing a Site-to-Site VPN
  • Giving User Access
  • Working with Cluster XL
  • Checking Network Compliance
  • Working with CP View

CCSE Course Outline

  • Distinguish propelled CLI charges.
  • Comprehend framework administration strategies, including how to perform framework overhauls and apply patches and hotfixes.
  • Portray the Check Point Firewall foundation.
  • Portray propelled techniques for social affair essential entryway information utilizing CPView and CPInfo.
  • Perceive how Check Point?s adaptable API engineering underpins mechanization and coordination.
  • Examine progressed ClusterXL capacities.
  • Depict VRRP arrange excess points of interest.
  • Undersand how SecureXL increasing speed innovation is utilized to upgrade and enhance execution.
  • See how CoreXL increasing speed innovation is utilized to upgrade and enhance execution.
  • Recognize the SmartEvent parts that store organize action logs and distinguish occasions.
  • Talk about the SmartEvent procedure that figures out which arrange exercises may prompt security issues.
  • See how SmartEvent can help with identifying, remediating, and forestalling security dangers.
  • Talk about the Mobile Access Software Blace and how it secures correspondence and information.
  • Comprehend Mobile Access sending choices.
  • Perceive Check Point Remote Access arrangements.
  • Talk about Check Point Capsule parts and how they ensure cell phones and business reports.
  • Talk about diferent Check Point Solutions for assaults, for example, zero-day and Advanced Persistent Threats.
  • See how SandBlast, Threat Emulation, and Threat Extraction avoid security occurrences.
  • Recognize how Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention can help secure information got to on organization issued cell phones and tablets.

CCSE Lab Exercises Include:

  • Overhauling a Security Management Server to R80.10
  • Applying Check Point Hotfixes
  • Arranging a New Security Gateway Cluster
  • Center CLI Elements of Firewall Administration
  • Arranging Manual Network Address Translation
  • Overseeing Objects Using the Check Point API
  • Empowering Check Point VRRP
  • Sending a Secondary Security Management Server
  • Survey the Chain Modules
  • Working with SecureXL
  • Working with CoreXL
  • Assessing Threats with SmartEvent
  • Overseeing Mobile Access
  • Understanding IPS Protections
  • Sending IPS Geo Protection
  • Checking on Threat Prevention Settings and Protections
  • Sending Threat Emulation and Threat Extraction


Before taking this course, it is suggested that students have the accompanying:

  • General information of TCP/IP
  • Working information of Windows, UNIX, organizing, TCP/IP, and the Internet