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ITC104 Windows Workflow Foundation Using C# 4-day course starts with an outline of the ideas of work process and the programming model gave by WF. The basics of WF writing computer programs are then secured took after by a deliberate treatment of the significant components of WF, incorporating the Built-In Activity Library.

Microsoft's Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) gives a system to making adaptable applications comprising of autonomous program units called exercises. WF 4 was a noteworthy rework of this innovation, offering altogether higher execution and making it less demanding to make and execute work process applications. WF 4.5 contains new exercises, planner abilities, and another work process advancement display (state machines). It additionally bolsters the utilization of C# articulations in C# work processes. This four-day course covers WF 4.5 and utilizes Visual Studio 2015, which gives a visual fashioner to making work processes. 

Primitive and control stream exercises are examined, and the other options to facilitating work processes are secured. Gathering and parallel exercises are secured. The formation of custom exercises, both utilizing the fashioner and code, is clarified. Flowchart and state machine exercises are secured. Steadiness and bookmarks are talked about. Work process Services, utilizing Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is secured. The course finishes up with a discourse of troubleshooting, mistake taking care of, exchanges and remuneration.