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Cisco UCS Director Foundation (UCSDF v6.6)

Course Objectives

After finishing this course, the student will have the capacity to meet these general targets:

  • Comprehend Data Center Challenges and the need of Unified Data Center Solution utilizing the Cisco UCS Director

  • Introduce, design, and deal with the Cisco UCS Director 5.4

  • Design Virtual Data Centers, strategies, lists and cost models

  • Make and screen benefit demands for provisioning

  • Characterize work processes utilizing organization

  • Manage the product viably

  • Modify the highlights for building confirmation of ideas

Who Should Attend

The essential group of onlookers for this course is as per the following:

  • Cisco UCS and FlexPod SEs

  • The auxiliary group of onlookers for this course is as per the following:

  • SEs who work in server farm arrangements and oversee server farm administration strategies

Module 1: Cisco UCS Director Overview

Lesson 1: Challenges of the Modern Data Center

IT Challenges

Cisco UCS Director

How Can It Work?

Cisco UCS Director Orchestration

Exhibit of Cisco UCS Director-End-User View

Exhibit of Cisco UCS Director-Administrator View

Guided Lab 1: Use Cisco UCS Director as an End User

Undertaking 1: Log in to the Terminal Server

Errand 2: Provision Windows 2003 Server

Errand 3: Provision CentOS Gold Server

Errand 4: Provision CentOS Silver Server

Errand 5: View Resource Analyst Reports

Module 2: Cisco UCS Director Deployment

Lesson 1: Installing Cisco UCS Director

Bolstered Upgrade Paths

Fundamental Components of Cisco UCS Director Solution

Essentials and Minimum System Requirements

UCS Director Deployment Models

Cisco UCS Director Baremetal Agent

Requirements and Limitations


Lesson 2: Upgrading Cisco UCS Director 5.4

Cisco UCS Director 5.4 Upgrade

Advantages of Upgrading

Cisco UCS Director Upgrade Process

Cisco UCS Director BMA Upgrade Process


Lesson 3: Configure UCS Director

Framework Settings

Part Based Access Control

Clients and Groups

LDAP Integration

LDAP Features

Designing LDAP Integration

Redoing the Portal

Guided Lab 2: Cisco UCS Director Guided Setup

Undertaking 1: Log in to the Terminal Server

Errand 2: Guided System Set Up—Physical or Virtual Account Addition

Guided Lab 3: Cisco UCS Director Customization

Errand 1: Configure System and Infrastructure Parameters

Errand 2: Configure Advanced Controls and Menu Settings

Errand 3: Customize Log in Logo and Background Image

Errand 4: Customize Application Logo

Errand 5: Customize Favicon and Language

Errand 6: Customize Application Header

Errand 7: Customize Display Date and Color Theme

Errand 8: Add Users and Groups

Errand 9: Add Users

Errand 10: Add User with a Specific Customized User Role

Errand 11: Integrate LDAP


Lesson 4: Virtual and Physical Account Management

Virtual and Physical Accounts

Virtual Accounts in Cisco UCS Director

Including a Cloud Account

Physical Accounts in Cisco UCS Director

Physical Compute Accounts

Physical Network Accounts

Physical Storage Accounts

Including a Physical Account

Gadget Discovery Wizard

Playing out a Discovery

FlexPod Configuration Wizard

Multidomain Managers in Cisco UCS Director

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Central Management

Upheld Features

Guided Lab 4: Add Virtual and Physical Accounts

Assignment 1: Add a Pod

Assignment 2: Add Virtual Accounts

Assignment 3: Add Physical Accounts

Assignment 4: Add NetApp Storage Account

Assignment 5: Add Nexus Switches Account


Lesson 5: Administration and Troubleshooting

Cisco UCS Director Shell Menu


Getting to the Logs

Machine Health Check and System Information

Checking Events

Screen Balloon Messages

Surveying in Accounts


Module 3: Self-Service Portal

Lesson 1: Overview of Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Portal Features

Hypothesis of Operation

Advantages and Value Proposition

Lesson 2: Managing Users, Roles, and Groups

Part Based Access Control

Worked in Roles and Permissions

Extra Features

Overseeing User Types

Including User Roles

Gathering Share Policy

Spending Policy

Overseeing User Access Profiles


Lesson 3: Managing VDC, Tenants, and Policies

UCS Director Policy Driven Provisioning

Strategy Management

Figure Policies

Capacity Policies and Virtual Storage Catalogs

System Policies

Framework Policies


End User Self-Service Policy

VM Management Policy

vDC and Application Categories

vDC Guided Setup


Lesson 4: Managing Catalogs and Templates


Index to Provision VM Using a Template

Index to Provision VM Using ISO Image

Distributing Advanced Catalogs

Guided Lab 5: Create Policies, Virtual Datacenters (vDCs), and Catalogs

Undertaking 1: Create Computing Policy

Undertaking 2: Create Storage Policy

Undertaking 3: Create Network Policy

Undertaking 4: Create System Policy

Undertaking 5: Create Cost Model

Undertaking 6: Create Virtual Data Center (VDC)

