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VMware Horizon 7: Install, Configure, Manage V7.3

Course Overview

This five-day, hands-on course gives you the skills to convey virtual work areas and applications through a solitary virtual work area foundation stage. This course constructs your skills in installing, arranging, and overseeing VMware Horizon® 7 through a mix of address and hands-on labs. You will learn how to design and convey pools of virtual machines, how to deal with the entrance and security of the machines, and how to give a tweaked work area condition to end clients.


Before the finish of the course, you ought to have the capacity to meet the following targets:

  • Distinguish VMware Horizon segments
  • Install and design View Connection Server
  • Install and design virtual work areas
  • Design and oversee VMware Horizon® Client™ frameworks
  • Design and oversee pools of physical and virtual machines
  • Design and oversee computerized pools of full virtual machines
  • Design and oversee pools of connected clone work areas
  • Design and oversee computerized pools of moment clones
  • Design and oversee Remote Desktop Services (RDS) pools of work areas and applications
  • Utilize Horizon Administrator to design the VMware Horizon condition
  • Design secure access to virtual work areas
  • Utilize VMware User Environment Manager™ to oversee client personalization and application designs
  • Portray ventures to convey profile administration
  • Utilize VMware App Volumes™ to arrangement and oversee applications
  • Deal with the execution and adaptability of a VMware Horizon organization

VMware Horizon 7: Install, Configure, Manage V7.3

Course Outline

1 Course Introduction

  • Survey course objectives
  • Survey course destinations
  • Survey the course layout
  • Discover extra assets after this course

2 Introduction to VMware Horizon

  • Perceive the highlights and advantages of VMware Horizon
  • Distinguish the significant capacity of each VMware Horizon part
  • Characterize an utilization case for your virtual work area and application foundation

3 View Connection Server

  • Distinguish the VMware vSphere® necessities for an association server
  • Portray the system and firewall setups for View Connection Server
  • Permit VMware Horizon parts
  • Arrange View Connection Server

4 VMware Horizon Desktops

  • Framework the procedure and decisions in setting up VMware Horizon virtual machines
  • Look at the remote show conventions that are accessible in VMware Horizon
  • Rundown the ports that must be opened in the machine's firewall for VMware Horizon activities
  • Layout the design decisions when installing Horizon Agent

5 VMware Horizon Desktop Pools

  • Distinguish the means to set up a format for work area pool sending
  • Rundown the means to add work areas to the View Connection Server stock
  • Characterize work area qualification
  • Portray how data on the Users and Groups page can be utilized to control and screen View clients
  • Clarify the chain of importance of worldwide approaches, pool-level strategies, and client level arrangements
  • Rundown the View Group Policy managerial layout records

6 Horizon Client Options

  • Portray the necessities for a Horizon Client installation
  • Clarify USB redirection and alternatives
  • Portray the power states for work areas
  • Characterize and contrast a thin customer and a framework running Horizon Client
  • Talk about the advantages of Virtual Printing
  • Clarify the Virtual Printing design
  • Portray the setup choices for Virtual Printing
  • Clarify the area based printing highlight

7 Creating Automated Pools of Full Virtual Machines

  • Perceive how a mechanized pool works
  • Analyze committed task and skimming task pools
  • Blueprint the means to make a robotized pool
  • Look at the qualification of work areas in mechanized pools

8 Creating and Managing Linked-Clone Desktop Pools

  • Portray the VMware connected clone innovation
  • Clarify why both a parent virtual machine and a preview must be utilized to make connected clones
  • Blueprint the framework necessities for View Composer
  • Portray the connection between a persevering circle and the framework plate
  • Blueprint the means important to set up a work area pool that utilizations connected clones
  • Analyze the motivation behind the parent and the imitation virtual machines
  • Analyze the connected clone administration activities
  • Depict the administration tasks for persevering circles

