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CWSP - Certified Wireless Security Professional Certification Training Online

The Certified Wireless Security Professional course covers the Security parts of Wireless Networking. In this class, understudies are instructed about different types of Security Technologies, Management, and Monitoring.

The Certified Wireless Security Professional (Wireless LAN Security) instructional class shows the most recent venture remote LAN security and inspecting hardware. This class tends to the cutting edge WLAN interruption and DoS instruments and strategies. It additionally explores the usefulness of the 802.11i change to the 802.11 standard and the internal workings of each EAP write utilized with remote LANs today, alongside each class and sort of WLAN security arrangement accessible available ~ from remote interruption counteractive action frameworks to remote system administration frameworks.

This course addresses, in detail, the most essential and applicable WLAN security conventions, trades, and arrangement procedures. The class centers vigorously around understanding the usefulness of the 802.11i alteration, including confirmation, encryption, and key administration. 802.1X and EAP are likewise integral to this class, with a top to bottom examination of every confirmation mode and EAP compose utilized as a part of remote LANs today.

Other foundation security arrangements are likewise talked about, for example, part based access control, division, VPNs, firewalls, remote interruption counteractive action and checking, secure wandering, and system administration. The Wireless LAN Security course comprises of hands on getting the hang of utilizing the most recent venture remote LAN security and examining hardware.

Understudies who finish the course will be presented to the fundamental aptitudes for actualizing and overseeing remote security in an undertaking domain, by making layer2 and layer3 equipment and programming arrangements using industry driving producers' gear.

Primary Areas Covered by CWSP:

  • System Security Design Models

  • Building Robust Security Networks

  • Remote LAN Management Systems

  • 802.11 Design Architectures

Course Objectives

  • Depict WLAN Discovery Techniques

  • Comprehend Intrusion and Attack Techniques

  • Clarify 802.11 Protocol Analysis

  • Comprehend Network Security Design Models

  • Disclose How to Build a Robust Security Network from the Ground Up

  • Comprehend Authentication and Key Managemnt Protocols

  • Comprehend Wireless LAN Management Systems

  • Characterize 802.11 Design Architectures

Module 1 – Security Fundamentals

  • Security Basics

  • CWNA Security Review

  • Industry Organizations

  • Wording

  • Remote Vulnerabilities

Module 2 – Wireless Security Challenges

  • System Discovery

  • Pseudo-Security

  • Inheritance Security Mechanisms

  • System Attacks

  • Suggested Practices

Module 3 – Security Policy

  • Characterizing Security Policies

  • Arrangement Enforcement

  • Arrangement Management

  • Arrangement Types

Module 4 – Understanding Authentication

  • Passphrase Authentication

  • AAA

  • RBAC

  • Range

  • 802.1X

  • EAP

Module 5 – Authentication and Key Management

  • Hearty Security Networks (RSN)

  • RSN Information Element

  • RSN Authentication and Key Management (AKM)

Module 6 – Encryption

  • Encryption Fundamentals

  • Encryption Algorithms

  • WEP

  • TKIP

  • CCMP

Module 7 – Security Design Scenarios

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

  • Remote Networking

  • Visitor Access Networks

Module 8 – Secure Roaming

  • Wandering Basics and Terminology

  • Preauthentication

  • PMK Caching

  • Artful Key Caching (OKC)

  • 802.11r FT

  • Restrictive Roaming

  • Voice Enterprise

Module 9 – Network Monitoring

  • Remote Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS)

  • WIPS Deployment Models

  • WIPS Policy

  • Danger Mitigation

  • Area Services

  • WNMS

  • Convention Analysis

  • Range Analysis

  • Fundamental Wireless LAN Literacy

  • *Current* Certified Wireless Network Administration (CWNA) Certification

Exam Required for CWSP Certification

  • CWNP CWSP-205

  • Administered Exam a hour and a half (60 addresses: numerous decision)

  • Exam Proctor: PearsonVUE

  • Recertification: 3 years

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