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VMware Virtual SAN: Deploy & Manage 6.6 Course Overview

VMware vSAN: Deploy and Manage [V6.6] In this three-day course, you will concentrate on conveying and dealing with a product characterized capacity arrangement with VMware vSAN™ 6.6. You will figure out how vSAN works as a vital part in the VMware programming characterized server farm. You will increase commonsense involvement with vSAN ideas through the finish of hands-on lab works out.


  • Before the finish of the course, you ought to have the capacity to meet the accompanying goals:
  • Depict the vSAN design
  • Distinguish vSAN highlights and utilize cases
  • Arrange vSAN organizing parts
  • Arrange a vSAN group
  • Send virtual machines on a vSAN datastore
  • Arrange virtual machine stockpiling approaches
  • Perform continuous vSAN administration assignments
  • Framework the assignments for moving up to vSAN 6.6
  • Design vSAN encryption
  • Control vSAN resynchronization errands
  • Make and oversee settled blame areas
  • Utilize the vSAN wellbeing administration to screen wellbeing and execution
  • Design an extended group and watch failover situations
  • Depict vSAN interoperability with VMware vSphere® highlights and different items
  • Plan and outline a vSAN bunch

VMware Virtual SAN: Deploy & Manage 6.6 Course Outline

1. Course Introduction

  • Presentations and course coordinations
  • Course goals
  • Portray the product characterized server farm

2. Capacity Fundamentals

  • Characterize normal stockpiling advances
  • Recognize attributes of capacity gadgets: attractive and streak based gadgets
  • Recognize and clarify different sorts of capacity structures
  • Recognize SAN execution factors

3. Prologue to vSAN

  • Portray the vSAN engineering and segments
  • Portray the contrasts between the vSAN half breed and every single blaze design
  • Portray the space-proficiency highlights of vSAN

4. vSAN Configuration

  • Distinguish physical system design necessities
  • Design vSAN organizing
  • Design a vSAN bunch
  • Test and approve the vSAN design and usefulness

5. vSAN Policies and Virtual Machines

  • Clarify how stockpiling arrangements function with vSAN
  • Characterize and make a virtual machine stockpiling strategy
  • Apply and adjust virtual machine stockpiling arrangements
  • Examine the vsanSparse depiction design
  • Clarify the contemplations for vsanSparse previews

6. Overseeing and Operating vSAN

  • Oversee equipment stockpiling gadgets
  • Oversee equipment gadget disappointments
  • Recognize vCenter Server cautions for vSAN occasions
  • Arrange blame spaces
  • Move up to vSAN 6.6

7. Extended Clusters and Two-Node Clusters

  • Portray the design for extended bunches and two-hub groups
  • Make an extended group utilizing a two-hub design
  • Arrange VMware vSphere® High Availability and VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource Scheduler™ for an extended bunch
  • Show extended bunch failover situations

8. Checking and Troubleshooting vSAN

  • Utilize vSphere Web Client to distinguish issues
  • Utilize the vSAN wellbeing administration to screen wellbeing and execution
  • Screen vSAN with VMware vRealize® Operations Manager™
  • Utilize ESXi orders to screen the vSAN condition
  • Screen vSAN with Ruby vSphere Console

9. Interoperability with vSphere Features

  • Recognize vSphere highlights and VMware items that interoperate with vSAN
  • Portray how vSAN interoperates with outsider items and arrangements

10. Planning a vSAN Deployment

  • Comprehend vSAN plan contemplations
  • Plan and outline vSAN groups
  • Distinguish the plan and estimating instruments for vSAN
  • Portray vSAN utilize cases