9 Creating and Managing Instant-Clone Desktop Pools

  • Distinguish the upsides of moment clones
  • Recognize View Composer clones from moment clones
  • Distinguish the prerequisites of moment clones
  • Depict the kinds of moment clone virtual machines
  • Clarify how envelopes are utilized to designate pool organization
  • Diagram the means to set up a robotized pool that utilizations moment clones
  • Depict moment clone restrictions in VMware Horizon
  • Depict the formation of moment clones
  • Set up a robotized pool of moment clones

10 VMware Horizon Authentication

  • Think about the confirmation alternatives that View Connection Server underpins
  • Clarify the motivation behind parts and benefits in VMware Horizon
  • Blueprint the means to make a Horizon chairman and a custom part
  • Show a portion of the accepted procedures for designing Horizon overseers

11 Managing VMware Horizon Security

  • Look at burrows and direct associations for customer access to work areas
  • Think about the advantages of utilizing VMware Unified Access Gateway™ in the DMZ
  • Clarify an immediate association
  • Rundown the upsides of direct associations
  • Talk about the advantages of utilizing Unified Access Gateway
  • Think about how Unified Access Gateway and the security server are sent
  • Rundown the two-factor confirmation choices that are upheld by Unified Access Gateway
  • Depict the circumstances in which you may convey Unified Access Gateway with one, two, or three system interfaces

12 Profile Management Using User Environment Manager

  • Distinguish the User Environment Manager useful zones and their advantages
  • Rundown User Environment Manager segments
  • Depict User Environment Manager and its engineering
  • Recognize User Environment Manager profile administration and its highlights
  • Portray User Environment Manager savvy approaches

13 Creating RDS Desktop and Application Pools

  • Clarify the contrast between a RDS work area pool and a robotized pool
  • Portray how a client can get to a solitary application by utilizing the RDS application pool
  • Portray the connection between a RDS have, a ranch, and an application pool
  • Make a RDS work area pool and an application pool
  • Clarify how the View Composer connected clone innovation can computerize the work out of RDS server ranches
  • Utilize View Composer connected clone innovation and moment clone innovation to robotize the work out of RDSH ranches
  • Portray the default and elective load-adjusting highlight for RDS has that upgrades situation of sessions

14 Using App Volumes to Provision and Manage Applications

  • Clarify how App Volumes functions
  • Recognize the highlights and advantages of App Volumes
  • Recognize the interface components of App Volumes
  • Install and arrange App Volumes

15 Command-Line Tools and Backup Options

  • Portray key View Connection Server includes that are accessible as summon line choices with the vdmadmin order
  • Clarify the motivation behind stand mode for customer frameworks and how it is arranged
  • Recognize the log areas for each VMware Horizon part
  • Portray the reinforcement choices for VMware Horizon databases
  • Clarify the potential issues if the databases are not synchronized

16 VMware Horizon Performance and Scalability

  • Portray the reason for a copy server
  • Rundown a few prescribed procedures for multiserver arrangement in a case
  • Depict the advantages of the Cloud Pod Architecture highlight for expansive scale VMware Horizon arrangements
  • Depict the motivation behind interpod correspondence and the View InterPod API
  • Clarify how worldwide privileges can profit a solitary unit condition


Clients going to this course ought to have, at any rate, the following VMware foundation skills:

  • Utilize VMware vSphere® Web Client to see the condition of virtual machines, datastores, and systems
  • Open a virtual machine support on VMware vCenter Server® and access the visitor working framework
  • Make previews of virtual machines
  • Arrange visitor customization determinations
  • Alter virtual machine properties
  • Change over a virtual machine into a layout
  • Send a virtual machine from a format

Participants ought to likewise have the following Microsoft Windows framework organization encounter:

  • Arrange Active Directory administrations, including DNS, DHCP, and time synchronization
  • Limit clients' exercises by actualizing Group Policy objects
  • Arrange Windows frameworks to empower Remote Desktop Connections
  • Manufacture an ODBC association with a SQL Server database