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70-744: Securing Windows Server 2016 certification exam course An Overview

Exam 70-744: Securing Windows Server 2016 is focused on providing skills in securing the Windows features and their functionality available in Windows Server 2016. The training for Securing Windows Server 2016 certification training course embraces the domains like Implementing Server Hardening Solutions, Securing a Network Infrastructure, Implement Threat Detection Solutions, Implement Workload-Specific Security etc. the five days Securing Windows Server 2016 certification training prepares you to enhance the security of the IT infrastructure that you manage. Securing Windows Server 2016 exam training makes you proficient to mitigate malware threats, identify security issues by using auditing and Advanced Threat Analysis feature in Windows Server 2016. Besides learning to secure your virtualization platform, you also get perfection in using new deployment options.

Microsoft updated the course content on November 2, 2018; and, our experienced Window Server 2016 trainers follow the latest curriculum. Securing Windows Server 2016 certification exam is the next step after passing 70-740, 70-741, and 70-742 exams on the path of enhancing your professional skills in Windows Server 2016 and to become MCSE: Core Infrastructure.

Learning Scope of Securing Windows Server 2016 Training:

  • Secure Windows Server, application development & workload infrastructure
  • Manage security baselines
  • Configure and manage JIT administration
  • Manage data security
  • Configuring Windows Firewall and software-defined distributed firewall
  • Securing network traffic & virtualization infrastructure
  • Manage malware, threats and software updates
  • Configure advanced auditing
  • Manage threats by using ATA and OMS

Target Audience for 70-744-Securing Windows Server 2016 Course:

It is a great career growth boosting certification course for the professionals engaged in or willing to have skills to administer Windows Server 2016 networks securely. It is a future promising certification course for the professionals in the job roles of configuring Windows Server domain-based environments with managed access for Internet and cloud services.

Growth Prospects after 70-744-Securing Windows Server 2016 Certification:

  • New features embedded in window server 2019, enhance the global importance of ‘Securing Windows Server 2016 Certification’.    
  • Windows Server now lets the users run Linux containers on the same container host to provide more flexibility for the application developers.
  • Windows Server 2016 gives the best affordable security tools to handle breaches and hacks.
  • Being skilled in Windows server administration means stable and high-paying IT jobs.
  • Regularly updated Windows Server 2016 admin skills with learning of new features are sure to help you fast forward your career.


70-744- Securing Windows Server 2016 Exam Certification Training Course Outline

Implement Server Hardening Solutions (25-30%)

  • Configure disk and file encryption
  • Implement BitLocker Recovery Process using self-recovery and recovery password retrieval solutions
  • Determine usage scenarios for EFS
  • Configure the EFS recovery agent
  • Implement malware protection
  • Configure Windows Defender scans using Windows PowerShell
  • Protect credentials; Configure Credential Guard using Group Policy
  • Create security baselines ……..

Secure a Virtualization Infrastructure (5-10%)

  • Implement a Guarded Fabric solution
  • Configure TPM-trusted attestation
  • Implement Shielded and encryption-supported VMs
  • Enable and configure vTPM to allow an operating system and data disk encryption within a VM
  • Troubleshoot Shielded and encryption-supported VMs…..

Secure a Network Infrastructure (10-15%)

  • Configure Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
  • Configure authenticated firewall exceptions
  • Implement a Software Defined Datacenter Firewal
  • Secure network traffic
  • Install and configure Microsoft Message Analyzer (MMA) to analyze network traffic …..

Manage Privileged Identities (25-30%)

  • Implement Just-In-Time (JIT) Administration
  • Implement Just-Enough-Administration (JEA)
  • Implement Privileged Access Workstations (PAWs) and User Rights Assignment
  • Implement Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS)……….

Implement Threat Detection Solutions (15-20%)

  • Configure advanced audit policies
  • Implement auditing using Windows PowerShell;
  • Create expression-based audit policies
  • Configure the Audit PNP Activity policy
  • Install and configure Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)
  • Determine threat detection solutions using Operations Management Suite (OMS)  ……..

Implement Workload-Specific Security (5-10%)

  • Secure application development and server workload infrastructure
  • Implement a secure file services infrastructure and Dynamic Access Control (DAC)
  • Install the File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) role service
  • Configure File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) using FSRM ………

More details of ‘70-744 Securing Windows Server 2016’ certification exam course can be had from our experienced Microsoft certified years’ experienced ‘Windows Server 2016’ trainers and counselors.


Prerequisite for Securing Windows Server 2016:70-744 Exam:

Candidates must have:

  • At least two years’ experience
  • Passed 70-740, 70-741, and 70-742 exams
  • Have understanding of networking fundamentals including TCP/IP, UDP, and DNS
  • Understanding of AD DS principles
  • Understanding of Windows Server security principles


FAQs for ‘70-744 Securing Windows Server 2016’ Certification Exam

Q: What is the scope of lab exercises during ‘Securing Windows Server 2016’ exam training?

Some key lab exercises out of many other framed under ‘Securing Windows Server 2016’ exam course include:

  • Breach Detection and Incident Response Strategies
  • Implementing User Rights, Security Options, and Group-Managed Service Accounts
  • Configuring and Deploying LAPs
  • Limiting Administrator Privileges with JEA
  • Limiting Administrator Privileges with Privileged Access Management
  • Securing Applications by with Windows Defeder, AppLocker, , Device Guard Rules.
  • Configuring Advanced Auditing
  • Deploying Advanced Threat Analytics and Operations Management Suite and Azure Security Center … and many more

Q: What is the best related certification course with 70-744 Securing Windows Server 2016 certification?

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Cloud Platform and Infrastructure is the best related certification course with ‘Securing Windows Server 2016’ certification.

Q: Can I learn ‘Windows Server 2016 Security’ online?

The best way to get practical proficiency in ‘Windows Server 2016 Security’ is to attend the online instructor- led training provided by the accredited training partner for Microsoft. 

Q: What is the learning scope of ‘Mitigating malware and threats’?

Under this training module, you will learn:

  • Using software restricting policies (SRPs) and AppLocker
  • Configuring and managing Windows Defender
  • Configuring and using Device Guard
  • Deploying the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit


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