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Prime Data Center Network Management for Storage v7.2 (DCNMSAN v7.2)

Course Overview

This course is intended for capacity and neighborhood supervisors that are getting included with FCoE (Fiber Channel over Ethernet), frameworks and field engineers, counseling engineers, specialized arrangements draftsmen, and Cisco integrators and accomplices who introduce, actualize, and deal with the Cisco MDS/Nexus group of server farm switches.


The understudy ought to have a comprehension of Local Area Networking conventions and advances as a rule

  • Great comprehension of Cisco MDS Storage Area Networking, including VSANs, Aliases, Interfaces and Zoneng

  • Suggested that the understudy has a comprehension of Command Line Interface design, checking, and investigating of Cisco MDS/Nexus exchanging gear

Lesson 1 DCNM Functions for Storage Administration

  • Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager

  • Cisco Prime DCNM's End to End Visibility

  • Asset Management Scope and Capabilities in DCNM Manage Events and Troubleshoot

  • Devices Available for Configuration and Provisioning

  • DCNM Integration with Other Tools for End-to-End Visibility in Your Data Center

Lesson 2 DCNM Architecture/Components

  • Cisco Prime DCNM Evolved Management Tool Cisco Prime DCNM Components

  • Qualities of the DCNM Database

  • DCNM Product Support

  • Contrasts in highlights and how to utilize them

  • Changes from Features in 6 and Features in 7.

Lesson 3 DCNM High Availability

  • United Server Architecture in HA Architecture

  • Server Federation Implementation

  • Programmed Fabric Failover Process

Lesson 4 DCNM Deployment

  • DCNM Management Applications

  • DCNM Deployment Procedures

  • Introductory Switch Setup

  • DCNM Installation Requirements

  • DCNM Server Installation Process

  • Update Checklist for DCNM

  • DCNM-SAN Client Configuration Tool

  • DCNM SAN Licensing

Lesson 5 Administering Data Sources

  • Bound together Discovery

  • DCNM Fabric Discovery

  • UCS Server Discovery

  • DCNM and vCenter Integration

  • Capacity Discovery in DCNM and the SMI-S Feature

  • Overseeing DCNM Licenses

  • Arrange AAA Properties

Lesson 6 Performance Administration

  • Recorded Functions of Cisco Prim DCNM Performance Manager

  • Strategies for Real Time Performance Monitoring

  • DCNM's Ability to Monitor Traffic and Forecast Trends

  • Arrange Flows and Collections utilizing DCNM-SAN

  • Customer and Device Manager

  • Strategies for Real Time Performance Monitoring

  • DCNM's Ability to Monitor Traffic and Forecast Trends

  • Make Switch and Custom Port Groups

Lab Outline

  • Lab 1: Launch DCNM Client and Setup MDS Switches

  • Lab 2: Administering Data Sources

  • Lab 3: DCNM Performance Administration

  • Lab 4: Diagnostics and Event Management

  • Lab 5: Troubleshooting and Diagnosing

  • Investigate apparatuses with DCNM, to recognizing a Slow Drain condition, master effectively.

  • A host that can't get to its designated stockpiling.

  • An application that does not react in the wake of endeavoring to get to the assigned stockpiling.

  • Lab 6: Installation and Upgrade Training

  • Refreshed highlights in DCNM 7.2 for decreasing system blockage and moderate deplete gadgets.

  • Moderate Drain and Congestion Avoidance

  • Port checking layouts determination of the format

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