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IBM Cognos Report Studio Fundamentals 

Learn the fundamentals of authoring reports through hands-on live labs using IBM Cognos versions 10.2 and 10.2.2

Course Overview

IBM Cognos Report Studio Fundamentals is intended for proficient report creators utilizing IBM Cognos forms 10.2 and 10.2.2. In this course, you will learn report building systems utilizing social information models and techniques for improving, redoing, and overseeing proficient reports. 

The course is exhibited in a progression of addresses blended with hands-on live labs with coordinated lab steps, recordings with shut subtitling, tips and traps, and information checks for far reaching evaluations. To additionally refine your aptitudes, you will approach the lab condition and video accounts for three months from time of procurement. When you finish this course, you will have what it takes to successfully creator Cognos reports. 

This course incorporates the subjects and aptitudes educated in the IBM Report Studio courses B5258G, J2258G, B5A58G, and JA58G. 


Outline of the announcing application 

  • Rundown reports 
  • Utilizing channels 
  • Crosstab reports 
  • Showing graphical information 
  • Utilizing prompts 
  • Utilizing counts 
  • Report building systems 
  • Contingent designing 
  • Bore Throughs 
  • Report format upgrades 

IBM Cognos Report Studio Fundamentals Course Outline

1. Prologue to the Reporting Application 

  • Inspect Report Studio and its interface 
  • Investigate distinctive report composes 
  • Make a straightforward, arranged, and organized report 
  • Investigate how information things are added to inquiries 

2. Make List Reports 

  • Organization, gathering, and sort list reports 
  • Depict choices for conglomerating information 
  • Make a multi-certainty question 
  • Make a report with rehashed information 

3. Center Reports Using Filters 

  • Make channels to limit the concentration of reports 
  • Inspect detail channels and synopsis channels 
  • decide when to apply channels on total information 

4. Make Crosstab Reports 

  • Arrangement and sort crosstab reports 
  • Change over a rundown to a crosstab 
  • Make crosstabs utilizing inconsequential information things 
  • Make complex crosstabs utilizing simplified usefulness 

5. Exhibit Data Graphically 

  • Make graphs containing peer and settled things 
  • Add setting to diagrams 
  • Make and reuse custom diagram palettes 
  • Include RAVE perceptions 
  • Show enter information in a solitary dashboard report 

6. Center Reports Using Prompts 

  • Recognize different provoke composes 
  • Utilize parameters and prompts to center information 
  • Look for provoke things 
  • Modify prompts to encourage clients' decisions 
  • Explore between pages 
  • Show clients' provoke choices in the report 

7. Expand Reports Using Calculations 

  • Make computations in view of information in the information source 
  • Add run-time data to the reports 
  • Make articulations utilizing capacities 

8. Utilize Additional Report Building Techniques 

  • Reuse protests inside a similar report 
  • Offer format segments among isolated reports 
  • Examine report layouts 
  • Add pages to a report 
  • Pick alternatives to deal with reports with no accessible information 

9. Modify Reports with Conditional Formatting 

  • Make multi-lingual reports 
  • Feature extraordinary information 
  • Show and shroud information 
  • Restrictively render questions in reports 

10. Penetrate Through From One Report to Another 

  • Give clients a chance to explore from a particular answer to an objective report 
  • Pass parameter esteems to channel the information in penetrate through targets 

11. Bore Through Definitions 

  • Empower clients to explore to related information in IBM Cognos BI 
  • Parameter-driven bore through versus dynamic penetrate through 
  • Ventures to empower penetrate through access for a bundle 
  • Farthest point the things that clients ca bore through from (set extension) 
  • Set a measure as the degree 
  • Penetrate Through Assistant 

12. Upgrade Report Layout 

  • Power page softens up reports 
  • Alter existing report structures 
  • Apply level arranging 
  • Determine print alternatives for PDF reports 
  • Consolidate information compartments showing information from various questions 
  • Arrangement information and report objects

Information of your business necessities 

  • Experience utilizing the Windows working framework 
  • Experience utilizing a web program

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