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Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate Overview

Tableau 10 has emerged as the most popular Business Intelligence solution to be used globally in mid and large size organizations in different sectors. Thanks to its powerful interactive data visualization capabilities that help the business analyst and Intelligence professionals to utilize advanced calculation methodologies to solve the complex problems.

 Tableau Desktop certifications empower the Business Data Intelligence professionals to create data visualization solutions for improving the processes performance. Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate is the second level certification after Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction certification. After completing the two days Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate training, you will be master in using all the advanced features of Tableau 10.

Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate course training is designed to help the professionals with basic concepts of Tableau willing to advance their skill and perfection at wider landscape. 

Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate Course Objectives – The Learning Scope:

  • Learning to develop a worksheet displaying the remaining time for a particular task 

  • Learning to recreate a star schema using Tableau data warehouse

  • Learning to combine different l calculations of sets and parameters

  • Learning to create custom polygons for developing area code maps

  • Learning to analyze outcomes of analytical & advanced charting techniques

  • Learning to use Tableau or PowerPoint

  • Learning to build and export Tableau dashboard to PowerPoint

For Whom Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate Certification is Good to Have – Audience: 

It is a very promising certification course for the business intelligence professionals with special interest in visual data analytics.

It is good for the Data Analyst and Business Analyst professionals with proficiency in Tableau version 9 because Tableau 10 has many new features.

If you want to advance your data analytical skill with globally acknowledged ‘Tableau’ credential, Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate certification is your 2nd goal after having hit the Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction certification goal.

Scope of Tableau Desktop Level 2: Introduction Certification – The Career Benefits:

  • By 2020, the amount of data to be generated in the current decade is expected to be 50 times of data generated during previous decade (International Data Corporation).

  • The majority of growth oriented businesses will require interactive and easy-to-use data analytic tools to interpret the available data for strategy formulation and to decide right promptly.

  • Tableau certification is a globally recognized certification.

  • The average annual pay of a Tableau Data Analyst is expected to exceed $108,697 in 2019- 2020.

Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate’ Certification Training Course Syllabus

We at Microtek Learning have the best trained and certified Tableau Desktop trainers with years’ experience in educating the professionals with different skills and experience. As being the prominent accredited training provider for Tableau, we provide the most robust training for two days to help you pass Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate certification exam in first go. 

The Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate training curriculum is divided into eleven modules addressing all the topics prescribed by Tableau:

1. Getting Up to Speed – a Review of the Basics

  • Tableau universe

  • Tableau interface & terminology

  • Worksheet & dashboard creation

  • Connecting Tableau to database

  • Measurement of Names and Values

  • Tableau concepts

2. All about Data – Getting Your Data Ready

  • Understanding Tableau's data-handling engine

  • Data-mining & knowledge-discovery models


  • Data preparation

3. Data Joins, Blends, and Structures

  • About joins

  • Complex joins

  • Data structures

  • Data blending

4. All about Data – Data Densification, Cubes, and Big Data

  • About data densification

  • Working with cubes

  • Tableau and big data

5. Table Calculations

  • Definition & questions

  • Function and capacity

  • Application of functions

6. Advanced Chart Types beyond the Basic Types

  • Custom background images

  • Improving visualizations

7. Mapping

  • Extending Tableau mapping capabilities with Tableau techniques

  • Extending Tableau mapping with other innovative technologies

8. Tableau for Presentations

  • Getting the best Tableau images

  • Implanting Tableau into PowerPoint

  • Embedding Tableau in PowerPoint

  • Animating Tableau

  • Story Points dashboards for presentations

9. Visualization Best Practices & Dashboard Design

  • Visualization designing theory

  • Dashboard designing

  • Sheets selection

10. Improving Performance

  • Performance recording dashboard

  • Single Data Source - Joining & Blending

  • Hardware and on-the-fly techniques

  • Working with data sources

  • Using filters wisely

  • Intelligent extracts

  • Additional performance parameters

  • Efficient calculations

11. Interacting with Tableau Server

  • Tableau Server architecture

  • Tableau file types

  • User filters

  • Server revision history

  • Server web authoring environment

  • Accessing server performance recording dashboard

 Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate Training Prerequisites:

The two-day Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate course training is designed for the Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction certified practitioners will to advance their expertise in using advanced features of Tableau version 10 software.

The hands on experience of using the skills learned during Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction course training is helpful for understanding the advanced stage topics easily. 

FAQS for Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate Certification Course Exam

Q. Do Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate exams expire?

Yes. You have six months period to appear in Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate exam after the date of registration. Don’t wait until the last minute because there are no refunds on expired certification exams.

Q. Can I reschedule my exam?

Yes. Instructions for rescheduling are emailed to you but you should reschedule your exam no later than 24 hours before the scheduled exam time.

Q. Is it possible to implant Tableau into PowerPoint?

Yes, you can. You learn and practice it during the module ‘eight’ session termed as ‘Tableau for Presentations’. 

Q. How easy is it to improve Tableau designing for proper effective visualizations?

Data visualization designing is not about displaying the data; it is about the displaying data in a way you and others can comprehend it easily. During the 6th module of Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate certification training, you learn all the tricks to improve Tableau designing for custom visualizations.

Q. How much important is hands-on experience for getting Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate certification?

Hands-on experience of using Tableau products as per gained insights from Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction is critical for getting Tableau Desktop Level 2: Intermediate certification at ease.  

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