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Tableau Server Administration Certification – An Overview

Tableau Server Administration credential helps you extend the values of your data across the entire organization with customized Tableau Server. Tableau Server empowers the organization with a freedom to exploring data in more trusted environment. IT organizations worldwide love Tableau because of it's deployment ease, robust integration, simple scalability and excellent reliability.

Tableau certifications empower the Business Data Intelligence professionals to create data visualization solutions for processes performance improvement; Tableau Server Administration is one among these. It empowers your organization to ask the questions from any published data source in natural language.

It allows you to connect to any data source on-premises or in a cloud environment. The best usability part is that Tableau Server can be integrated with all the popular enterprise data sources like Cloudera Hadoop, AWS Redshift, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, and more.

The course is designed to make you master of Tableau administration. During the two days instructor led virtual Tableau Server Administration course training, you will learn Tableau Server processes, users’ administration, performance tuning, data publishing and database management. During the training, you get experience of working on real-world projects.

Tableau Server Administration Course Objectives – The Learning Scope:

  • Tableau installation, administration, & configuration

  • Tableau Server processes & dashboard creation

  • Tableau data visualization technique

  • Creating projects, sites, users & workbooks publications

  • Difference between Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop

  • Using Tableau Server for monitoring the functions

  • Adding, editing and deleting the users & projects

  • Connecting Server Performance Management and Data

  • Deploying Tableau data aggregation & data blending

For Whom Tableau Server Administration is Good to Have – Audience: 

Tableau Server Administration is a very promising certification course for the business intelligence professionals with special interest in visual data analytics. It is good to have credential for-

Software Developers; System Administrators;  Data Scientists and Analysts; Business Intelligence; Reporting Professionals; Visual Analysts; Project Managers etc.

Tableau Server Administration certification exam training is good for the professionals planning to develop their career in real-time Big Data Analytics.  

Scope of Tableau Server Administration Certification – The Career Benefits:

  • The global Business Intelligence and Analytics Market is expected to grow up to $22.8 billion within next 2 years (Gartner).

  • Tableau is one of the most popular Business Intelligence tools used by ever increasing Fortune 500 companies.

  • Tableau Server certification helps you get the best Tableau job in ‘Business Intelligence domain’.


Tableau Server Administration’ Certification Training Course Syllabus

We at Microtek Learning have the best trained and certified Tableau Server trainers with years’ experience in educating the professionals with different skills and experience. As being the prominent accredited training provider for Tableau, we provide the most robust training for two days to help you pass Tableau Server Administration certification exam in first go. 

Tableau Server Administration training curriculum is divided into eleven modules addressing all the topics prescribed in Tableau 2017 updates:

Module 1: Tableau Server Overview

  • Tableau Product Line

  • End-User Abilities

Module 2: Tableau Server Architecture

  • Component Functions

  • Server Diagrams

Module 3: Single Server Installation

  • Technical Specifications

  • Tableau Server Installation Checklist

  • Configuration Options

  • Resolutions for Common Installation Issues

  • Installing Tableau Server Software

Module 4: User Experience

  • Content Navigation, Searching, & Filtering

  • Exploring Server Content Types & Objects

  • Updating Account Settings

  • Setting the Start Page

  • Viewing Version Information

  • Renaming a Project

  • Adding a Workbook Description

Module 5: Authorization & Permissions

  • Administrator Settings

  • Authorization Overview

  • Functional Security Model

  • Site Roles

  • Content Ownership & Permissions

  • Permission Rules & Capabilities

  • Permissions & the Default Project

  • Creating Projects, Local Groups, Local User

  • Importing Users & Adding Users to Groups

  • Granting Permissions to Projects

  • Creating a Project Leader

  • Publishing & Changing Ownership of a Workbook

  • Moving a Workbook

  • Site Administration

Module 6: Data Sources, Extracts, Schedules, & Subscriptions

  • Creating, Publishing, & Connecting to a Data Source

  • Data Engine & File Store

  • Creating & Publishing Extracts

  • Backgrounder

  • Schedules

  • Subscriptions

  • Enabling Subscriptions & Alerts

Module 7: Automating Server Tasks

  • Automating & Programming Server Tasks

  • Tabadmin

  • Tabcmd

  • Using the REST API

Module 8: Monitoring Server

  • Viewing Server Status

  • Admin Alerts

  • Viewing Email Alerts & Admin Views

  • Enabling Access to the Repository

  • Custom Admin Views

  • Licensing Information

  • Performance Recording

Module 9: Upgrading Tableau Server

  • Preparing to Upgrade

  • Upgrading Software on the Same Machine

  • Modifying the Authentication Method

  • Importing AD Groups

Module 10: Log Files Administration

  • Overview of Log Files

  • Archiving Log Files

Module 11: Data Security

  • Controlling What Users Can See

  • User Filters


Tableau Server Administration Exam Training Prerequisites:

The participants must have access to Tableau Server deployment with Administrator privileges.

FAQs for Tableau Server Administration Certification

Q: How will ‘Tableau Server Administration’ credential help to improve user experience?

During the Tableau Server Administration exam training, you will learn content navigation, searching, filtering, updating account settings, setting the start page and adding a workbook description etc that will help you have improved users’ experience.

Q: What does a certified Tableau Administrator do?

A certified Tableau Administrator is in-charge of creating and maintaining a framework that allows Tableau Desktop users to share, manage, publish, and connect data sources and workbooks.

Q: What can I do with Tableau Server?

Tableau server, a product by Tableau, allows you to use the Tableau functionality without downloading and opening the workbooks to open for Tableau desktop. You can customize the permissions to determine who can access and interact up to what extent.

Q: Is Tableau A SaaS?

Tableau is named among the Top 20 SaaS Companies. Tableau Server is enterprise platform software designed for publishing, securing & distributing the content created by Tableau developers. Tableau Online easily integrates with all the popular platforms like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Q: What is the validity period of Tableau Server Administration certification?

The validity period of Tableau Server Administration certification is three years; after that, you will have to renew it.

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