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Tableau Advanced Analytics with R – An Overview

If you are interested to gain advanced skills and insights for moving from the data visualization into more advanced and predictive analytics, Tableau Advanced Analytics with R is just for you. The two days ‘Tableau Advanced Analytics with R’ training intensifies the data skills to move into analytics and data science to empower their organization by harnessing the Tableau visualization capabilities and predictive analytical power of R.

Tableau and R when combined offer real-time analytics through easy-to-use data visualization created by the robust but easy to use statistical computation techniques. The practitioners come across the wide range of machine learning algorithms also. Tableau Advanced Analytics with R training makes you aware about how prescriptive, predictive, descriptive and visually appealing analytical solutions can be designed by applying R and Tableau combined.

Hands-on illustrations transform the users from information smart clients into the information examiners utilizing the sound factual devices that are highly capable to perform the progressed examination.

Tableau Advanced Analytics with R Course Objectives – The Learning Scope:

  • Integrate analytics with the statistical power of R.

  • Make R function calls in Tableau

  • Visualize R functions with Tableau by using RServe.

  • Use of CRISP-DM methodology for developing a process for analytics investigation

  • Apply different supervised & unsupervised learning algorithms in R returning values to Tableau.

  • Use of advanced calculations in R and Tableau for analytics and predictions

  • Make cogent, data-driven and quick decisions by using advanced analytical techniques like forecasting, association rules, predictions, clustering and classification etc.

For Whom Tableau Advanced Analytics with R Course is Good to Have – Audience

Tableau Advanced Analytics with R class is for the experienced Tableau users comfortable with Tableau products and willing a transition from a data-savvy user to data analyst.

Scope of Tableau Advanced Analytics with R Certification – The Career Benefits:

The conversational natural language and analytics processing will escalate the Analytics and Business Intelligence professionals’ adoption from 32% to over 50% of an organization’s employees (Gartner).

Tableau’s natural language capability introduces a meaningful, fast and easy way to interact with data.

The numbers of job profiles for all the US business analysts are expected to go up from the present 364,000 openings to 2,720,000 by 2020 (IBM).

There is a common opinion that the certified Business Analysts will shape the future of the IT service businesses in noteworthy ways.

Tableau Advanced Analytics with R Training Course Syllabus

We at Microtek Learning have the best trained and certified Tableau trainers with years’ experience in educating the professionals with different skills and experience. As being the prominent accredited training provider for Tableau, we provide the most robust training for two days to help you pass Tableau Advanced Analytics with R certification exam in first go. 

Tableau Advanced Analytics with R training curriculum is divided into eight modules addressing all the topics prescribed in Tableau 2017 updates:

Module 1: Advanced Analytic with R and Tableau

  • Installing R and R Studio

  • Installing Rserve

  • Environment of R

  • Connecting to Rserve

Module 2: The Power of R

  • Variables

  • Vectors and Lists

  • Matrices

  • Factors

  • Data Frames

  • Control Structures

  • For Loops

  • Functions

  • Using R in Tableau

Module 3: Methodology for Advanced Analytics

  • CRISP-DM Model – Data Preparation

  • CRISP-DM – Modeling Phase

  • CRISP-DM – Evaluation

  • CRISP-DM – Deployment

  • CRISP-DM – Process Restarted

  • CRISP-DM – Summary

  • Working with Dirty Data

  • Introduction to Dplyr

  • Summarizing Data with Dplyr

Module 4: Prediction with R & Tableau Using Regression

  • Simple Linear Regression

  • Comparing Actual Values with Predicted Results

  • Building a Multiple Regression Model

  • Solving the Business Question

  • Sharing Data Analysis with Tableau

Module 5: Classifying Data with Tableau

  • Understanding the Data

  • Data Preparation

  • Describing the Data

  • Modeling in R

  • Decision Trees in Tableau Using R

  • Bayesian Methods

  • Graphs

Module 6: Advanced Analytics Using Clustering

  • What is Clustering?

  • Finding Clusters in Data

  • How Does K-Means Work?

  • Creating a Tableau Group from Cluster Results

  • Scaling

  • Clustering Without K-Means

  • Statistics For Clustering

Module 7: Advanced Analytics with Unsupervised Learning

  • What Are Neural Networks?

  • Backpropagation and Feedforward Neural Networks

  • Evaluating a Neural Network Model

  • Lift Scores

  • Visualizing Neural Network Results

  • Modeling and Evaluating Data in Tableau

Module 8: Interpreting Your Results for the Target Audience

  • Introduction to Decision System and Machine Learning

  • Fuzzy Logic

  • Bayesian Theory

  • Integrating a Decision System and IoT (Internet of Things) Project

  • Building Your Own Decision System-Based loT

  • Writing the Program

  • Testing

  • Enhancement


Tableau Advanced Analytics with R Training Prerequisites:

The participants of Tableau Advanced Analytics with R certification training must have Level 1: Introduction and Tableau Desktop 2: Intermediate certifications to confirm their familiarity with Tableau features and functionalities.

FAQS about ‘Tableau Advanced Analytics with R’ Course Training

Q: Is Microsoft R free?

Yes, Microsoft R Client is a community-supported free of cost data science tool enabling the users for deep analytics. Built on top of Microsoft R Open, it can be used to build different analytics.

Q:  What is the prime benefit of integrating R and Tableau?

The integration of R and Tableau supports you to take Tableau analytics further with predictabilities. The excellence of visualization capabilities in Tableau and predictive capabilities of R gives you the best dependable data analysis.  

Q: Is Tableau globally accepted and used in IT service sector?

Yes, the acceptance and use of Tableau are increasing fast in IT service sector of all the countries creating high demand of Tableau certified professionals.

Q: What is the training period for Tableau Advanced Analytics with R course?

We conduct ‘two days’ instructor led virtual training for Tableau Advanced Analytics with R course.

Q:  Can Tableau pass the data from a relational database to R?

Yes, Tableau has capability to pass any data type from any relational data source to R, whether it is a flat-file, cube, relational database or an unstructured data store.

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