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Tableau Server Administration Course Overview

This course gives inside and out scope of Tableau Server organization. The learning and abilities gained are best intended for the individuals will's identity controlling a Tableau Server establishment, including overseeing

substance, clients, and authorizations.

Course includes

Our Tableau Server Administration course incorporates broad hands-on exercises to fortify the aptitudes and information achieved.

Toward the finish of this course, you will have investigated the zones beneath and that's just the beginning:

• User cooperations with Tableau Server

• Tableau Server segments

• Single-server establishment

• Content organization

• Authorization and consents

• Users, gatherings, and locales

• Data sources and concentrates

• Schedules, undertakings, and memberships

• Monitoring server status

• Command-line utilities and REST API

• Upgrading a solitary server establishment to another variant

• Modifying the validation technique

Tableau Server Administration Course Outline

Scene Server Overview

• Tableau Product Line

End-User Abilities

Scene Server Architecture

• Component Functions

• Server Diagrams

Single Server Installation

• Technical Specifications

• Tableau Server Installation Checklist

• Configuration Options

• Resolutions for Common Installation Issues

• Installing Tableau Server Software

Client Experience

Content Navigation, Searching, and Filtering

• Exploring Server Content Types and Objects

• Updating Account Settings

• Setting the Start Page

• Viewing Version Information

• Renaming a Project

• Adding a Workbook Description

Approval and Permissions

• Administrator Settings

• Authorization Overview

• Functional Security Model

• Site Roles

• Content Ownership and Permissions

• Permission Rules and Capabilities

• Permissions and the Default Project

• Creating Projects, Local Groups, and a Local User

• Importing Users and Adding Users to Groups

• Granting Permissions to Projects

• Creating a Project Leader

• Publishing and Changing Ownership of a Workbook

• Moving a Workbook

• Site Administration

Information Sources, Extracts, Schedules, and Subscriptions

• Creating, Publishing, and Connecting to a Data Source

• Data Engine and File Store

• Creating and Publishing Extracts

• Backgrounder

• Schedules

• Subscriptions

• Enabling Subscriptions and Alerts

Computerizing Server Tasks

• Automating and Programming Server Tasks

• Tabadmin

• Tabcmd

• Using the REST API

Observing Server

• Viewing Server Status

• Admin Alerts

• Viewing Email Alerts and Admin Views

• Enabling Access to the Repository

• Custom Admin Views

• Licensing Information

• Performance Recording

Overhauling Tableau Server

• Preparing to Upgrade

• Upgrading Software on the Same Machine

• Modifying the Authentication Method

• Importing AD Groups

Log Files Administration

• Overview of Log Files

• Archiving Log Files

Information Security

• Controlling What Users Can See

• User Filters