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MS-200 Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform Certification Course – An Overview

Messaging Administrators are the professionals responsible for messaging infrastructure, managing hygiene, hybrid configuration, disaster recovery, migration, high availability and client access. Microsoft Exchange Online is a hosted messaging platform that delivers extended capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server as the cloud-based service. It integrates with Active Directory enabling the administrators to configure group policies across their environment. MS-200 Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform certification course provides the required skills to manage databases, disaster recovery, messaging infrastructure lifecycle, database availability groups, implement client access etc.

Messaging Administrators collaborate with Security Administrators and Enterprise Administrators to implement a hybrid topology according to organization’s needs. Microsoft Exchange Online certified Messaging Administrators configure, manage, deploy, and monitor the messaging infrastructure, client access, permissions, mail flow and mail protection in hybrid, cloud and on-premises enterprise environments. The five days ‘Microsoft Exchange Online’ based ‘MS-200 Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform’ certification course training encompasses all the theoretical and practical aspects of ‘Messaging Administrators’ job role.

Learning Scope of MS-200 Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform Training: 

  • Deploy and manage modern messaging architecture
  • Create & manage exchange recipients
  • Plan and manage email addresses, mailbox databases, lists, resources
  • Manage & configure authentication for messaging
  • Configure organizational settings and organizational sharing
  • Implement and manage client access services and devices
  • Configure outlook on the web; troubleshoot client access
  • Configure and manage mobile device mailbox policies
  • Configure message transport and rules
  • Manage & troubleshoot mail flow
  • Troubleshoot transport issues & logs issues
  • Plan high availability for mailbox servers, client access service and transport
  • Implement site resilience, disaster recovery, backup strategies
  • Implement, troubleshoot and restore mailboxes, databases, servers, public folder hierarchy

Target Audience for ‘MS-200 Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform’ Course: 

Messaging Administrators aspiring to improve their knowledge and practical skills with Office 365 Exchange Online are the good candidates for this five days certification training course. It is also a good career booster for IT professionals looking to develop job roles for managing modern messaging infrastructure and mail flow topology.  

Growth Prospects after ‘MS-200 Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform’ Exam:

Secure communication is the lifeline for any business. The massive amount of business data and personal information are managed and stored online cloud servers; the global concern about the ‘secure information’ transfer is encouraging the businesses to deploy the best Messaging Platform; and Microsoft Exchange Online Messaging Platform comes at top of choices for now and future.


MS-200 Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform Certification Course Syllabus

Module1: Manage modern messaging infrastructure (45-50%)

  • Manage databases
  • Plan mailbox database requirements
  • Manage disaster recovery
  • Manage Database Availability Groups (DAGs)
  • Deploy and manage site resilience
  • Testing a database and datacenter failover scenario
  • Manage messaging infrastructure lifecycle
  • Manage and implement client access
  • Configure Autodiscover for Exchange
  • Manage Exchange certificates lifecycle
  • Configure global Outlook Web App (OWA) policies

Module 2: Manage mail flow topology (35-40%)

  • Plan the transport pipeline & design for multi-site mail flow with policies
  • Create Send and Receive connectors
  • Implement a multi-site mail flow
  • Handle Non-Deliverable Reports (NDRs)
  • Troubleshoot mail flow problems
  • Investigate transport logs
  • Analyze message headers with the remote connectivity analyzer
  • Manage connectors
  • Manage mail flow

Module3: Manage recipients and devices (15-20%)

  • Manage recipient resources including archive mailboxes and resource mailboxes
  • Configure mailbox policies and manage shared mailboxes
  • Evaluate license options
  • Manage mobile devices
  • Configure mobile device mailbox policies for access


Prerequisite for ‘MS-200 Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform’ Certification Course:

  • Experience in messaging through Exchange Online or Exchange Server.
  • Experience with Active Directory and domain controller infrastructure with identity management.
  • Experience with Microsoft 365 services & directory synchronization
  • At least 5 years’ experience in IT administration

FAQs for ‘MS-200 Planning And Configuring A Messaging Platform’ Certification Course Training

Q: What is the next course after ‘MS-200 certification exam’?

The next level certification course you can take on is ‘Microsoft 365 Identity and Services’ for development of your career growth and job roles expansion. 

Q: What are the key skills and abilities to be measured in ‘MS-200 Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform’ exam?

This exam measures the skills and abilities to manage modern messaging infrastructure; manage recipients and devices and manage mail flow topology.

Q: What is the learning scope for ‘disaster recovery’ in ‘MS-200 Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform’ course?

You will learn the plan backup and recovery strategy. You will learn to implement and perform backups. You will also learn to restore servers, mailboxes and databases.

Q: Can I retake the ‘MS-200’ exam if I fail once?

Yes, you can take again it within 24 hours or as per your convenience; however, you can't appear in ‘MS-200’ certification exam more than five times in a year. 

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