Assignment 7: Create Catalogs


Lesson 5: Managing Self-Service Provisioning

Self-Service Provisioning

Administration Request Workflow

Other Service Request Functions

VM Lifecycle Management Actions

Guided Lab 6: Self-Service Portal and VM Provisioning

Assignment 1: Create Service Request

Assignment 2: Access Virtual Resources

Assignment 3: Access VM Accounting Details


Lesson 6: Configuring Chargeback


Chargeback Features

Cost Models

Utilizing a Cost Model for a vDC

Bundle Based Cost Model

Capacity Tier Cost Models

Chargeback Calculations

Chargeback Reports


Lesson 7: Reviewing Reports

Kinds of Reports

Top Five Reports for Administrators

Drifting and Tabular Reports for Administrators

Guide Reports for Administrators

Drifting and Tabular Reports for End User

VM Report for Administrators

VM Report for End Users

Guided Lab 7: Chargeback and Reports

Undertaking 1: View Chargeback Reports

Undertaking 2: View CloudSense Reports

Undertaking 3: View System Logs

Module 4: Orchestration

Lesson 1: Orchestration, Workflows, and Tasks

Cisco UCS Director Orchestration

Work processes


Work process Designer

Making Workflows

Executing Workflows

Prebuilt Tasks

Trading Workflow as a Template

Compound Tasks

Custom Approval Tasks

Client VM Action Policy


Approving Workflows

Work process Versioning

Utilizing Macros in Orchestration

Guided Lab 8: Orchestration

Undertaking 1: Orchestration Workflow Creation

Errand 2: Create VM Template

Errand 3: Resize VM Memory

Errand 4: Create VM User Action Policy


Module 5: Virtualization

Lesson 1: VMware Integration

Cisco UCS Director VMware Integration


Lesson 2: Hosts, Clusters, and DRS Configuration

Overseeing Hosts

Overseeing Clusters

VMware DRS

DRS Configuration

DRS Rules and Groups

Make a DRS Rule

DRS Group Manager

DRS Rules in Computing Policy

Lesson 3: VMWare Datastore Clusters and DRS Configuration

Datastores Discovery

Overseeing Datastores

Datastore Clusters

Capacity DRS

Capacity Adapters

Preview Summary

Utilize Case


Lesson 4: VMware—Virtual Networking (vSwitch, DvSwitch, Cisco N1000v)

VMware Network Discovery

Virtual Switch (Standard)

vSwitch Discovery

Circulated Virtual Switch (DVSwitch)

DVSwitch Discovery

Cisco Nexus 1000v for VMware

Cisco Nexus 1000v in Cisco UCS Director

Including Cisco Nexus 1000v

Cisco Nexus 1000v Management

Cisco Nexus 1000v Tasks in Orchestration

Utilize Case



Lesson 5: VMWare—Host Profiles

VMware Host Profile

Cisco UCS Director Host Profile Actions

Host Profile Configuration

Host Profile Report

Lesson 6: VM Provisioning Using an ISO Image, Template Management, and VM Console

VM Provisioning Using an ISO Image

Stamp Datastores for ISO Images

Visitor OS ISO Image Mapping Policy

Allot Guest OS to ISO Image Mapping Policy to vDC

Make Standard Catalog to Provision VM Using ISO Images

Administration Request to Provision VM Using ISO Images

Layout Management

Change over Image as Virtual Machine

Change over Virtual Machine to Image

Clone Virtual Machine as Image

Appoint Image to a Group

VM Console


VNC Configuration

Host Configuration

VNC Configuration in Cisco UCS Director

Dispatch VNC Console

VMware Remote Console (VMRC)

Dispatch VMware Remote Console from UCS Director

Guided Lab 9: Provision Virtual Machines Using an ISO File

Undertaking 1: Log in to the Terminal Server

Undertaking 2: Create Computing Policy

Undertaking 3: Create Storage Policy

Undertaking 4: Create Network Policy

Undertaking 5: Create System Policy

Undertaking 6: Mark Datastore for ISO

Undertaking 7: Creating Guest OS ISO Image Mapping Policy

Undertaking 8: Create Virtual Data Center (VDC)

