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Cisco AWS Integration (CISAWS)

Course Overview

After finishing this course, the student will have the capacity to meet these general destinations:

  • Comprehend the modularization of figure, system and capacity benefits in a cloud domain
  • Comprehend the idea of use workload portability
  • See how to make a half and half cloud interfacing a Cisco fueled private cloud with Amazon Web Services
  • Comprehend and visit the Amazon Web Services eco-framework
  • Figure out how to send the Cisco CSR 1000V in Amazon Web Services
  • Figure out how to interconnect a Cisco Private Cloud to Amazon Web Services utilizing the Cisco CSR 1000V
  • Figure out how to send the Cisco ASAv in Amazon Web Services
  • Figure out how to send secure VPN interconnections between Amazon Web Services and a Cisco Private Cloud utilizing the Cisco ASAv
  • Figure out how to move application workloads from Amazon Web Services to a Cisco Private Cloud utilizing Cisco CloudCenter
  • Figure out how to screen complex application conditions continuously with Cisco Tetration in both a Cisco Private Cloud and in an Amazon Web Services open cloud condition


It is prescribed that every understudy has the accompanying learning and aptitudes before going to this course:

  • CCNA or Equivalent Experience in Cisco directing and Cisco ASA firewall ideas

Cisco AWS Integration (CISAWS)

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Application Workloads in a Cloud Environment

  • Review of Application Workload Components
  • Code
  • Information
  • Foundation
  • OS Infrastructure
  • System Infrastructure (IP address squares, DNS, storing, and so forth.)
  • Equipment Infrastructure (process, stockpiling, arrange equipment)
  • Decoupling application workload programming and framework parts
  • Making a typical framework for application workloads in a private and open cloud
  • Achieving a condition of "framework as code" utilizing API's for effectively conveying and moving application workloads starting with one cloud then onto the next
  • Analyzing private and open situations
  • Making a cutting edge Cisco Powered Private Cloud with ACI and UCS
  • Audit of the real Public Cloud suppliers
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Assessing the advantages and disadvantages of private and open conditions
  • Integrating private and open mists to make a cross breed cloud condition
  • Outlining a safe half breed cloud model to encourage application workload versatility
  • Audit the difficulties and complexities of conveying a half breed cloud condition to encourage application workload versatility
  • the application reliance challenge
  • the multi-faceted security challenges
  • Survey the basic Cisco items to encourage application workload versatility in a safe half and half cloud condition
  • The Cisco CSR 1000V
  • The Cisco ASAv
  • Cisco CloudCenter
  • Cisco Tetration

Lessons 2: Introduction to AWS

  • AWS Architecture Overview
  • Prologue to AWS Elastic Services and the idea of auto-scaling cloud assets
  • Survey of the AWS organizing engineering
  • Survey of the AWS "Shared Security Model"
  • The security difficulties and obligations set on AWS clients
  • The Cisco suite of security administrations to address AWS security difficulties
  • Cisco ASAv
  • Cisco CSR 1000V
  • Cisco Tetration
  • AWS Services Overview
  • AWS benefit classifications
  • Process
  • Capacity
  • Systems administration
  • Different AWS Service Categories
  • Utilizing the AWS GUI Console
  • Provisioning a VM with the AWS EC2 wizard
  • Designing the AWS organizing condition with a VPC wizard
  • Utilizing the AWS CLI
  • Survey AWS CLI yield in forbidden frame or in JSON
  • Dealing with an AWS EC2 occurrence with the CLI
  • Extricating AWS organizing data with the CLI
  • Audit of AWS Programmability utilizing the Python BOTO3 SDK
  • Upgrading an AWS arrangement with Cisco items
  • AWS Design Considerations
  • Instructions to abstain from being bolted into an AWS situation
  • Convey AWS application workloads for cloud portability with Cisco CloudCenter
  • Be set up to address the security difficulties and duties of sending workloads in an AWS situation with the Cisco ASAv and Cisco CSR 1000v.
  • Looking at a Cisco Powered Private Cloud Deployment with an AWS Public Cloud Deployment

Lesson 3: Deploying the Cisco CSR 1000V in AWS

  • Cisco CSR 1000V Overview
  • Switch highlights
  • Innovation Packages
  • Permitting Structure with AWS
  • Cisco CSR 1000V abilities
  • give improved steering highlights in an AWS domain
  • safely interface AWS Virtual Private Clouds
  • give secure private cloud to AWS associations
  • give secure branch office to AWS associations
  • Investigating the different Cisco CSR 1000V administration interfaces
  • Cisco CSR 1000V CLI
  • Cisco CSR 1000V IOS-XE programmability highlights
  • Introducing a Cisco CSR 1000V in AWS
  • Utilizing the Cisco CSR 1000V as an AWS VPC Gateway
  • Arranging DMVPN with the Cisco CSR 1000V to interface endeavor destinations with AWS
  • Interface Enterprise Data Centers and Private Clouds to AWS
  • Interface Enterprise Offices to AWS
  • Arranging IPSec on Cisco CSR 1000V DMVPN burrows
  • Utilizing the Cisco CSR 1000V to build up AWS between VPC VPN Tunnels
  • Utilizing the Cisco CSR 1000V to make excess associations with AWS?

