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ITC115 Visual Basic Essentials two-day escalated course is intended for the accomplished developer to help you rapidly come up to speed on the Visual Basic dialect.

It is present to Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5, which proceeds with the presentation of new elements in the dialect, making Visual Basic progressively parallel to C#. This course compactly covers the fundamentals of .NET programming utilizing Microsoft's Visual Basic programming dialect. It begins with a concise part, ".NET: What You Need to Know," which gets you up and running in the .NET condition with at least object. 

The following two parts cover Visual Basic dialect fundamentals and protest arranged programming in Visual Basic. The following section talks about how Visual Basic identifies with the .NET Framework. The accompanying section covers agents and occasions. The course incorporates a brief prologue to making GUI programs utilizing Windows Forms. The course finishes up with a part covering more current elements in Visual Basic. These incorporate iterators and catchphrases to help nonconcurrent programming utilizing the Task class, which were presented in Visual Basic 2012. An index gives an instructional exercise on Visual Studio 2012.