Undertaking 9: Create Standard Catalogs

Undertaking 10: Create Service Request to Provision VM Using ISO


Lesson 7: VM Administration

VM Administration

VMware vMotion

VMware vMotion in Cisco UCS Director

Connected Clones

Connected Clones in Cisco UCS Director

VM Annotation

Utilize Case

Arrangement Execution Through Cisco UCS Director

Guided Lab 10: Virtual Machine Administration

Errand 1: VM Migration

Errand 2: Creating Linked Clones

Lesson 8: Integrating Site Recovery Manager

VMware SRM

SRM Key Components

SRM Configuration

SRM Prerequisites

SRM Integration with Cisco UCS Director

Including SRM Account

Empowering Resource Pool and Folder Mappings

System Mappings

Empowering Protection Groups

Empowering Policies in vDC

SRM Reports

Lesson 9: Cisco VM-FEX

Cisco VM-FEX

Designing Cisco VM-FEX

VMware VM View

Lesson 10: Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) Integration Overview


Including a Cloud Account

Requirements for Adding SCVMM Account

Cisco UCS Director PowerShell Agent

Empowering WinRM and WinRS

Including SCVMM Cloud Account

Running a Manual Discovery

Guided Lab 11: System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) Integration

Errand 1: PowerShell Agent Installation

Errand 2: Adding SCVMM Account


Lesson 11: SCVMM Virtual Compute Management

Overseeing Hosts

Finding Library Servers


More Tasks

Lesson 12: SCVMM Virtual Storage Management

Datastores Discovery

Datastore Capacity Report

More Tasks

Lesson 13: SCVMM Virtual Networking Management

System Discovery

Systems administration Reports

More Tasks

Lesson 14: Policies, VDCs, and Catalogs

Hyper-V Computing Policy

Hyper-V Storage Policy

HyperV Network Policy

Arrangement a VM in a Cluster

Hyper-V Deployment Policy


vDC Actions



Lesson 15: Self-Service Provisioning

Make a Service Request

Review a Service Request

Guided Lab 12: VM Provisioning on System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)

Undertaking 1: Create Compute Policy

Undertaking 2: Create Storage Policy

Undertaking 3: Create Network Policy

Undertaking 4: Create Hyper-V Deployment Policy

Undertaking 5: Create Virtual Data Center (vDC)

Undertaking 6: Create Catalogs

Undertaking 7: Create Service Request

Module 6: Cisco UCS Director Baremetal Agent

Lesson 1: Cisco UCS Director Baremetal Agent

Cisco UCS Director Baremetal Agent

Cisco UCS Director Baremetal Agent Architecture

Unattended OS Installation

Synchronous Windows PXE Booting

Including Cisco UCS Director BMA

Designing DHCP

Beginning Services

Conveying Linux OS

Guided Lab 13: Install and Configure Cisco UCS Director Baremetal Agent

Undertaking 1: Log in to the vCenter

Undertaking 2: Deploy Cisco UCS Director Baremetal Agent OVF

Undertaking 3: Adding ESXi Operating System ISO into UCS Director Baremetal Agent and Create PXE Boot Configuration Files

Guided Lab 14: Add Cisco UCS Director Baremetal Agent to UCS Director

Undertaking 1: Adding Cisco UCS Director Baremetal Agent


Module 7: Compute Management with Cisco UCS Director

Lesson 1: Theory of Operation, Benefits, and Value Proposition

Hypothesis of Operation

Advantages and Value Proposition

Lesson 2: Physical Compute Platforms in Cisco UCS Director

Physical Compute Accounts in Cisco UCS Director

Cisco UCS Director with Cisco UCS Manager

Cisco UCS Compute Management Using Cisco UCS Director

Including a Cisco UCS Manager Account

Guided Lab 15: Configure Cisco UCS Manager Using Cisco UCS Director

Undertaking 1: Create Organization

Undertaking 2: Create a Media Access Control Pool

Undertaking 3: Create a Universally Unique Identifier Pool

Undertaking 4: Create a World Wide Node Name (WWNN) Pool

Undertaking 5: Create a World Wide Port Name (WWPN) Pool


The information that you ought to have before going to this course ought to incorporate the accompanying:

  • General learning of cloud and datacenter virtualization

  • Learning of Cisco UCS, NetApp Storage, Cisco Nexus, and VMware vCenter

  • Learning of datacenter procedures and best practices

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