Lesson 4: Deploying the Cisco ASAv in AWS

  • Cisco ASAv Overview
  • Cisco ASAv highlights
  • Cisco ASAv organization alternatives.
  • Cisco ASAv Licensing Structure
  • Contrasting parts of a Cisco ASAv and a Cisco CSR 1000V
  • Cisco ASAv capacities
  • Association Table and Local Host Table
  • Interface Access Rules/ACLs
  • System Address Translation (NAT) tasks
  • Cisco ASA administration interfaces
  • Dealing with the Cisco ASAv utilizing the CLI
  • Dealing with the Cisco ASAv utilizing the GUI (ASDM)
  • Dealing with the Cisco ASAv utilizing the REST-ful API
  • Introducing the Cisco ASAv in AWS
  • Introducing the Cisco ASAv in AWS
  • Designing Interface Access Rules/ACLs
  • Designing Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Dealing with the Cisco ASAv
  • Overseeing Cisco ASAv with Cisco FireSIGHT Management Center

Lesson 5: Deploying Cisco CloudCenter in AWS

  • Cisco CloudCenter Overview
  • Cisco CloudCenter Components
  • Cisco CloudCenter Manager (CCM)
  • Cisco CloudCenter Orchestrator (CCO)
  • Propelled Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)
  • Administration Agents
  • Investigating Cisco CloudCenter User Interfaces
  • GUI
  • CLI
  • Programming interface (REST/JSON)
  • Introducing Cisco CloudCenter
  • Cisco CloudCenter Configuration Defaults
  • Default number of Cisco CloudCenter layouts
  • Default Cisco CloudCenter client accounts
  • Upheld Public Clouds (accentuation on AWS)
  • Sending an Application Cisco CloudCenter
  • Make an Application Profile: Model, Deploy and Manage
  • Utilizing Cisco CloudCenter Templates
  • Moving an application workload with Cisco CloudCenter from AWS
  • Cisco CloudCenter propelled highlights: Benchmarking and Scaling Features

Lesson 6: Deploying Cisco Tetration in AWS

  • Cisco Tetration Overview
  • Cisco Tetration Features and Benefits
  • Cisco Tetration Analytics Platform Architecture
  • Utilitarian Layers
  • Information Collection Layer
  • Examination Layer
  • Implementation Layer
  • Representation Layer
  • Cisco Tetration Hardware and Software Sensors
  • Upheld Operating Systems for Full-Visibility
  • Upheld Operating Systems for Enforcement
  • Upheld Operating Systems for Universal Software Sensors
  • Equipment Sensor Supported Platform
  • Cisco Tetration Analytics Use Cases
  • Application perceivability and knowledge into application part correspondence
  • Computerized whitelist approach suggestions
  • Arrangement requirement that empowers application division
  • Arrangement affect examination and consistence
  • Finish stream representation, investigation, and crime scene investigation
  • Cisco Tetration Licensing and Deployment Models
  • Base authorizing
  • Extra permit for strategy implementation and application division
  • Cisco Tetration Analytics Platform Large Form Factor
  • Cisco Tetration-M (Small Form Factor)
  • Cisco Tetration Cloud (Amazon Web Service [AWS] Public Cloud) on Cloud


  • Lab Exercise 2-1: Lab Access and the AWS GUI
  • Lab Exercise 2-2: Launch a CENTOS VM as an AWS EC2 Instance
  • Lab Exercise 2-3: The AWS CLI
  • Lab Exercise 2-4: The AWS API Interface with Python BOTO3
  • Lab Exercise 3-1: Installation and Basic Setup of Cisco CSR 1000V
  • Lab Exercise 3-2: Configuring a DMVPN Tunnel Using the Cisco CSR 1000V
  • Lab Exercise 3-3: Managing the CSR 1000V utilizing a REST-ful API
  • Lab Exercise 4-1: Installation and Basic Setup of Cisco ASAv
  • Lab Exercise 4-2: Configuring Cisco ASAv for Stateful Packet Inspection and NAT
  • Lab Exercise 4-3: Managing the Cisco ASAv utilizing a REST-ful API
  • Lab Exercise 5-1: Installing and Configuring Cisco CloudCenter in AWS
  • Lab Exercise 5-2: Deploy an Application to AWS