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Citrix (NetScaler) ADC 12.x Essentials and Traffic Management (CNS-220) Course Overview

In this course, you will take in the aptitudes that are required for actualizing NetScaler parts including secure load adjusting, high accessibility, and NetScaler administration. You will figure out how to arrange your NetScaler surroundings to address activity conveyance and administration prerequisites including load adjusting, accessibility, and NetScaler operation administration. 

You will likewise figure out how to arrange and oversee NetScaler Traffic Management highlights, including content exchanging, movement streamlining, and worldwide server stack adjusting. Toward the finish of the course, you will have the capacity to arrange your NetScaler surroundings to address productive movement exchanging and versatility prerequisites including content exchanging, activity improvement, and catastrophe recuperation. 

This course depends on the Citrix NetScaler item yet the aptitudes and major ideas are regular to prior item forms. A voucher for the Citrix Certified Professional – Networking (CCP-N) exam will be issued in this course. 

What You'll Learn 

  • Usefulness and capacities of the NetScaler 
  • Fundamental NetScaler arrange to engineer 
  • Get, introduce, and oversee NetScaler licenses 
  • How SSL is utilized to secure the NetScaler 
  • Enhance the NetScaler framework for activity taking care of and administration 
  • Modify the NetScaler framework for activity stream and substance particular necessities 
  • Devices and systems for investigating the regular NetScaler system and network issues 
  • Execute NetScaler TriScale innovation, including bunching 
  • Design propelled stack adjusting and GSLB on the NetScaler framework 
  • Usefulness and qualities of the NetScaler SDX stage

4568 Citrix (NetScaler) ADC 12.x Essentials and Traffic Management (CNS-220) Course Outline

1. Beginning 

  • Prologue to the NetScaler System 
  • TriScale 
  • NetScaler Use Cases NetScaler Functionality NetScaler Overview 
  • Item Features 
  • NetScaler Operating System Overview 
  • nCore Configuration Architecture 
  • NetScaler File System 
  • Organization Scenarios 
  • Signing in to the NetScaler System 
  • NetScaler Licenses 

2. Fundamental Networking 

  • OSI Networking Model 
  • NetScaler Architecture Overview NetScaler-Owned IP Addresses Network Topology 
  • NetScaler Network Interfaces 
  • Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) 
  • IP Routing 
  • Deciding the Source IP Address 
  • Parcel Forwarding 
  • Utilize Source IP Mode 
  • Customer IP HTTP Header Insertion 
  • Way MTU Discovery 
  • Connection Aggregation 
  • Access Control Lists 
  • System Address Translation (NAT) 

3. NetScaler Platforms 

  • Engineering and General Concepts 
  • Equipment Platforms 
  • Equipment Components 
  • Review of MPX, VPX, CPX, and SDX 
  • Interesting capacities and usefulness of the NetScaler SDX stage 
  • Systems administration qualities of the NetScaler SDX stage 
  • Procedure of provisioning and organization of NetScaler VPX cases on a NetScaler SDX apparatus 

4. High Availability 

  • High Availability Functionality 
  • High Availability Node Configuration 
  • Engendering and Synchronization 
  • Failover, Route Monitors, and Fail Safe 
  • Engendering and Synchronization 
  • High Availability Management 
  • Playing out an Upgrade 
  • Investigating 
  • Overhauling High Availability Pair 

5. Load Balancing 

  • Neighborhood Load Balancing Concepts 
  • Naming Conventions 
  • Industriousness 
  • Administration Types 
  • LB Methods 
  • Crippling Entities 
  • Diagnostics/Troubleshooting 
  • L4 versus L7 for TCP Services 
  • UDP Ping versus L7 
  • Screen Attributes 
  • Worked in L7 Monitors 
  • Screens from Scripts 
  • EAV Monitors 
  • ECV Monitors 
  • DataStream 

6. SSL Offload 

  • SSL and TLS 
  • SSL Session Process 
  • SSL Administration 
  • SSL Offload Overview 
  • SSL Attacks Overview 
  • SSL Troubleshooting 
  • Figure Suites 
  • Authentication Management 
  • Highlight and Benefits 
  • Offload Performance 
  • Organization Scenarios 
  • Citrix Recommendations for SSL 

7. Securing the NetScaler 

  • NetScaler Communication Ports 
  • Diagram of AAA 
  • Validation on the NetScaler 
  • NetScaler Users 
  • Order Policies 
  • Administrator Partitions 

8. Checking and Troubleshooting 

  • Checking Needs 
  • NetScaler Log Management 
  • Straightforward Network Management Protocol 
  • AppFlow on the NetScaler System 
  • NetScaler Insight Overview 
  • NetScaler Command Center Overview 
  • System Traffic Capture utilizing NSTRACE 
  • Interpreting SSL Traffic with Wireshark 
  • Show NetScaler System Information 
  • NetScaler Command Line Tools 

9. AppExpert Classic Policy Engine 

  • Approaches Overview 
  • Articulation Structures 
  • Content Filtering 
  • Content Filtering Actions 
  • Content Filtering Rules 

10. AppExpert Default Policy Engine 

  • Understanding Packet-Processing Flow 
  • Understanding Policies 
  • Approach Process Evaluation Flow 
  • Recognizing Default Policy Expressions 
  • Activities 
  • Understanding Bind Points 
  • Understanding Policy Labels 
  • Example Sets 
  • Pigeonholing 

11. Revise, Responder, and URL Transform 

  • Arranging Rewrite Policies and Actions 
  • Responder Actions 
  • Responder Action for Timeouts 
  • Responder Policies 
  • Responder HTML Page Imports 
  • Restricting Policies 
  • URL Transformation 
  • URL Transformation Actions 
  • Authoritative of URL Transformations 

12. Content Switching 

  • Prologue to Content Switching 
  • Content Switching Based on Network Characteristics 
  • Content Switching, Virtual Servers, and Load-Balancing Virtual Servers 
  • Arranging Content-Switching Virtual Servers 
  • Arrange a Load-Balancing Setup for Content Switching 
  • Content-Switching Policies 
  • Content-Switching Rule Precedence With Priority Specified 

13. Advancement 

  • Prologue to Caching 
  • Pressure 
  • Frontend Optimization 

14. Worldwide Server Load Balancing 

  • DNS Overview and Records 
  • GSLB Deployment Methods 
  • GSLB Concepts 
  • GSLB Entities 
  • GSLB DNS Methods 
  • Metric Exchange Protocol 
  • Survey and Configuring GSLB with the Visualizer 
  • GSLB Persistence 

15. Grouping (Optional) 

  • How Clustering Works 
  • Group Synchronization 
  • Group Communication Interfaces 
  • Striped and Spotted IP Addresses 
  • Activity Distribution 
  • Group and Node States 
  • NetScaler Cluster Set up 
  • Dynamic Configuration for a Cluster Link Aggregation Group 
  • NetScaler Cluster Management 
  • NetScaler Cluster Troubleshooting 

Citrix (NetScaler) ADC 12.x Essentials and Traffic Management (CNS-220) Cours Prerequisites

  • Essential systems administration encounter 
  • Experience utilizing TCP/IP, HTTP conventions, and the OSI display 
  • Learning of server stack adjusting and content exchanging ideas 
  • Commonality with Web server programming 
  • Commonality with DNS, SSL, and pressure ideas 
  • Information about system security dangers and site assurance ideas

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