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MCSA Windows Server 2016 Boot Camp

Course Overview

In a serious and immersive hands-on learning condition, you will plan for the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 accreditation exams. This expanded hours training camp, drove by senior Global Knowledge teachers, incorporates focused on addresses utilizing Microsoft Learning suggested substance and a year of access to more than 40 remote labs.

This training camp incorporates all the exam vouchers required for affirmation, alongside one free retake voucher if necessary. It likewise incorporates access to our Microsoft Boot Camp Exclusives, giving fundamental accreditation exam prep.

You will plan for these exams:

  • 70-740: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016
  • 70-741: Networking with Windows Server 2016
  • 70-742: Identity with Windows Server 2016

What You'll Learn

Execute and oversee Storage Spaces and Data Deduplication

  • Introduce and design Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Convey, arrange, and oversee Windows and Hyper-V compartments
  • High accessibility and debacle recuperation innovations in Windows Server 2016
  • Plan, make, and deal with a failover bunch
  • Execute failover grouping for Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Execute Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Execute and oversee IP address administration (IPAM)
  • Plan for remote access
  • Execute DirectAccess
  • Execute virtual private systems (VPNs)
  • Execute organizing for branch workplaces
  • Execute AD DS in complex situations
  • Execute AD DS destinations, and design and oversee replication
  • Execute and oversee Group Policy Objects (GPOs)
  • Oversee client settings by utilizing GPOs
  • Secure AD DS and client accounts
  • Execute and deal with a declaration expert (CA) progressive system with AD CS
  • Convey and oversee declarations
  • Execute and direct AD FS

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Boot Camp

Course Outline

Exam 70-740: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016

1. Introducing, Upgrading, and Migrating Servers and Workloads

  • Presenting Windows Server 2016
  • Getting ready and introducing Nano Server and Server Core
  • Getting ready for overhauls and movements
  • Moving server parts and workloads
  • Windows Server enactment models

2. Arranging Local Storage

  • Overseeing plates in Windows Server 2016
  • Overseeing volumes in Windows Server 2016

3. Actualizing Enterprise Storage Solutions

  • Outline of direct-appended capacity, organize connected capacity, and capacity zone systems
  • Contrasting Fiber Channel, iSCSI, and FCoE
  • Understanding iSNS, server farm crossing over, and MPIO
  • Designing partaking in Windows Server 2016

4. Executing Storage Spaces and Data Deduplication

  • Executing Storage Spaces
  • Overseeing Storage Spaces
  • Executing Data Deduplication

5. Introducing and Configuring Hyper-V and Virtual Machines

  • Diagram of Hyper-V
  • Introducing Hyper-V
  • Designing stockpiling on Hyper-V have servers
  • Designing systems administration on Hyper-V have servers
  • Designing Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Overseeing Hyper-V virtual machines

6. Conveying and Managing Windows Server and Hyper-V Containers

  • Diagram of compartments in Windows Server 2016
  • Conveying Windows Server and Hyper-V compartments
  • Introducing, designing, and overseeing compartments

7. Diagram of High Availability and Disaster Recovery

  • Characterizing levels of accessibility
  • Arranging high accessibility and fiasco recuperation arrangements with Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Moving down and reestablishing the Windows Server 2016 working framework and information by utilizing Windows Server B
  • High accessibility with failover bunching in Windows Server 2016

8. Executing and Managing Failover Clustering

  • Arranging a failover group
  • Making and designing another failover bunch
  • Keeping up a failover bunch
  • Investigating a failover bunch
  • Executing site high accessibility with extend grouping

9. Executing Failover Clustering for with Server 2016 Hyper-V

  • Diagram of incorporating Hyper-V Server 2016 with failover bunching
  • Executing and keeping up Hyper-V virtual machines on failover groups
  • Key highlights for virtual machines in a grouped domain

10. Executing Network Load Balancing

  • Diagram of NLB bunches
  • Arranging a NLB bunch
  • Arranging a NLB execution

11. Making and Managing Deployment Images

  • Prologue to sending pictures
  • Making and overseeing sending pictures by utilizing MDT
  • Virtual machine situations for various workloads

12. Overseeing, Monitoring, and Maintaining Virtual Machine Installations

  • WSUS review and organization choices
  • Refresh administration process with WSUS
  • Review of PowerShell DSC
  • Review of Windows Server 2016 observing devices
  • Utilizing Performance Monitor
  • Observing Event Logs

Exam 70-741: Networking with Windows Server 2016

1. Arranging and Implementing an IPv4 Network

  • Arranging IPv4 tending to
  • Designing an IPv4 have
  • Overseeing and investigating IPv4 arrange availability

2. Executing DHCP

  • Diagram of the DHCP server part
  • Conveying DHCP
  • Overseeing and investigating DHCP

3. Executing IPv6

  • Diagram of IPv6 tending to
  • Designing an IPv6 have
  • Executing IPv6 and IPv4 conjunction
  • Progressing from IPv4 to IPv6

4. Executing DNS

  • Designing zones in DNS
  • Designing name determination between DNS zones
  • Designing DNS mix with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
  • Designing progressed DNS settings

5. Actualizing and Managing IPAM

  • IPAM outline
  • Sending IPAM
  • Overseeing IP address spaces by utilizing IPAM

6. Remote Access in Windows Server 2016

  • Remote access outline
  • Actualizing Web Application Proxy

7. Actualizing DirectAccess

  • Outline of DirectAccess
  • Actualizing DirectAccess by utilizing the Getting Started Wizard
  • Actualizing and dealing with a progressed DirectAccess foundation

