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Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 2 Course Overview

This course will teach you how to use formulas and advanced functions, create and format tables, sort, and filter, add and format graphics, and protect and finalize a workbook.

Items marked with an asterisk* are taught for 2010 only. 

Instruction will be personalized by version. Students have the option to progress through the course using Microsoft Excel- Level 2 2010, Microsoft Excel- Level 2 2013, or Microsoft Excel Level 2 2016.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to leverage the power of data calculations and presentation in order to make informed, intelligent organizational decisions. You will work with functions and lists, create advanced formulas, protect your spreadsheets and work with the custom view.


Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 2 Course Outline

Use Tables

  • Create a Table From Data
  • Modify Table Format and Structure
  • Use Structured References in a Table

Formulas and Functions

  • Understand Mathematical Operators
  • Use AutoFunctions
  • Use Relative and Absolute References
  • Explore the Function Ribbon and Overview of Categories
  • Use the Insert Function Wizard and Dialog Box
  • Use Basic Text, Financial, Date, and Logical Functions
  • Name and Use Ranges of Cells in Formulas
  • Use Array Formulas
  • Audit Formulas
  • Trace and Remove Trace Arrows
  • Use a Watch Window

Sort and Filter

  • Use Basic Sort Options
  • Advanced Sort Options
  • Use Autofilters
  • Create Custom Autofilters
  • Use Advanced Filters
  • Use Data Validation
  • Use Database Functions

Enhance A Workbook

  • Insert Symbols and Characters
  • Add and Format Shapes
  • Manipulate Shapes
  • Use and Modify SmartArt
  • Add a Signature Line
  • Add and Format Text Boxes and WordArt
  • Use Screenshot
  • Link and Embed Objects

Protect and Finalize

  • Add Protection
  • Allow Edit Options within Protection
  • Info Panel Options*
  • Share Panel Options*
  • Use the Document Inspector
  • Check Compatibility and Mark as Final
  • Customize Excel Options


  • Create Custom Views
  • Hide Workbooks, Sheets, and Cells
  • Set File Properties

Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 2 Course Prerequisites

The prerequisites for this course is an introductory Excel course or equivalent working knowledge of the software.

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