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70767: Implementing SQL Data Warehouse’ Certification Exam Training – An Overview 

70767 exam tests the skills in implementing a SQL Data Warehouse, a cloud-based ‘Enterprise Data Warehouse’ (EDW) that uses Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) to run complex queries across the petabytes of data. Using SQL Data Warehouse is vital component of the big data solution. SQL Data Warehouse stores the data into several relational tables with columnar storage resulting in reduction of data storage costs and query performance improvement. The certification training in ‘Implementing SQL Data Warehouse’ makes you able to deploy SSIS projects and to implement data quality services.

SQL DW offers numerous solutions for protecting data such as TDE and auditing. We at Microtek Learning provide instructor led online training for ‘Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse’ following the robust and the latest updated course for 70767 exam. After completion of five days training, you will be ready to implement a data warehouse design, create a data warehouse using ETLs, interact with Azure technologies including Big Data and maintain the data with DQS.  This certification makes you eligible and competent for the job position of BI developer.

Learning Scope of Implementing SQL Data Warehouse Training:

  • Key elements of a data warehousing solution
  • Hardware consideration for building a data warehouse
  • Implementing logical and physical design for a data warehouse
  • Creating columnstore indexes
  • Implementing Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Describe SSIS key features
  • Implementing control flow by using the tasks and precedence constraints
  • Creating dynamic packages
  • Debug SSIS packages
  • Considerations to implement ETL solution
  • Describing BI and common BI scenarios
  • Data Quality Services; Maser Data Services model
  • Using custom components to extend SSIS
  • Deployment of SSIS projects

Target Audience for Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse Course:

Database professionals in the job role of BI developer responsible for creating BI solutions including data warehouse implementation, data cleansing and ETL. 

It is also a good certification course for the database professionals responsible for developing SSIS packages for data ETL, implementing a data warehouse, enforcing the data integrity by using Microsoft Data Services and cleansing the data by using Data Quality Services.

Growth Prospects after Passing 70767 Exam:

  • Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse offers an availability SLA of 99.9%.
  • SQL Data Warehouse uses an elastic massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture.
  • The majority of organizations using SQL Data Warehouse are in the United States (69%).
  • SQL Data Warehouse is often used by the businesses  with >10000 employees and >1000M dollars in revenue; therefore, you get the more established organization to work.
  • Computer Software (26%), Staffing and Recruiting (8%) and Information Technology and Services (10%) are the largest businesses segments demanding certified SQL Data Warehouse professionals.


Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse 70767 Exam Training Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Data Warehousing

  • Data Warehousing overview
  • Data Warehouse Solution Considerations

Module 2: Planning Data Warehouse Infrastructure

  • Building a Data Warehouse & Planning data warehouse hardware

Module 3: Designing and Implementing a Data Warehouse

  • Data warehouse design overview; Designing dimension tables
  • Designing fact tables; Physical Design of Data Warehouse

Module 4: Columnstore Indexes

  • Creating and working with Columnstore Indexes

Module 5: Implementing an Azure SQL Data Warehouse

  • Advantages of Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Implementing and developing an Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Migrating to Azure SQ Data Warehouse and Copying data

Module 6: Creating an ETL Solution

  • ETL with SSIS; Data Flow; Exploring Source Data

Module 7: Implementing Control Flow in an SSIS Package

  • Control Flow; Dynamic Packages creation
  • Using Containers and managing consistency

Module 8: Debugging and Troubleshooting SSIS Packages

  • Debugging SSIS Package; Logging SSIS Package Events
  • Managing Data Flow errors

Module 9: Implementing an Incremental ETL Process

  • Incremental ETL; Extracting Modified Data
  • Loading Modified Data; Temporal Tables

Module 10: Enforcing Data Quality

  • Using Data Quality Services to Cleanse Data and to Match Data

Module 11: Using Master Data Services

  • Master Data Services Concepts, Model, Hierarchies & Collections
  • Developing Master Data Hub

Module 12: Extending SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

  • Custom Components in SSIS & Using Scripting in SSIS

Module 13: Deploying and Configuring SSIS Packages

  • SSIS Projects Deployment and SSIS Package Execution

Module 14: Consuming Data in a Data Warehouse

  • Business Intelligence; Data Analysis
  • Reporting with Analyzing Data with Azure SQL Data Warehouse


Prerequisite for Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse Exam:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating system; and, its core functionality
  • Knowledge of relational databases
  • Experience in database designing

FAQs for Implementing A SQL Data Warehouse – 70767 Certification Exam

Q: Is ‘Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse’ certification exam oriented to SQL Server 2016?

Yes, it is. Then exam is 75% oriented to SQL Server 2016 on-premises. It is 25% oriented to Azure Big Data, Azure SQL Data Warehouse and other related topics.

Q: Which SQL Server 2012/2014 exam is similar to 70767 exam?

It is similar to 70-463 exam; however, this exam now covers ‘Integrate with Cloud data and big data’ chapter and some other updates.

Q: Is ‘Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse’ course a part of Microsoft SQL Server certification path?

Yes, it prepares you for MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development and MCSE: Data Management and Analytics certifications.

Q: How much does ‘Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse’ certification exam training consist of lab exercises?

The class room live lab course outline as described by Microsoft contains 17 exercises including - Exploring a Data Warehouse Solution, Planning Data Warehouse Infrastructure, Using Columnstore Indexes, Implementing a Data Warehouse Schema and Implementing an Azure SQL Data Warehouse etc.  


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