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CWDP - Certified Wireless Design Professional Certification Training

Guaranteed Wireless Design Professional, or CWDP, preparing will furnish the understudy with the aptitudes to outline undertaking WiFi arranges over numerous organizations, conditions, as well as applications on various brands of gear.

Competitors will figure out how to plan and outline 802.11 systems paying little respect to the framework of the sending condition. The CWDP Wireless LAN Design course comprises of educator drove preparing relevant to the plan of remote LANs utilizing the most recent advances including 802.11n and 802.11ac. This class goes top to bottom into the outline procedure and gives understudies the information expected to design, send and test current 802.11-based systems.

  • Primary Areas Covered by CWDP:

  • Understanding Design Strategies

  • System Planning Best Practices

  • Configuration Troubleshooting

Course Objectives

  • Comprehend Design Strategies

  • Portray Best Practices for Network Planning

  • Disclose the Available Technologies to Satisfy 802.11n and 802.11ac Design Requirements

  • Portray Advanced Site Surveying

  • Comprehend Design Troubleshooting Methodologies

Module 1 – Introducing WLAN Design

  • Remote LAN (WLAN) Design

  • Significance of Design

  • Configuration Processes

Module 2 – Requirements Analysis

  • Understanding WLAN Requirements

  • Documentation and Procedures

  • Understanding Client Device Population

  • Find Planned WLAN Applications

  • Characterizing WLAN Security Requirements

  • Physical Coverage Requirements for Various Vertical Markets

  • Outside WLAN Bridge Link Requirements

  • Existing WLAN Upgrade Path

  • WLAN Test Considerations

  • Outline Documentation for WLANs

Module 3 – Site Survey Procedures

  • Understanding the WLAN Site Survey

  • WLAN Site Survey Types

  • Range Analysis for WLAN Site Survey

  • WLAN Site Survey Tools

  • Understanding Metrics and the Gathered RF Information

  • Situation particular Requirements

  • Understanding the Different Site Survey Methodologies Used

  • Open air Site Survey Procedures

Module 4 – Enterprise WLAN Design

  • RF Planning and Management

  • Impedance Considerations

  • WLAN Channel Planning and RF Considerations

  • Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) and Transmit Power Control (TPC)

  • Access Point Selection and Operation Modes

  • Radio wire Considerations

  • Control over Ethernet (PoE) Design Concepts

  • WLAN Security Design Considerations

Module 5 – Advanced WLAN Design

  • Branch and Remote Office WLAN Design

  • WLAN Design and Mesh Connectivity

  • WLAN Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Execution and Optimization for WLANs

  • WLAN Security Considerations

  • WLAN Deployment Scenarios

  • Recognize Various WLAN Requirements

  • Arranging and Testing Tools

Module 6 – WLAN Deployment

  • WLAN Infrastructure Device Configuration and Deployment

  • Design of Networking Services – DHCP and DNS

  • Self-ruling, Controller, and Cloud WLAN

Module 7 – Design Validation

  • Post Deployment Survey

  • WLAN Design Validation

  • Post Deployment Analysis

  • Devices Used for Post Deployment

  • Post WLAN Deployment Troubleshooting

Certified Wireless Design Professional Certification Course Prerequisites 

  • Intensive Understanding of RF Technologies

  • Comprehension of Applications of 802.11 Networks

  • *Current* Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) Certification

Exam Required for CWDP Certification

  • CWNP CWDP-302

  • Delegated Exam a hour and a half (60 addresses: different decision)

  • Exam Proctor: PearsonVUE

  • Recertification: 3 years

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