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CCSA R80.20 Check Point Cyber Security Administrator Certification Course Overview

The objective of this course is to give a comprehension of fundamental ideas and aptitudes important to design Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blades.

CCSA R80.20 Check Point Cyber Security Administrator Course Outline

  • nterpret the idea of a Firewall and comprehend the instruments utilized for controlling system activity.

  • Depict the key components of Check Point?s bound together Security Management Architecture.

  • Perceive SmartConsole highlights, capacities and instruments.

  • Comprehend Check Point sending choices.

  • Portray the fundamental elements of Gaia.

  • Portray the basic components of a Security Policy.

  • See how activity investigation happens in a brought together Security Policy.

  • Outline how organization parts and consents help with overseeing strategy.

  • Review how to actualize reinforcement methods.

  • Comprehend the Check Point approach layer idea.

  • Perceive Check Point security arrangements and items and how they function to ensure your system.

  • Comprehend permitting and contract necessities for Check Point security items.

  • Distinguish apparatuses intended to screen information, decide dangers and perceive execution enhancements.

  • Recognize apparatuses intended to react rapidly and effectively to changes in doors, burrows, remote clients, movement stream designs, and different exercises.

  • Comprehend Site-to-Site and Remote Access VPN arrangements and groups.

  • See how to break down and translate VPN movement.

  • Perceive how to characterize clients and client gatherings.

  • See how to oversee client access for inside and outer clients.

  • Comprehend the essential ideas of ClusterXL innovation and its favorable circumstances.

  • See how to perform intermittent director errands as indicated in overseer sets of responsibilities.

Lab Exercises Include:

  1. Working with Gaia Portal

  2. Altering an Existing Security Policy

  3. Arranging Hide and Static NAT

  4. Overseeing Administrator Access

  5. Introducing and Managing a Remote Security Gateway

  6. Overseeing Backups

  7. Characterizing Access Control Policy Layers Defining and Sharing Security Policy Layers

  8. Working with Licenses and Contracts

  9. Working with Check Point Logs

  10. Keeping up Check Point Logs

  11. Arranging a Site-to-Site VPN

  12. Giving User Access

  13. Working with Cluster XL

  14. Confirming Network Compliance

  15. Working with CP View


Before taking this course, it is prescribed that students have the accompanying:

  • General information of TCP/IP

  • Working information of Windows or potentially UNIX

  • Working information of system innovation

  • Working information of the Internet

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