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CCNA Wireless WIFUND - Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals**CCNA Wireless** (WIFUND v1.01)

This course sets you up for the partner level CCNA Wireless affirmation, an essential to CCNP Wireless confirmation. 

You will figure out how to configuration, introduce, arrange, screen, and lead fundamental investigating assignments of a Cisco Wireless LAN (WLAN) in SMB and endeavor establishments. 

Note: Please carry a tablet phone an Ethernet port and in addition an inward remote NIC, 802.11a/b/g/n. Access to the remote labs requires a program that backings Java and authorizations to open RDP or scrambled RDP (RDP443) sessions. On the off chance that your program does not bolster Java, you will require manager rights to the tablet to introduce programming. 

CCNA Wireless (WIFUND) Training - WHAT YOU'LL LEARN 

  • Essential RF standards and qualities 

  • WLAN security strategies and access with contrasting customer gadgets 

  • Cisco WLAN design and the hidden foundation used to help it 

  • Actualize brought together remote access systems utilizing AireOS or IOS XE WLAN controllers 

  • Actualize united access remote access arrange to utilize IOS XE met get to switches and WLAN controllers 

  • Execute little and remote systems utilizing FlexConnect, self-ruling, and cloud designs 

  • Perform fundamental WLAN upkeep and investigating 

CCNA Wireless (WIFUND) Training - Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals**CCNA Wireless** (WIFUND v1.01)

1. Wireless Fundamentals 

  • RF Principles 

  • RF Mathematics 

  • Reception apparatus Characteristics 

  • Nuts and bolts of Spread Spectrum 

  • Wireless Media Access 

  • Wireless Governance 

2. Security and Client Access 

  • Wireless Security Components 

  • 802.11 Security 

  • 802.1X/EAP Framework 

  • EAP Authentication 

  • WPA and WPA2 Security 

  • Give Guest Access 

  • Local Operating Systems for WLAN Connectivity 

  • Design Smart Handheld Clients 

3. Characterize the Cisco Wireless Network Architecture 

  • Cisco Wireless Network Deployment Options 

  • One Management 

  • Cisco One Network 

  • Versatility Architecture Concepts 

  • Streamline RF Conditions and Performance for Clients 

  • Layer 2 Infrastructure Support 

  • Conventions Used in Wired Infrastructure to Support Wireless 

4. Execute Centralized Wireless Access 

  • Instate a Centralized WLC 

  • AP Initialization 

  • Investigate Additional WLC Features 

  • Execute IPv6 in a Cisco Wireless Environment 

  • Arrange Client Access 

  • Actualize Roaming in the Centralized Architecture 

5. Actualize Converged Wireless Access 

  • Introduce a Converged WCM 

  • AP Connectivity 

  • Investigate Additional Wireless Features 

  • Arrange Client Access 

  • Actualize Roaming in the Converged Architecture 

6. Actualize Small and Remote Wireless Access 

  • FlexConnect Architecture 

  • Self-ruling Architecture 

  • Cloud Architecture 

7. WLAN Maintenance and Troubleshooting 

  • Wireless Maintenance 

  • Investigating Tools 

  • Investigating Methodology 

8. WLAN Design 

  • Prescient WLAN Design Process 

  • WLAN Site Survey Process 


  • Lab 1: Configure Windows 7 Client Access 

  • Lab 2: Configure the Wired Infrastructure 

  • Lab 3: Configure the Centralized WLN Deployment 

  • Lab 4: Configure IPv6 Operation in a Centralized WLAN Deployment 

  • Lab 5: Configure Security in a Centralized WLAN Deployment 

  • Lab 6: Configure Guest Access Using the Anchor WLC 

  • Lab 7: Deploy a Converged Access WLAN 

  • Lab 8: Configure Security on a Converged WLAN Deployment 

  • Lab 9: Implement a FlexConnect WLAN Deployment 

  • Lab 10: Initialize an Autonomous WLAN Deployment 

  • Lab 11: Configure Security on an Autonomous AP WLAN Deployment 

  • Lab 12: Configure Security on a Cloud WLAN Deployment 

  • Lab 13: Perform Centralized Controller Maintenance 

  • Lab 14: Perform Wi-Fi Scanning 

  • Lab 15: Challenge: Various Trouble Tickets 

  • Lab 16: Perform a Predictive WLAN Design 

  • Lab 17: Perform Passive Site Survey Analysis


  • ICND1 or CCENT confirmation, in addition to ICND2 

  • Foundational learning of 802.11 remote system advances 

  • ICND1 v3.0 - Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, Part 1

  • ICND2 v3.0 - Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, Part 2

  • Enterprise Wi-Fi Administration (CWNA)

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