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CWTS - Certified Wireless Technology Specialist Certification Training

This confirmation is perfect for Sales Managers, non-specialized Engineering Team Managers, and those starting their vocations in Wireless Networking.

The preparation for this confirmation gives a strong establishment in Wireless Networking and gives an abnormal state review of the field. The ideas which can be learned in this class will go about as a firm establishment whereupon to fabricate future information.

This course presents subjects, for example, fundamental RF hypothesis in a straightforward organization, administrative necessities, and clarifies the technique for usage of WLAN gadgets. This course centers around acquainting Wi-Fi experts with the most recent in 802.11 advances.

On the off chance that the understudy is thinking about going into or progressing inside the remote systems administration industry, this course will give a strong establishment in Wireless Networking.

This class is the first in the arrangement of CWNP accreditation classes which can prompt the lofty CWNE – Certified Wireless Networking Expert – assignment!

Fundamental Areas Covered by CWTS:

  • Fundamental Radio Frequency (RF) Theory

  • Administrative Requirements

  • 802.11 Technologies


Module 1 – Introduction to Networking

  • System Types

  • System Topologies

  • OSI Model

  • Gadget Addressing

Module 2 – Introduction to WiFi

  • Where WiFi is Used

  • Associations Governing WiFi

  • IEEE Standards

Module 3 – WiFi Infrastructure and Client Devices

  • Access Points

  • WLAN Controllers

  • Remote Bridges

  • Remote Repeaters

  • Control over Ethernet (PoE)

  • Customer Devices/Software

Module 4 – WiFi Terminology and Operation

  • WiFi Modes of Operation

  • Administration Set Naming

  • Customer Association and Roaming Process

  • Power Save Fundamentals

  • Information Rates

Module 5 – Radio Frequency Fundamentals

  • RF Wave Fundamentals

  • Recurrence Fundamentals

  • RF Characteristics

  • RF Interference

  • Power Measurement

  • WiFi Channels

Module 6 – Antennas and Accessories

  • Reception apparatus Function

  • Reception apparatus Types

  • Observable pathway

  • Polarization

  • Reception apparatus Diversity

  • WiFi System Accessories

Module 7 – Under The Hood

  • Medium Access and Collision Avoidance

  • Adjustment

  • Blended Mode Environments and Protection Mechanisms

  • Concurrence with RF Interference

Module 8 – RF Site Surveys

  • Reasons for a RF Site Survey

  • RF Site Survey Types

  • Steps Involved in the RF Site Survey Process

Module 9 – WiFi Security

  • Comprehend WiFI Security Needs

  • Heritage Security

  • WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)

  • Security Terminology

  • WPA2-Personal, WPA2-Enterprise, and Encryption

  • Propelled Security Options

  • Consistence

  • Best Practices

Module 10 – WiFi Troubleshooting

  • Investigating Tools

  • Normal WiFi Problems

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