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VMware Mirage [V5.9] and Horizon with View [V7.9]: Fast Track – An Overview

VMware Mirage is the widely used desktop management tool for centrally managing the physical and virtual desktop images across distributed environments. It automates backup and recovery as well as it simplifies Windows migrations. Dynamic layering for endpoint and application management, automated backup, full system recovery, simplified Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and POS migrations, easy extension of PC Lifecycle Management (PCLM) etc are the key features of VMware Mirage.

VMware Mirage [V5.9] and Horizon with View [V7.9]: Fast Track is a hands-on training course that provides you skills to deploy the unified image management system using VMware Mirage and to install, configure, and manage the VMware Horizon View component of VMware Horizon.


Learning scope VMware Mirage [V5.9] and Horizon with View [V7.9]: Fast Track Course: 

  • Key concepts of Mirage

  • How Mirage fits into the VMware end-user computing vision

  • Identify the main Mirage use classifications

  • Function of each of the Mirage solution components

  • Install, configure, and upgrade Mirage

  • Tasks for SSL configuration on a Mirage system

  • Management functions available in the Mirage Management console

  • Deploying Mirage to endpoints

  • Tasks for capturing and assigning base layers and application layers

  • Methods for performing disaster recovery with Mirage

  • How to plan and perform a mass hardware migration with Mirage

  • How the file portal is set up and used

Target Audience for VMware Mirage [V5.9] and Horizon with View [V7.9]: Fast Track Certification:

Experienced system administrators and system integrators interested for deploying Mirage are the right candidates for this career booster five days hands-on training course.

Growth Prospects after VMware Mirage and Horizon with View: Fast Track Certification:

  • Virtualization is largest skills-gap in the IT industry.

  • VMware is the undisputed industry leader holding almost 60 percent of market share.

  • More and more organizations are turning to centrally managing the physical and virtual desktop images across distributed environments to reduce any possibility of data loss.

  • The global virtualization market size was estimated $4,222 million in 2017; it is projected to be of $10,113 million worth by 2025. The salary of VMware Mirage and Horizon certified professional may be around $ 130-140 K.


Vmware Mirage [V5.9] and Horizon with View [V7.9]: Fast Track Course Outline

Module 1: Course Introduction

  • Introductions, course logistics, course objectives

Module 2: Introduction to Mirage

  • Key concepts of Mirage; Mirage features and benefits

  • How Mirage works with Horizon 6; Mirage use cases

Module 3: Components and Architecture

  • Function of each of the Mirage solution components; Mirage layers

  • Mirage architecture diagram

Module 4: Installing and Configuring Mirage

  • Tasks for installing and configuring Mirage

  • Process for deploying the Mirage client

  • High-level tasks for upgrading Mirage

Module 5: Mirage Security

  • Recognize the architecture and components of the

  • Mirage Gateway server and how they interact

  • Identify tasks for performing SSL configuration on a Mirage system

  • Explain how to configure Mirage load balancing

Module 6: Mirage Management Overview

  • Mirage dashboard and transaction logs to monitor Mirage system environment

  • Process for setting up static and dynamic centralized virtual desktop (CVD) collections

  • Main Image Composer functions; How Mirage roles are set up & used

Module 7: Mirage Web Manager

  • Main installation and configuration tasks for Mirage Web Manager

  • How to use Mirage Web Manager logs

  • How to configure SSL on Mirage Web Manager

Module 8: Mirage Single Image Management

  • Diagram the layer management lifecycle

  • How to set up a reference machine

  • Process for capturing and assigning base layers and application layers

Module 9: Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 Migration

  • Identify steps for performing a Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 migration and how to monitor the migration process

  • Backup capabilities of Mirage

  • Mirage endpoint disaster recovery options

Module 10: Endpoint Protection with Mirage

  • Backup capabilities of Mirage and upload policies to define backup parameters

  • Mirage endpoint disaster recovery options

Module 11: Working with the Mirage File Portal

  • Process for configuring the file portal; Configure end-user CVD mapping

  • Access files using the file portal

Module 12: Introduction to Horizon and View

  • Overview of Horizon 6; View features and components

Module 13: View Connection Server

  • Install & configure View Connection Server, events database and syslog server

Module 14: View Desktops

  • Virtual machines as View desktops

  • Compare PCoIP and RDP remote display protocols

  • USB redirection and multimedia redirection

  • Installing Horizon View Agent in a template

  • Deploying a manual pool and entitle users to access it

Module 15: Horizon Client Options

  • Horizon Client for Windows and Mac OS Jain4Jain; HTML Access, Thin Clients, Zero Clients

  • Virtual Printing with Horizon Client

Module 16: Creating and Managing Automated Pools

  • Configure automated pools of desktops

  • Comparing dedicated & floating-assignment pools

  • Comparing storage options, including VMware Virtual SAN

Module 17: Creating and Managing Linked-Clone Desktop Pools

  • View Composer operations; Deployment of linked-clone desktops

  • Comparing storage options including Virtual SAN and tiered storage

  • Managing linked-clone desktops and persistent disks

Module 18: Creating and Managing RDS Desktop and Application Pools

  • Setting up RDS hosts to create a farm; Deploying RDS desktop & RDS application pools

  • Managing application pools

Module 19: Using View Administrator

  • Configuring & monitoring View environment; Authentication options for desktop access

  • Managing users, sessions, and policies; Implementing role-based delegated administration

Module 20: Managing View Security

  • Recommended network configurations and authentication options

  • View security server

Module 21: View Persona Management

  • User profiles with View Persona Management

  • Describe, configure & deploy View Persona Management & Windows roaming profiles

Module 22: Command-Line Tools and Backup Options

  • Introduce the vdmadmin command; Describe client systems in kiosk mode

  • Back up the View databases; Restore the View databases

Module 23: View Performance and Scalability

  • Multi-server deployments to create a pod

  • Cloud Pod Architecture for multiple View pod deployments

  • Performance considerations; Load balancing for a single pod

Prerequisite for VMware Mirage [V5.9] and Horizon with View [V7.9]: Fast Track Training:

  • Experience in Microsoft Windows Active Directory organization, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2008

  • Experience accessing the visitor’s working framework through VMware vCenter Server virtual machine

  • Experience of using VMware vSphere Client

FAQs for VMware Mirage [V5.9] and Horizon with View [V7.9]: Fast Track

Q: What is the Mirage client bandwidth requirement?

Mirage is developed to work effectively over WAN. On an average, Mirage needs 15kb/sec per user that equals 50MB per user per day.

Q: Can the VMware Mirage [V5.9] end user initiate repairing?

No. Restoring and migration tasks can be initiated by IT administrator but the end user can initiate files and directory restores.

Q: How smooth is the desktop image recovery process?

Because of layering technology in Mirage, It provides three options for desktop image recovery:

  • Restore entire device (OS, applications, user data and profile).
  • Restore user data and profile
  • Restore just applications, user data and profile.

Q: Are the VMware Mirage [V5.9] clients available for Mac, UNIX, DOS and Linux?

VMware Mirage [V5.9] clients are supported in Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 systems. Support for Windows Embedded POS XP SP2 and Windows Embedded POS Ready 2009 is also available.

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