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Designing Modern Forms and Workflows with Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Course Overview

This course will show understudies how to configuration, assemble and distribute current portable first and intuitive structures utilizing Microsoft PowerApps and how to coordinate custom work processes utilizing Microsoft Flow.

• Overview of PowerApps and Flow

• Creating PowerApps

• Building and Customizing PowerApps

• Working with Data

• Integrating Flexible Workflows with Flow

• Publishing and Managing PowerApps and Flows

Designing Modern Forms and Workflows with Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Course Outline

Module 1-Overview of PowerApps and Flow

This module will present both PowerApps and Flow. Understudies will find out about the key highlights of PowerApps and Flow. The distinctive authorizing choices will be clarified and understudies will investigate a few applications to comprehend the capacities of the two items.

PowerApps Features

• Flow Features

• Licensing Options

• Explore Sample Apps

Module 2-Creating PowerApps

The two situations for building PowerApps will be presented, PowerApps Studio for Web and PowerApps Studio for Windows. Understudies will then figure out how to make PowerApps in various ways. They will figure out how to make a PowerApp from a current information store, for example, a SharePoint List, they will make a PowerApp in light of existing formats and starting with no outside help.

PowerApps Studio for Web

PowerApps Studio for Windows

• Creating PowerApps from a Data Source

• Creating PowerApps from a Template

• Creating Custom PowerApps

Module 3-Building and Customizing PowerApps

This module portrays how to tailor the PowerApp User Experience. Understudies will figure out how to add screens and how to modify them. They will see how to function with designs, information cards and controls when modifying screens. Ultimately, understudies will figure out how to include route and incorporate intelligence with structures and how to utilize the equation bar.

• Customizing Screens

• Working with Layouts and Fields

• Working with Controls and Data Card

• Working with the Formula Bar

• Form intelligence and route

Module 4-Working with Data

This module will show understudies how to function with different information sources in PowerApps. Understudies will investigate the horde of cloud information sources accessible incorporating how to function with information put away on the corporate system. The Common Data Service will be presented and understudies will realize what substances are and how to characterize their own particular elements for use with PowerApps.

• Data Sources and Connectors

  •  Cloud Based Sources
  •  On Premises Sources
  •  Custom Sources

• Delegated Data Sources

• On Premises Gateways

• Common Data Service and Entities

  •  Custom Entities
  •  Entity Fields, Relationships and Field Groups
  •  Working with Entity Data

Module 5-Integrating Flexible Workflows with Flow

Understudies will be acquainted with Flow and will figure out how to join activities, triggers and connectors to fabricate adaptable work processes effectively. Understudies will be demonstrated to manufacture work processes that occasionally keep running on a calendar, because of an outer occasion or from essentially the press of a catch in the stream versatile application. At long last, understudies will figure out how to incorporate their custom Flows inside PowerApps.

• Building Flows

  •  Creating Custom Flows
  •  Creating Flows from a Template

• Flow Components

  •  Triggers
  •  Conditions, Actions and Loops
  •  Connectors

• Scheduled Flows

• Push Notifications

• Flow Mobile App

  •  Monitoring and Managing Flows
  •  Creating Flows and Button Flows

• Starting Flows From PowerApps

Module 6-Enabling Productivity and Collaboration

This module will show understudies how to share PowerApps and to oversee past PowerApp variants. They will figure out how to run a PowerApp utilizing PowerApps Mobile, the web program and specifically from a SharePoint List. Finally, the understudies will figure out how to segment PowerApps and Flows utilizing situations and how to oversee Data Loss Prevention Policies utilizing the Admin Centers.

• Managing PowerApps

  •  Sharing PowerApps
  •  PowerApp Versioning
  •  Microsoft AppSource

• Running PowerApps

  •  PowerApps Mobile
  •  Web Browser
  •  SharePoint List

PowerApps Admin Center and Flow Admin Center

  •  Environments
  •  Data Loss Prevention Policies

The course is focused at middle to cutting edge clients, business examiners and even designers who require a simple and snappy approach to make intelligent structures that may need to start a business procedure or work process.