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SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Public Training Class

SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Certification Course – An Overview

SolarWinds is an ‘IT Networking Performance Monitoring (NPM) Software’ to monitor and identify the IT network related issues that can restrict the network performance. The SolarWinds NPM software addresses all the network performance issues eliminating the commonly experienced complexity of conventional enterprise software programs.

The objective of SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Training 

The five days SolarWinds Orion Core 101 certified professional training introduces the features and practices to help the students embrace SolarWinds Orion Core 101 NPM platform to improve operational efficiency and service availability through advanced configurations. SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Certification training is designed for professionals with different IT knowledge level and experience.

What is Orion 101 in SolarWinds?

The Orion Platform delivers single pane visibility to all the elements of critical services to keep them in perfect order. Orion Platform is a bandwidth performance and fault management application that allows monitoring the real-time statistics of the network over the web browser. The Orion NPM monitors and collects the data from switches, servers, routers, and SW enabled devices. In addition, it monitors, memory, available Disk Space and CPU load. The highly scalable SolarWinds Orion Core 101 can monitor up to 10,000 nodes.

As of today, SolarWinds Orion core 101 Platform is trusted by more over 425 Fortune 500 companies to visualize, monitor, and analyze the real-time performance of networking, systems, applications, and databases in hybrid or cloud environment.

SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Training Classes:

SolarWinds Orion Core 101 training classes are conducted online to support the IT networking professionals enhance knowledge and perfection without disturbing their schedule. Live Virtual training is imparted with personalized attention. On-demand learning facility helps to get the particular skill-oriented class at a convenient time. The mapping of learning level ensures the delivery of better knowledge, perfection, and confidence required to apply SolarWinds Orion Core 101 NPM in different environments.

How to become SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Certified Professional?

Our SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Certified Professional trainers provide more than enough opportunities to help the students get in-depth knowledge of SolarWinds Orion Core 101 and hands-on experience as well to apply the gained skills with equal expertise over Windows and Cisco DHCP servers.

SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Certification program is conducted by PSI’s examination delivery service. SCP candidates can take on the examinations from anywhere. To become a certified SolarWinds Orion Core 101 professional for escalated performance and career boost is an easy three steps process.

  • Prepare for the exam

  • Register with Microtek SolarWinds Training.

  • Schedule your PSI Exam.

SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Public Training Class Course Outline

SolarWinds Orion Core 101 training course is designed systematically for five days duration.

Day 1 - Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM)



Learning Scope


Basics of Orion NPM server prerequisites

Understanding server load to assess the appropriate core and SQL hardware requirements.



Installation of Orion NPM

Understanding to install Orion NPM configuration wizard over their own virtual machines to gain insights into the successful Orion deployment.



Use of Orion NPM web console

Populating Orion NPM node database with understanding of network discovery, editing nodes, adding /removing nodes & node grouping


Use of custom properties with Orion NPM Web Console

Defining custom properties and to use the Account Limitation Builder


Managing and adding web console users

Defining limitations


Managing Views

Working with custom HTML resources, creating views and customizing the default views



Use of wireless devices in NPM

Working with wireless clients, understanding controllers & managing autonomous access



Database retention & maintenance

Knowing all the aspects of database maintenance,  


Analysis of SYSLOG & SNMP Traps in NPM

Identifying and managing SYSLOG & SNMP traps, Orion report schedules, creating & editing alerts with Connect Now

Day2 -Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA)



Learning Scope


NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA)

NTA prerequisites, database performance considerations, Orion service packs, configuring NetFlow, Sources


Orion NTA installation

Understanding to configure Orion Wizard


Use of Orion NTA web console

Monitoring NetFlow sources, NTA data retention with IP address group management

Day 3 - Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM)



Learning scope


Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

Understanding Orion NCM server prerequisites with knowledge of IIIS & SQL server verification


Orion NCM installation

Understanding NCM Configuration


Orion NCM usage

Network discovery, populating devices, adding users, NCM nodes, assigning roles



NCM functionalities 

Scheduling for backups, bulk changes, real-time change notifications,


Aligning with compliance

Defining new rules and changing policies accordingly to  report



Orion NCM web console integration

Integrating NCM with Orion NPM

Day 4 - Orion Server & Application Monitor



Learning scope


Understanding Orion SAM prerequisites

Understanding Orion SAM service packs


Installing Orion SAM

Orion SAM configuration wizard


Orion SAM objects, templates and components

Understanding Windows-based components, synthetic transactions, Linux/Unix Script Monitors, SAM components, Application monitor templates, Orion SAM credentials and using Orion SAM applications in reports/groups, working with Network Atlas

Day5 - IP Address Manager (IPAM), VoIP and Network Quality Manager (VNQM)



Learning scope



Understanding Orion IPAM prerequisites, Web Console Cisco DHCP Servers, monitored subnets



Installing VNQM, understanding VNQM operation types, Leveraging VNQM data in Network Atlas and maps, VNQM alerts, integration of VNQM in NPM reports



 1. What is SolarWinds Orion 101?
Orion is the core product of the SolarWinds IT Management Portfolio. It is a time tested and widely accepted bandwidth performance management application with added support for fault management. It helps the users view the real-time network statistics directly from the web browser. Orion 101 is the product-neutral introduction of Orion Core.

2. Why should I join SolarWinds Orion 101 training? Or What are the benefits of SolarWinds Orion 101 certification?
SolarWinds Orion Core 101 training boosts the professional performance and the career growth both imparting in-depth knowledge with hands on experience to apply Network Performance Monitor (NPM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), Server & Application Monitor (SAM), IP Address Manager (IPAM), VoIP, & Network Quality Manager (VNQM) technologies for flawless IT services networking management.             

3. What is the scope of SolarWinds Orion Core 101 training ?
SolarWinds Orion Core 101 training course is designed to cover all the aspects of monitoring, mapping, advancing, maintaining IT services network essential for unabated service availability. The students learn all the essential skills required for reliable and cost-efficient advanced network configurations.course?

4. Do SolarWinds Orion 101 reviews & ratings support its utility?
According to TrustRadius, SolarWinds NPM is rated 9 out of 10. GetApp is also getting favorable reviews of users continuously.

5. What is the future of SolarWinds Orion Core 101? 
Network Performance Monitor (NPM) of SolarWinds Orion Core 101 is empowered by Cisco ACI software-defined networking. It facilitates for application agility with an automated data centre that is the prime need of the IT industry of 21st century.

6. Why should I choose Microtek Learning Inc.
Microtek Learning Inc. is the proud partner of EC-Council and ISACA besides being the best performing channel partner for Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix etc. We have the industry best facilities and SolarWinds Orion Core 101 trainers to conduct the virtual classes on time with personalized attention.   for SolarWinds Orion Core 101 certification course?

7. Who is the ideal candidate for SolarWinds Orion Core 101 training?
SolarWinds Orion Core 101 certification training is good for anyone - fresher or experienced IT networking professional.or Can I too join SolarWinds Orion Core 101 course?

8. What is the objective of the SolarWinds Orion Core 101
SolarWinds Orion Core 101 course is designed with multiple objectives to help the IT networking professionals perform better by having unmatched technical excellence for flawless service management through advanced NPM, NTA, NCM and SAM etc. The five days training imparts the knowledge and experience both to pass SCP Network Performance Monitor (NPM) exam.course?

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