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Solarwinds Orion 101 Introduction to Solarwinds

Course Overview

This class Led by a SCP teacher with long stretches of experience taking a shot at many one of a kind Solarwinds situations for organizations all things considered. Our designers work next to each other with you as they show basics and capacities of the SolarWinds programming products.This open preparing is offered in an agreeable classroom condition with committed workstations for every hopeful.

» Learn the basics of SolarWinds® devices

» Hands-on learning lab with altered gear


» Breakfast and Lunch gave each preparation day

» Great arrangement for your SCP affirmation

» Led by a SCP teacher with long stretches of field understanding

Solarwinds Orion 101 Introduction to Solarwinds

Course Outline

1  Orion Platform and Network Performance Monitor

  • Orion Platform Architecture
  • Application Server Requirements
  • SQL Server Requirements
  • Establishment of NPM
  • Orion Configuration Wizard
  • Center Components Overview
  • Orion Network Sonar Discovery
  • Orion Basic Polling Methods
  • ICMP
  • SNMP
  • WMI
  • Discretionary Windows and Linux Agents
  • Client Accounts
  • Custom Properties
  • Orion Groups
  • Orion Dependencies
  • Coordinated Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring (IVIM)
  • Syslogs and SNMP Traps

2  System Performance Monitor cont.

  • NPM Overview
  • NetPath
  • System Insight for F5 BIG-IP
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Cisco UCS API Integration
  • Cisco Switch Stack Monitoring
  • General Device Pollers
  • NPM Polling Settings and Data Retention

3  NetFlow Traffic Analyzer; Network Configuration Manager

  • Establishment of NTA
  • NTA Flow Storage Database (FSDB) Considerations
  • Outline of Flow Technologies and Cisco NBAR2
  • NetFlow arrangement case on Cisco device(s)
  • NTA Overview
  • IP Address Groups
  • Custom Application checking
  • CBQoS checking
  • NTA Flow Navigator seeks
  • Establishment of NCM
  • NCM Overview
  • NCM User Permissions
  • Adding Nodes to NCM
  • NCM Connection Profies
  • NCM Device Templates
  • NCM Jobs and Scheduling Backups
  • Executing Scripts and Bulk Changes
  • Ongoing Configuration Change Detection
  • Consistence Policy Reports
  • End of Sales/End of Support administration
  • Cisco Firmware Vulnerabilities Reporting
  • Prologue to Configuration Change Templates

4  Server and Application Monitor; Alerting; Reporting; Maps; View Customizations

  • Establishment of SAM
  • SAM Overview
  • SAM User Permissions
  • AppInsight Templates for Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and IIS
  • Windows Scheduled Task Monitoring
  • Understanding SAM Component Types
  • Overseeing Application Templates and Assigning Monitors
  • Orion Alerting Overview
  • Online Alert Engine
  • Orion Reporting Overview
  • Orion Report Writer application
  • Online Report Engine
  • Orion Maps
  • System Atlas and Wireless Heat Maps
  • Overall Map Resource
  • Orion View Management
  • Custom View Creation
  • NOC View Designs

5  IP Address Manager; User Device Tracker; VoIP and Network Quality Manager

  • Establishment of IPAM
  • IPAM Overview
  • IPAM User Permissions
  • Bringing in Subnets and IP Addresses
  • DHCP Management
  • DNS Management
  • Establishment of UDT
  • UDT Overview
  • Adding Nodes and Ports to UDT
  • Mapping Ports to Hostname, MAC Address, and IP Addresses
  • Observing Active Directory Domain Controllers for User Login Data
  • Establishment of VNQM
  • VNQM Overview
  • IP SLA Overview
  • Design cases for both the Cisco CLI and VNQM GUI
  • Adding existing IP SLA Operations to observing
  • Call Manager Monitoring
  • Cisco versus Avaya prerequisites