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Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction Overview

Data skills are in high demand and Tableau certification empowers you the stand out in data skill job market.  

Tableau Desktop is advanced data visualization software designed to help the professionals to understand the data quickly by harnessing their natural tendency to spot the visual patterns easily. The globally used data visualization tool helps to act on the time with insights in to realities. It provides the enhanced ability to develop the comprehensive dashboards and interactive workbooks to match with the modern business requirements.

Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction is the first milestone in your journey to become a certified Tableau Desktop Associate. We, as being the best performing accredited training partner for Tableau, provide industry best instructor led virtual training for Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction course.  

Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction Certification Training Objectives:

  • To find out how to create visualizations & dashboards

  • To prepare, manage & clean the data to be sure for finding the answers of your questions

  • To find out how to create advanced visualizations explaining complexities

  • To dig deeper into the data with clustering and distribution models for analyzing the trends and making forecasts

  • To use data storytelling for strategy formulation and decision-making

  • To share dashboards & visualizations for a culture development

For Whom Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction Certification is Good to Have – Audience:  

It is a promising certification course for IT professionals with an interest in visual data analytics. It is good for you even if you have a basic idea about the Tableau version 9 but want an advanced and certified skill. If you want to add globally acknowledged certification to prove ‘Business Analyst and Intelligence’ credentials, ‘Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction’ training is the starting point.


By 2020, the amount of data to be generated in the current decade is expected to be 50 times of data generated during the previous decade (International Data Corporation).

Scope of Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction Certification – The Career Benefits:

  • The businesses of all sizes will need interactive and easy-to-use tools to analyze the available data for strategy formulation and planning to act accordingly.

  • Tableau certification is a globally recognized certification with an annual demand increase about 1,581% (Forbes).

  • The average annual pay for a Tableau Developer is around $108,697 in 2019.

  • Because of the high demand and shortage of Tableau certified professionals, the average annual pay for a Tableau Developer may go up to $158,000 within a couple of years.

  • The tableau certification road map is full of career growth opportunities with different roles and designations like Tableau Consultant, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer etc.

Tableau Desktop Level 1 Course Outline

We at Microtek Learning have the best- trained and certified Tableau Desktop trainers with years’ experience in educating the professionals with different IT skills and experience. As being the prominent accredited training provider for Tableau, we provide the most robust training for two days to help you pass ‘Tableau Desktop Level 1- Introduction’ certification exam in first go. 

The Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction training curriculum is divided into ten modules as specified by Tableau:

1. Creating Your First Visualizations & Dashboard

  • Interfacing with data

  • Foundation for creating visualizations

  • Visualizing data

  • Developing bar charts

  • Developing line charts

  • Developing geographic visualizations

  • Using ‘Show Me’

  • Utilizing everything in dashboard

2. Working with Data in Tableau

  • Tableau paradigm

  • Managing data metadata source

  • Connecting to data

  • Working with extracts instead of live connections

  • Joins & blends

  • Tableau file types

  • Filtering data

3. Moving from Foundational to More Advanced Visualizations

  • Comparing values across different dimensions

  • Visualizing dates and times

  • Relating parts of the data to the whole

  • Visualizing distributions

  • Visualizing multiple axes to compare different measures

4. Using Row-Level, Aggregate & Level of Detail Calculations

  • Creating & editing calculations

  • Three types of calculations

  • Levels of detail calculations

  • Parameters

  • Practical examples of parameters & calculations

  • Impromptu estimations

  • Performance considerations

5. Table Calculations

  • Table calculations – An overview

  • Quick table calculations

  • Relative v/s fixed

  • Scope & direction

  • Addressing & partitioning

  • Custom table calculations

  • Data densification

  • Practical examples

6. Formatting a Visualization to Look Great & Work Well

  • Formatting considerations

  • Understanding how formatting works in Tableau

  • Adding value to visualizations

7. Telling a Data Story with Dashboards

  • Dashboard objectives

  • Example

  • Designing for different display devices

  • How activities work

  • Example - regional scorecard

  • Stories

8. Making Data Work for You

  • Data structuring for Tableau

  • Techniques to manage data structure issues

  • Advanced fixes for data problems

9. Advanced Visualizations, Techniques, Tips, & Tricks

  • Advanced visualizations

  • Sheet swapping &  dynamic dashboards

  • Using background images

  • Advanced mapping techniques

  • Animation

10. Sharing Your Data Story

  • Presenting, exporting and printing

  • Sharing of Tableau Desktop &d Tableau Reader

  • Sharing of Tableau Server, Tableau Public & Tableau Online

  • Using additional distribution options of Tableau Server  

Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction Training Prerequisites:

  • The two-day Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction course training is designed for the aspiring Tableau user with no prior experience with Tableau version 10 software.

  • The participants must have perfection in Microsoft Excel.

  • Basic knowledge of visual analytics methodologies is helpful for understanding the topics easily. 

FAQs for Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction

Q. How much important will be having understanding for Tableau Dashboard objectives?

Understanding of Dashboard objectives delivers you the perfection in visualizing the Key Performance Indicators and relevant strategic data at a glance. The comprehensive snapshots of performance aspects help you plan and execute at the best.

Q. What is the period for Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction course training?

It is a two days instructor led virtual training; each day training period is expected to be around eight hour.

Q. How do you help to pass the Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction certification exam?

Our experienced Tableau trainers guide you from start to last for getting Desktop Level 1: Introduction certification at ease. We assist you get all the course study material online and test your learned skills by self.

Q. Does the Tableau Desktop Level 1- Introduction training provide any practical experience also?

Yes, the Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction curriculum includes different case studies. The training is provided on Tableau 10 module to make you able work as Tableau Desktop professional.

Q. How do I register for an exam?

You will need to register with Tableau exam provider, ‘Loyalist Exam Services’ by creating an account.

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