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Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals (SECFND)

After this course, you will have the capacity to:

  • Portray, look at and distinguish different system ideas

  • Essentials of TCP/IP

  • Depict and think about central security ideas

  • Depict arrange applications and the security challenges

  • Comprehend fundamental cryptography standards.

  • Comprehend endpoint assaults, including translating log information to recognize occasions in Windows and Linux

  • Create learning in security checking, including distinguishing sources and kinds of information and occasions

  • Know different assault techniques, security shortcomings, avoidance strategies, and remote versus neighborhood abuses



Module 1: TCP/IP and Cryptography Concepts

  • Lesson 1: Understanding the TCP/IP Protocol Suite

  • Lesson 2: Understanding the Network Infrastructure

  • Lesson 3: Understanding Common TCP/IP Attacks

  • Lesson 4: Understanding Basic Cryptography Concepts

Module 2: Network Applications and Endpoint Security

  • Lesson 1: Describing Information Security Concepts

  • Lesson 2: Understanding Network Applications

  • Lesson 3: Understanding Common Network Application Attacks

  • Lesson 4: Understanding Windows Operating System Basics

  • Lesson 5: Understanding Linux Operating System Basics

  • Lesson 6: Understanding Common Endpoint Attacks

  • Lesson 7: Understanding Network Security Technologies

  • Lesson 8: Understanding Endpoint Security Technologies

Module 3: Security Monitoring and Analysis

  • Lesson 1: Describing Security Data Collection

  • Lesson 2: Describing Security Event Analysis


  • Guided Lab 1: Explore the TCP/IP Protocol Suite

  • Guided Lab 2: Explore the Network Infrastructure

  • Guided Lab 3: Explore TCP/IP Attacks

  • Guided Lab 4: Explore Cryptographic Technologies

  • Guided Lab 5: Explore Network Applications

  • Guided Lab 6: Explore Network Application Attacks

  • Guided Lab 7: Explore the Windows Operating System

  • Guided Lab 8: Explore the Linux Operating System

  • Guided Lab 9: Explore Endpoint Attacks

  • Guided Lab 10: Explore Network Security Technologies

  • Guided Lab 11: Explore Endpoint Security

  • Guided Lab 12: Explore Security Data for Analysis

It is exceedingly prescribed to have the accompanying abilities and learning before going to this course:

  • Abilities and information comparable to those scholarly in Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1)

  • Working information of the Windows working framework

  • Working information on Cisco IOS systems administration and ideas

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