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SS86G DFSMShsm Implementation Course Overview

This course sets you up to actualize and oversee DFSMShsm (DFSMS progressive stockpiling chief). You will figure out how to mechanize the capacity administration assignments, which advance DASD space usage and give information accessibility. You will be shown essential DFSMShsm wording and ideas, and you will analyze the capacities and interfaces used to tailor DFSMShsm preparing to meet your establishment's stockpiling administration necessities.

Hands-on lab practices empower you to play out a well ordered usage.

Learning Journeys or Training Paths that reference this course:

  • IBM Enterprise Storage


  • Comprehend the connection amongst DFSMShsm and DFSMS and get an outline of the elements of DFSMShsm and its working condition.
  • Comprehend the DFSMShsm exercises for Primary and Secondary Space Management and setup the required design for programmed space administration.
  • Approve extraordinary clients for DFSMShsm orders and perform space administration capacities utilizing approved DFSMShsm summons.
  • Comprehend the DFSMShsm exercises for Availability Management and setup the required design for programmed accessibility administration.
  • Execute the Automatic Backup and Recovery Support (ABARS), and perform informational index and volume administration utilizing approved DFSMShsm charges.
  • Comprehend DFSMShsm preparing in extensive frameworks.
  • Comprehend recuperation utilizing ABARS, recuperation from informational collection or volume misfortune, recuperation of control informational indexes and diaries.
  • Utilize the AUDIT summon to recognize and settle inconsistencies and the LIST, QUERY and FIXCDS orders to revise blunder circumstances.
  • Oversee and screen DFSMShsm utilizing log informational indexes and measurable data and in addition oversee DFSMShsm tapes.


This is a middle of the road course for capacity chairmen who are new to utilizing DFSMShsm.

SS86G DFSMShsm Implementation Course Detail

Day 1

  • Welcome and presentation
  • Unit 1: Overview DFSMShsm capacities and condition
  • Exercise 1: ISMF presentation

Day 2

  • Exercise 1: Review
  • Unit 2: Space administration
  • Exercise 2: Preparing DFSMShsm for space administration
  • Unit 3: Command space administration
  • Exercise 3: Command space administration

Day 3

  • Exercise 3: Review
  • Unit 4: Availability administration
  • Exercise 4: Preparing DFSMShsm for accessibility administration
  • Unit 5: Command accessibility administration
  • Exercise 5: Command accessibility administration

Day 4

  • Exercise 5: Review
  • Unit 6: DFSMShsm in extensive frameworks
  • Unit 7: Recovery
  • Exercise 6: Recovery
  • Unit 8: DFSMShsm forward recuperation
  • Exercise 7: Forward recuperation

Day 5

  • Exercise 7: Review
  • Unit 9: Managing and observing DFSMShsm

You ought to be comfortable with the essential ideas of information stockpiling frameworks and with capacity administration exercises. This information can be obtained by taking the accompanying two courses:

  • An Introduction to Data Storage Subsystems (Classroom) (SS050)
  • Capacity Management Fundamentals (Classroom) (SS060)

or then again

  • Capacity Management Fundamentals (Instructor-drove Online) (SK060)
  • Proportionate experience might be substituted for these courses.

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