8. Actualizing VPNs

  • Arranging VPNs

9. Actualizing Networking for Branch Offices

  • Systems administration highlights and contemplations for branch workplaces
  • Actualizing Distributed File System (DFS) for branch workplaces
  • Actualizing BranchCache for branch workplaces

10. Arranging Advanced Networking Features

  • Review of superior systems administration highlights
  • Designing progressed Hyper-V organizing highlights

11. Executing Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

  • Diagram of SDN
  • Executing system virtualization
  • Executing Network Controller

Exam 70-742: Identity with Windows Server 2016

1. Introducing and Configuring Domain Controllers (DCs)

  • Diagram of AD DS
  • Diagram of AD DS DCs
  • Conveying DCs

2. Overseeing Objects in AD DS

  • Overseeing client accounts
  • Overseeing bunches in AD DS
  • Overseeing PC accounts
  • Utilizing Windows PowerShell for AD DS organization
  • Executing and overseeing hierarchical units

3. Propelled AD DS Infrastructure Management

  • Diagram of cutting edge AD DS organizations
  • Conveying a dispersed AD DS condition
  • Designing AD DS trusts

4. Executing and Administering AD DS Sites and Replication

  • Diagram of AD DS replication
  • Designing AD DS locales
  • Designing and observing AD DS replication

5. Executing Group Policy

  • Presenting Group Policy
  • Executing and managing GPOs
  • Gathering Policy degree and Group Policy preparing
  • Investigating the use of GPOs

6. Overseeing User Settings with GPOs

  • Actualizing authoritative formats
  • Arranging Folder Redirection and contents
  • Arranging Group Policy inclinations

7. Securing AD DS

  • Securing space controllers
  • Actualizing account security
  • Review verification
  • Arranging oversaw benefit accounts (MSAs)

8. Sending and Managing AD CS

  • Sending CAs
  • Directing CAs
  • Investigating and looking after CAs

9. Sending and Managing Certificates

  • Sending and overseeing endorsement formats
  • Overseeing declaration organization, repudiation, and recuperation
  • Utilizing testaments in a business domain
  • Actualizing and overseeing keen cards

10. Actualizing and Administering AD FS

  • Review of AD FS
  • Advertisement FS prerequisites and arranging
  • Sending and designing AD FS
  • Review of Web Application Proxy

11. Actualizing and Administering AD RMS

  • Review of AD RMS
  • Sending and dealing with an AD RMS framework
  • Arranging AD RMS content assurance

12. Actualizing AD DS Synchronization with Azure AD

  • Arranging and getting ready for registry synchronization
  • Actualizing index synchronization by utilizing Azure AD Connect
  • Overseeing personalities with registry synchronization

13. Checking, Managing, and Recovering AD DS

  • Checking AD DS
  • Dealing with the Active Directory database
  • Dynamic Directory reinforcement and recuperation alternatives for AD DS and other character and access arrangements

Virtual Classroom Live Labs

Exam 70-740: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016

  • Lab 1: Installing and Configuring Nano Server
  • Lab 2: Configuring Local Storage
  • Lab 3: Planning and Configuring Storage Technologies and Components
  • Lab 4: Implementing Storage Spaces
  • Lab 5: Implementing Data Deduplication
  • Lab 6: Installing and Configuring Hyper-V
  • Lab 7: Installing and Configuring Containers
  • Lab 8: Planning and Implementing a High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solution
  • Lab 9: Implementing a Failover Cluster
  • Lab 10: Managing a Failover Cluster
  • Lab 11: Implementing Failover Clustering with Hyper-V
  • Lab 12: Implementing a NLB Cluster
  • Lab 13: Using MDT to Deploy Windows Server 2016
  • Lab 14: Implementing WSUS and Deploying Updates
  • Lab 15: Monitoring and Troubleshooting Windows Server 2016

Exam 70-741: Networking with Windows Server 2016

  • Lab 1: Planning an IPv4 Network
  • Lab 2: Implementing and Troubleshooting an IPv4 organize
  • Lab 3: Implementing DHCP
  • Lab 4: Configuring and Evaluating IPv6 Transition Technologies
  • Lab 5: Planning and Implementing Name Resolution by Using DNS
  • Lab 6: Integrating DNS with Active Directory
  • Lab 7: Configuring Advanced DNS Settings
  • Lab 8: Implementing IPAM
  • Lab 9: Implementing Web Application Proxy
  • Lab 10: Implementing DirectAccess by Using the Getting Started Wizard
  • Lab 11: Deploying an Advanced DirectAccess Solution
  • Lab 12: Implementing a VPN
  • Lab 13: Implementing DFS for Branch Offices
  • Lab 14: Implementing BranchCache
  • Lab 15: Configuring Advanced Hyper-V Networking Features
  • Lab 16: Deploying Network Controller

Exam 70-742: Identity with Windows Server 2016

  • Lab 1: Deploying and Administering AD DS
  • Lab 2: Managing AD DS objects
  • Lab 3: Administering AD DS
  • Lab 4: Domain and Trust Management in AD DS
  • Lab 5: Implementing AD DS Sites and Replication
  • Lab 6: Implementing a Group Policy Infrastructure
  • Lab 7: Troubleshooting a Group Policy Infrastructure
  • Lab 8: Managing User Settings with GPOs
  • Lab 9: Securing AD DS
  • Lab 10: Deploying and Configuring a Two-Tier CA Hierarchy
  • Lab 11: Deploying and Using Certificates
  • Lab 12: Implementing AD FS
  • Lab 13: Implementing an AD RMS Infrastructure
  • Lab 14: Configuring Directory Synchronization
  • Lab 15: Recovering Objects in AD DS
  • Two years of hands-on encounter working in a Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 condition
  • Hands-on Windows Client encounter Windows 8, or Windows 10 is prescribed however not required