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70-483: Programming in C# - Microsoft Certification Exam Training Course- An Overview

‘70-483:Programming in C#’ Microsoft exam ((MCSA Universal Windows Platform) is one of the most esteemed certifications for the growth aspiring IT Professionals. This certificate brightens the job prospects for a fast paced career path. Microsoft Programming in C# is the highest authentication that validates globally accepted and in- demand skills and competency. This course is designed for the absolute beginner interested in programming in Microsoft C#.

C#, hybrid of C and C++, is an object-oriented general-purpose programming language that uses variables, data types, operators, statements, flow control etc to design the applications. The journey to become a certified Microsoft C# professional becomes from learning Visual Studio setup and then you take next step to learning C# basics such as objects, classes, C# types, and values and reference types.  Programming in C# certification exam measures the learned skills for managing program flow; creating and using types; debugging and security implementation and implementing data access. The Programming in C# exam course was last updated on December 14, 2017; our Microsoft trainers follow the robust and the latest course.  

Learning Scope of Microsoft Programming in C# Training:

  • Create methods, handle exceptions, describe the monitoring requirements of large-scale applications.

  • Create classes, define and implement interfaces, as well as create and use generic collections.

  • Read and write data by using file input/output and streams. Serialize and De-serialize data in formats.

  • Create and use an entity data model for accessing a database as well as use LINQ to query data

  • Accessing and querying remote data by using the types in the System.Net namespace and WCF Data Services.

  • Building graphical user interface by using XAML and creating application UI like controls, shapes, etc.

  • Learning encryption and decryption of data

  • Using reflection to examine metadata

  • Improving the throughput and response time of applications

Target Audience for Programming in C# Course:

It is good career development path for the Programmers and Testers, Web designers, Graphic designers and Front-end developers looking to enhance their skills and perfection areas with additional job role responsibilities. 

Growth Prospects after Microsoft ‘Programming in C#’ Certification:

  • C# is a powerful globally used tool to develop applications.

  • Programming in C# certification training makes the individuals perfect to develop the software components required for deployment in different environments.

  • It helps to build and develop career in software development and coding.

  • Microsoft certified C# developer in the US earns about $70,000 - $100,000 per year.

  • Microsoft C# training certification courses are in great demand in programming businesses worldwide.

70-483-Programming in C# Certification Training Course Exam Course Outline

Manage Program Flow (25-30%)

  • Implement multithreading and asynchronous processing

  • Manage multithreading including Synchronize resources & implement locking

  • Implement program flow

  • Create and implement events and callbacks

  • Implement exception handling

Create and Use Types (25-30%)

  • Create types

  • Consume types including interoperability with code that accesses COM APIs

  • Enforce encapsulation including enforce encapsulation by using explicit interface implementation

  • Create and implement a class hierarchy based on the IComparable, IEnumerable, IDisposable, and IUnknown interfaces

  • Find, execute, and create types at runtime by using reflection including generatinge code at runtime by using CodeDom and Lambda expressions

  • Manage the object life cycle

  • Manipulate strings including StringWriter, and StringReader classes; search strings; enumerate string methods

Debug Applications and Implement Security (25-30%)

  • Validate application input including managing data integrity; evaluating a regular expression to validate the input format

  • Perform symmetric and asymmetric encryption including implementind  key management and  System.Security namespace

  • Manage assemblies including signing assemblies using strong names and implementing side-by-side hosting

  • Debug an application; choosing an appropriate build type; managing program database files (debug symbols)

  • Implement diagnostics in an application, profiling applications; create and monitor performance counters

Implement Data Access (25-30%)

  • Perform I/O operations

  • Retrieve data from a database, Consume JSON and XML data; retrieve data by using web services

  • Query data by using operators; create methodbased LINQ queries; query data by using query comprehension syntax; select data by using anonymous types; force execution of a query; read, filter, create, and modify data structures by using LINQ to XML

  • Serialize and deserialize data by using binary serialization, custom serialization, XML Serializer, JSON Serializer, and Data Contract Serializer

  • Store and retrieve data by using dictionaries, arrays, lists, sets, and queues; choose a collection type; initialize a collection; add and remove items from a collection; use typed vs. non-typed collections; implement custom collections; implement collection interfaces


More details of 70-483 exam training course can be had from our online counselors. 


Prerequisite for Programming in C# 70-483 Exam:

The ideal candidates for 70-483 exam are developers with at least one year experience in programming essential business logic for the variety of application types, hardware, and software platforms using C#.

FAQs for Microsoft 70-483 Programming in C# Certification Exam Course

Q: Why is Programming in C# certification course relevant?

C# tops the list of popular programming languages worldwide. It supports the majority of applications on Microsoft as well it forms the basis for technologies such as .NET. The certified  C# professionals are in high demand in programming industry.

Q: What practical skills can I expect after completion of the Programming in C# training?

You can expect to have practical skills for:

  • Fundamentals of the object oriented concepts and to create, compile and run object oriented C# programs

  • Syntax, collections, and semantics of C# language

  • Using C# interconnecting objects to access databases

Q:  What is the 70-483 exam format?

The online 70-483 exam duration is 120 minutes (2 hrs) during which you will have to complete 40-60 questions. The passing score is 700 / 1000.

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