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Solarwinds Orion 202: Advanced Server

Course Overview

The preparation is a far reaching review and point by point clarification of Solarwinds modules for the "Propelled Server" track. The class is driven by a SCP educator with long stretches of experience taking a shot at several interesting Solarwinds situations for organizations everything being equal.

» Design/Implement end-to-end application checking

» Virtualization Manager; Storage Resource Monitor; AppStack View;Application Maps

» SAM, DPA, WPM, VMAN SRM, Custom SQL Alerts and Reports

» Custom SQL Alerts and Reports


» Required: Aspirants would very profit by a fundamental comprehension of the Transact-SQL and PowerShell dialects, yet not required

» Required: Orion 101 not required, but rather this course won't cover establishment and fundamental review of SAM and the Orion Platform

Solarwinds Orion 202: Advanced Server

Course Outline

1 Server and Application Monitor

  • Orion Architecture Best Practices
  • Essential Polling Engine
  • Extra Polling Engines
  • Extra Web Engines
  • SQL Server
  • Revelation of Applications in the Enterprise
  • AppInsight Templates versus Standard Templates
  • AppInsight for IIS and AppInsight for SQL connected
  • Custom Script Component Monitors
  • Hands-On making custom PowerShell content screens
  • Baselining and Thresholds for Application Alerts

2 Database Performance Analyzer; Website Performance Monitor

  • Establishment and Initial Configuration of DPA
  • Mix of DPA with Orion and SAM
  • Outline of DPA Capabilities
  • Checking Waits and Blocks
  • Alarming and Reporting from the DPA Web Console
  • Establishment and Configuration of WPM
  • Outline of WPM Capabilities
  • Client Experience Monitoring Theories
  • Making WPM exchanges
  • Alarming and Reporting with WPM information

3 Virtualization Manager; Storage Resource Monitor; AppStack View; Application Maps

  • Establishment and starting Configuration of VMAN
  • Mix of VMAN with Orion
  • VMAN Management, Alerting, and Reporting from the Orion stage
  • Establishment and Configuration of SRM
  • Alarming and Reporting with SRM information
  • Utilizing Network Atlas to make mixture application maps for the venture
  • SolarWinds AppStack see outline

4 Custom SQL Alerts and Reports

  • Prologue to the Transact-SQL dialect and essential questions
  • Prologue to the Orion SQL Database composition
  • Custom SQL Reporting utilizing both the Web Report Engine and the Orion Report Writer application
  • Custom SQL Alerts utilizing the Web Alert Engine