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Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Certification Course Training – An Overview

Google Search Console, popularity known as Google Webmaster Tools and Google Webmaster Central, is a simple to use tool to understand how Goggle sees your business site, what issues are affecting the traffic, and how you can improve the ranking and business performance. The search engine giant offers Google Analytics also as a free to use tool to help the digital marketers plan and manage the target marketing strategy. We at Microtek Learning conduct ‘Google Analytics and Google Webmaster’ course training for the aspiring digital marketers and business owners.

Learning Scope of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Course:

  • Google analytics set up and accounts management
  • Configuration of goals, funnels, filters, monitoring and alerting
  • Website traffic, users’ behavior and conversions analysis
  • Setting up Google Webmaster account
  • Google Webmaster guidelines, features, measuring insights
  • Optimizing the website  …….

Target Audience for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Certification Course:

Any digital marketing professional interested in target marketing for quick leads with high conversion potential and the business owners interested in real time demographic performance of their websites and users’ behavior are good to do this course.

Growth Prospects after Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Training:

The five days ‘Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Certification’ training delivers the combined benefits of ‘Google Analytics’ and ‘Google Webmaster’ certification courses. Both the expertise are the must-have qualifications for any digital marketer.  

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Certification Training Course Outline

We, at Microtek Learning, provide comprehensive five days ‘Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Certification’ course training in virtual, classroom, instructor- led in class and instructor- led online modes for individuals, groups and corporate to deliver the combined benefits of two separate courses - ‘Google Analytics’ and ‘Google Webmaster’ following the robust course outline:

  • Google Analytics Implementation
  • Google Analytics accounts management
  • Goals, funnels, and filters Configuration
  • The configuration of monitoring and alerting
  • Website traffic analysis
  • Behavior and conversion analysis
  • Setting up a Google Webmaster Tools account
  • Submit sitemap to Google
  • Submit robots.txt to Goggle
  • Analysis of mobile site performance (Responsive Website Behavior)
  • Bot crawling issues
  • Warnings & notifications about malware attack and malicious links
  • Analysis of keywords performance
  • Analysis of landing pages performance  …….

Prerequisite for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Certification Training: 

Students need to be experienced with student Microsoft Office, Web browser, Google Docs etc.

  • Hands on experience with Any or all of courses in the Microsoft curriculum 2010, 2013, or 2016
  • Use of Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, or Microsoft Windows 8.1 Transition from Windows 7

FAQs about Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Course Training

Q: What is the difference between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster? 

Goggle Webmaster Tools report about the search engines interaction with your website, while, Google Analytics reports about the behavior of website users.

Q:  How Google Webmaster is used in SEO?

Google Webmaster itself is a set of Google SEO tools that provide data and configuration control for the website. Understanding Google Webmaster Tools is the key asset for SEO professionals and digital marketers, because, it helps the professionals to have a quick glance over keywords, crawl errors, links etc.

Q: Do I need professional level knowledge in Google Analytics also apart from Google Webmaster?

Yes, without understanding to use both the free Goggle tools, you can't get quick insights into the behavior of website and visitors. And without knowing both these metrics, you can't optimize on page SEO parameters.

Q: I am small ecommerce business owner. Is it good for me to join Google Analytics and Google Webmaster course training?

Yes. The gained skills will help you know your customers more and to list the products according to their search rating. By using the provided insights, you can plan marketing to target the particular segment of potential buyers.

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