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DCICT v6.2 Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies 

Presenting Cisco Data Center Technologies gives a prologue to Cisco advancements and items that are sent in the server farm. System virtualization, arrange innovations, brought together registering, computerization and coordination and the Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI) are altogether included. As this is a basic level course the information that is given is focused at people who need to perform fundamental arrangement errands. The hands-on lab practices concentrate on arranging highlights on Cisco Nexus Operating System (Cisco NX-OS), Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) and Cisco UCS Director.

This course is worth 30 Credits in the Continuing Education Program

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe switch virtualization

  • Describe machine virtualization

  • Describe network virtualization, including overlays, virtual switches, and the Cisco Nexus 1000V solution.

  • Describe Cisco FabricPath

  • Describe Cisco Fabric Extender (FEX) connectivity

  • Describe Ethernet port channels and virtual port channels (vPC)

  • Describe Cisco unified fabric

  • Identify Cisco UCS components

  • Describe Cisco UCS organizational hierarchy and role-based access control (RBAC)

  • Describe how to deploy servers in Cisco UCS

  • Describe the purpose and advantages of application programming interfaces (API)

  • Describe cloud computing basic concepts

  • Describe Cisco UCS Director, its functional blocks and deployment models

  • Describe Cisco UCS Director Orchestration features: policies, virtual data centers, workflows, and catalogs.

  • Describe Cisco ACI, traffic forwarding through the Cisco ACI fabric, as well as programming and orchestration capabilities

  • Explain traffic forwarding mechanisms in Cisco ACI

  • Describe programmability and orchestration capabilities of Cisco ACI

DCICT v6.2 Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies 

Cisco Data Center Network Virtualization

  • Depicting Functional Planes of Cisco Nexus Switches

  • Depicting Cisco Nexus Operating System VRF Contexts

  • Depicting Virtual Device Contexts

  • Depicting the Function of Overlays

  • Depicting Virtualization

  • Depicting Virtual Switches

Cisco Data Center Network Technologies Configuration

  • Depicting Cisco Fabric Extender Connectivity

  • Depicting Port Channels and Virtual Port Channels

  • Depicting Cisco FabricPath

  • Depicting Unified Port Feature of Cisco Nexus Switches

  • Depicting Cisco Unified Fabric

Cisco Unified Computing System

  • Depicting Data Center Server Connectivity

  • Depicting Cisco IMC Supervisor

  • Depicting Cisco UCS Manager Operations

  • Depicting Role-Based Access Control

  • Depicting Hardware Abstraction in Cisco UCS

Server farm Automation and Orchestration

  • Investigating the Utility of Application Programming Interfaces

  • Presenting Cloud Computing Basic Concepts

  • Depicting Cloud Attributes and Service Models

  • Depicting Cisco UCS Director

  • Depicting VDCs, Tenants, and Policies

  • Depicting Orchestration

  • Overseeing Catalogs and Templates

  • Revealing in Cisco UCS Director (CloudSense)

Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure

  • Depicting Cisco ACI

  • Depicting Cisco ACI Fabric

  • Programming and Orchestrating Cisco ACI


  • Lab 1: Connect to Cisco Nexus Series Switches Using SSH

  • Lab 2: Configure VRFs

  • Lab 3: Explore the Elements of Virtual Device Contexts

  • Lab 4: Install VMware ESXi on UCS C-Series Rack Server

  • Lab 5: Install VMware vCenter Server Appliance

  • Lab 6: Install Cisco Virtual Switch Update Manager

  • Lab 7: Install Cisco Nexus 1000V with VSUM

  • Lab 8: Configure a Port Group in the DVS

  • Lab 9: Configure the Cisco Nexus 2000 Fabric Extender

  • Lab 10: Configure Virtual Port Channels

  • Lab 11: Configure Virtual Port Channels with FEX

  • Lab 12: Configure Cisco FabricPath

  • Lab 13: Configure Unified Ports on Cisco Nexus Switch

  • Lab 14: Implement FCoE

  • Lab 15: Install and Configure the Cisco IMC Supervisor

  • Lab 16: Navigate the Cisco UCS Manager GUI Interfaces

  • Lab 17: Configure Local RBAC

  • Lab 18: Configure Pools

  • Lab 19: Configure a Service Profile Template

  • Lab 20: Configure Cisco NX-OS with APIs

  • Lab 21: Explore the Management Information Tree of the Cisco UCS Manager XML API

  • Lab 22: Configure Cisco UCS Manager with the Postman REST Plugin for Google Chrome

  • Lab 23: Install and Configure User Accounts in Cisco UCS Director

  • Lab 24: Add Virtual and Physical Accounts to Cisco UCS Director

  • Lab 25: Customize Cisco UCS Director

  • Lab 26: Explore Cisco UCS Director Monitoring Capabilities

  • Lab 27: Create Policies and VDCs

  • Lab 28: Create a Catalog and Provision a VM Using the Self-Service Portal

  • Lab 29: Explore Cisco UCS Director Built-In Reports

  • Lab 30: View Chargeback and Reports

It is recommended, but not required, to have the following skills and knowledge before attending this course:

  • Understanding of networking protocols

  • Understanding of the VMware environment

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