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Solarwinds Orion 301: Database and Automation (Custom reports and Orion SDK)

Course Overview

This Orion 301 Database and Automation (Custom reports and Orion SDK) course preparing is a thorough outline and point by point clarification of using the database for custom revealing and cautions. The class is Led by a SCP educator with long stretches of experience taking a shot at many one of a kind Solarwinds conditions for organizations everything being equal.

» Design/Implement custom reports and survey Orion SDK

» NPM, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Orion Software Development Kit (SDK)

» SQL Server Reporting Services

» SolarWinds SDK

Solarwinds Orion 301: Database and Automation (Custom Reports and Orion SDK)

Course Outline

1 Orion Core Database

  • Establishment of NPM
  • Orion Database Schema Review
  • Tables and Data Rollup
  • Orion Database Manager versus SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • Best practices for Orion Database Management
  • Making Database Backups and Maintenance Plans

2 SQL Server Reporting Services

  • Establishment of SQL Server Reporting Services and Report Builder Authoring Environment
  • Prologue to Transact-SQL Language
  • Orion Database Schema Review proceeded…
  • Perspectives, Stored Procedures, and Functions
  • Prologue to Report Builder Authoring Environment

3 SQL Server Reporting Services (proceeded)

  • Making Basic Reports with Report Builder
  • Making Parameterized Reports with Report Builder
  • Implanting SSRS Reports into the Orion Website
  • Making Advanced SQL Alerts with the Web Alert Engine

4 SolarWinds SDK

  • Establishment of the SolarWinds SDK
  • Prologue to SolarWinds Query Language (SWQL)
  • PowerShell and the SolarWinds SDK
  • Associating with SWIS
  • Questioning SWIS
  • Refreshing SWIS