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Citrix Virtual Apps, Desktops and Provisioning 7.1x Administration (Fast Track) (CMB-310) Course Overview

This quick paced organization course covers the real parts of introducing, designing and dealing with an exceedingly accessible XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x condition and a full Provisioning Services 7.x condition for picture administration. Pick up a comprehension of the arrangement design and correspondences, and the elements that add to a fruitful organization. This quickened 5-day course will show you how to convey and convey applications and desktops (MCS and PVS); introduce and design StoreFront and Citrix Receiver; set up profile administration; and arrange approaches, printing and fundamental security highlights. Additionally figure out how to screen and investigate nature with Citrix Director. 

What You'll Learn 

  • Foundational information of XenApp and XenDesktop required to be effective with the stage 
  • Instructions to introduce, design, and deal with an exceedingly accessible XenApp and XenDesktop site 
  • Instructions to convey and convey applications and desktops to end clients utilizing both Machine Creation Services (MCS) and Provisioning Services (PVS) on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 
  • Instructions to deal with the end-client encounter through strategies and settings including profiles and printing 
  • The most effective method to introduce, arrange, and deal with an exceedingly accessible Provisioning Services framework for picture administration

Citrix Virtual Apps, Desktops and Provisioning 7.1x Administration (Fast Track) (CMB-310) Course Outline

Module 1: Architecture Overview 

  • Engineering 
  • FlexCast models (utilize cases) 
  • Layered approach procedure 
  • Association stream process 
  • Facilitating stage contemplations 

Module 2: Initial Requirements and Lab 

  • Supporting foundation prerequisites 
  • Supporting foundation authorizing contemplations 
  • Planning for Windows 10 and Server 2016 with AppDNA 
  • Lab condition 

Module 3: Installing and Configuring a XenApp and XenDesktop Site 

  • Authorizing contemplations 
  • Establishment and administration 
  • Fundamental permit server investigating 
  • Conveyance Controller part 
  • The XenApp and XenDesktop Site 
  • Databases and the Local Host Cache (LHC) 

Module 4: Provision and Deliver Application and Desktop Resources 

  • The Virtual Delivery Agent 
  • Machine Catalogs and Delivery Groups 
  • Provisioning techniques and contemplations 
  • Provisioning techniques: Machine Creation Services (MCS) inside and out 
  • MCS condition contemplations 

Module 5: Providing Access with Citrix StoreFront and Receiver 

  • Retail facade establishment and engineering 
  • Retail facade confirmation administrations 
  • Self Service Password Reset 
  • Citrix Receiver 
  • Recipient designs 

Module 6: Understanding and Configuring Citrix Policies 

  • Approaches presentation 
  • Approaches for session administration 

Module 7: Application Presentation and Management 

  • Application properties 
  • Document sort affiliation 
  • Workspace Control 
  • Alternate route position 
  • Session Prelaunch and Session Lingering 
  • Application gatherings 

Module 8: Printing with XenApp and XenDesktop 

  • Printing presentation 
  • Print work steering 
  • Printer driver administration 
  • Citrix Universal Print Driver and Server 

Module 9: Citrix Profile Management 

  • Client profiles 
  • Designing Citrix Profile administration 

Module 10: Managing the XenApp and XenDesktop Site 

  • Designated organization 
  • Logging and revealing 
  • Prologue to Zones 
  • Prologue to PowerShell 
  • Reboot plans for the Server VDA 

Module 11: XenApp and XenDesktop Site Redundancy 

  • Segment disappointment survey 
  • Techniques for excess 
  • Designing site and access framework excess 

Module 12: XenApp and XenDesktop Site Basic Network Security 

  • Citrix overseer prologue to security contemplations 
  • Authentication specialist 
  • XML benefit security 
  • Outer HDX association security with NetScaler Gateway 

Module 13: Monitoring the XenApp and XenDesktop Site 

  • Prologue to Citrix Director 
  • Exploring Director 
  • Patterns and reports 
  • Cautions and notices 
  • Observing sessions 
  • Cooperating with sessions 
  • System observing with HDX Insight 

Module 14: Introduction to Supporting and Troubleshooting XenApp and XenDesktop 

  • Prologue to supporting XenApp and XenDesktop Site 
  • Known issue mindfulness 
  • XenApp and XenDesktop Hotfixes and the Long Term Service Release 
  • Regular Troubleshooting Tools 

Module 15: Advanced Provisioning with Provisioning Services 

  • Beginning with Provisioning Services 
  • Provisioning Services Architecture 

Module 16: Provisioning Services Infrastructure 

  • The PVS server part 
  • The Farm database 
  • The vDisk Store 

Module 17: Streaming the vDisk 

  • Prologue to vDisks 
  • Machine readiness 
  • Spilling vDisks 
  • Boot strategies 

Module 18: Target Devices 

  • Prologue to target gadgets 
  • Information I/O 
  • Taking care of steady and non-determined information 

Module 19: Integrating Provisioning Services with XenApp and XenDesktop 

  • XenDesktop Setup Wizard 
  • Gadget Collections 
  • Distributed Apps and Desktops 
  • Utilizing Provisioning Services with XenApp and XenDesktop 

Module 20: Provisioning Services Redundancy 

  • Ranch segment excess 
  • Store repetition 
  • Database repetition 

Module 21: Supporting Provisioning Services 

  • Performing refreshes 
  • Examining and support 
  • vDisk envisioning 
  • Moving vDisk pictures 
  • Investigating 

Citrix Virtual Apps, Desktops and Provisioning 7.1x Administration (Fast Track) (CMB-310) Prerequisites

This course expects practically no past involvement with the 7.x form of the stage; be that as it may, Citrix suggests this free eLearning: CXA-105 XenApp and XenDesktop Foundations. Past learning of inheritance variants of XenApp or XenDesktop is additionally advantageous because of the speedier pace of this course.

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